Could an Obama Loss Spark Race Riots?

I believe that if Obama looses in November, as I believe he will, the race baiters will be out in full force, claiming that he lost due to racial discrimination and trying to stir up people’s emotions.
Also, keep in mind that our country has an element of people, who need no reason at all to riot. These are the same type of people who riot after their team fails to win the “big game”. They are a criminal element and merely use the current circumstances to act.

A political scientist at a Christian college in New York City warns that if Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama loses the election on November 4, race riots could break out in large U.S. cities.

A recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll suggested Senator Obama’s race could cost him up to six percentage points on election night. David Corbin, a politics professor at The King’s College, contends there is potential for public riots the night of or after the election, if Obama’s lead in the polls does not translate into victory.

“I don’t think that’s something that we’ve looked at very closely, and I think that this could be a powder keg here as we get towards that day, given that Senator Obama is an African-American and given that there might be some backlash if he actually loses,” Corbin explains.

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