Rep. Mahoney Under Investigation

A Democrat Representative from Florida, Tim Mahoney, has been placed under investigation for paying a former mistress, who worked on his staff. She sued him after he threatened her job when she tried to end the relationship. He was not only cheating on his wife with her, but was also cheating on her with other women.
There are two aspects of this situation that I want to bring to the forefront.
The first point is Mahoney won his congressional seat in 2006 after Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican, was forced to resign for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a congressional page.
The second point is the Democrats knew about this since 2007 and hid it from the public until the story was recently broken by ABC News.
True to form, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claims to know nothing of this man’s history and problems. She has called for an investigation into this situation. I think the government types call this “plausible deniability”. That’s a fancy term for government believing that you are too stupid to see and understand the truth.
Now it remains to be seen how long it takes for him to step down. If he steps down. As I recall, the last Dem who had this problem (his name escapes me at the moment) had to be forced to step down.
Of course they’ve had Bill Clinton, the King of Inappropriate Relationships with Staffers While in Office, as their role model, so I can understand why the Dems are so confused about the right thing to do.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday called for an investigation into claims that Rep. Tim Mahoney paid $121,000 to a former mistress who worked on his staff and sued him after he threatened her job when she tried to end the relationship.

Mahoney, D-Fla., also called for the probe into his own activities.

Former and current staff aides made the claims to ABC News on Monday. Mahoney won his congressional seat in 2006 after Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican, was forced to resign in the wake of a scandal involving a congressional page.

“I just learned today about the serious allegations concerning Congressman Tim Mahoney,” Pelosi said in a statement. “These charges must be immediately and thoroughly investigated by the House Ethics Committee.”

According to ABC News, Mahoney, who is married, started an affair with Patricia Allen while campaigning against Foley on a morality platform. Allen came on to his staff after he won the election in 2006, but when complaints about the alleged affair surfaced, Mahoney moved Allen to the campaign staff, aides told the broadcast network.

ABC reported Allen tried to break off the affair after learning Mahoney was supposedly cheating on her and his wife with other women. In response, he threatened her job, ABC reported.

“You work at my pleasure,” Mahoney told Allen in a taped Jan. 20, 2008, telephone call played for Mahoney staffers, ABC reported.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel spoke to Mahoney in early 2007 about his personal conduct, FOX News confirmed Monday. Emanuel formerly headed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the panel charged with electing Democrats to Congress.

Sources told FOX News that Emanuel did not know the woman was a staff aide or that payments were being offered to her until informed by ABC News.

“Upon hearing a rumor, Congressman Emanuel confronted Congressman Mahoney, told him he was in public life and had a responsibility to act accordingly and appropriately, and urged him to do so. They had no further conversations on this topic,” an aide to Emanuel said in a statement.

Asked about the affair, Pelosi earlier said she didn’t know anything about the financial settlement.

“This is completely news to me,” Pelosi said when pressed on whether the Democratic leadership kept quiet about the affair so as not to hurt his re-election chances.

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who chairs the DCCC this year, declined to answer a question about Mahoney.

Mahoney is one of the most endangered Democrats in this election cycle.West Palm Beach is a conservative-leaning community that gave Bush an 8-point margin of victory in 2004.

It’s widely argued that Mahoney won in 2006 less on his own merit than because of the scandal surrounding Foley. Knowing he’d be in the GOP crosshairs this cycle, Mahoney raised $2.5 million for re-election, but he faces a stiff challenge from Republican Tom Rooney, whose family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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