Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, Speaks About The “Honor Killing” Part 1

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For those who have been following our blog lately, we have been covering developments in the murder case of Sarah and Amina Said, the two Dallas girls who were the victims of an Islamic “honor killing” by their Egyptian father (see links below).

We are honored to have Ms. Gail Gartrell, the great-aunt of Sarah and Amina Said, share her thoughts about the situation and also some of her memories of the girls with us.

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Said Sisters

Thank you, Steve and all.

I want to introduce all to the persons of Sarah and Amina. This is important because I promised these girls I would tell thier story, best I can. You all must understand that I was kept from these girls since Yasser sexually abused them at the age of seven and eight. I believe this was done because I was one of the people who kept the children hidden for a single day! During the course of this day, Amina spoke openly to me about what her dad had done. I tried to reassure this child that it was NOT her fault! Her dad should have never done this to her…even so, the saddness in her eyes told me much! After this day, Yaser and my neice went back together and most all of the American side of the family was cut out of these children’s lives. This certainly insured the fact that none of us could ever tell the police what was going on, not even my sister, the girls grandmother! She died, rarely seeing these children after she called about the abuse. This was the cost for speaking up for these girls!

As children, Sarah and Amina were very quiet. They were beautiful from the day they were born. In fact, my Mom, before she died, kept Sarah many, many times. She even called Sarah her baby! There was much love for these children and yet, we were punished for trying to help them.

The night I found out about the murders, is simply indescribable. I knew that my niece had ran with the girls but, I had no clue how deeply my neice had involved herself in the religion of Islam and the culturistic ways of her Egyptian husband. I do now!! I will speak of this later on. The night the girls were murdered, I spoke to my neice while she was at the police station. She simply said, “he shot my girls!” I told her, I know and I am so sorry as I believed that she was sincere in her run with her two girls. My heart was aching and I could not imagine the horror that Amina and [S]sarah felt when they saw that gun come out! This is when I started crying out for God as I knew this situation was much greater than I.

The following days led to truths I could not imagine. I will continue to share what I have found out from those closest to the girls but, not family members. Children, who feel as though it may be part [their] fault by merely being a friend to Sarah and Amina! Yasser Said, not only killed his daughters but, he has truly hurt many young teenagers with doubts, fears and forced them to look at [their] own mortality…in twisted ways! This is truly one of the most evil experiences I have ever been faced with. Even so, this truth must be told.

As I recover, I will be back to write more and tell truths so that we may limit these evil practices through prayer and with God’s guidance.



  1. Doug Gartrell said,

    June 19, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Let me know what I can do…

    The power remains with God and his people, fools fellowship with the world and temporal advantage.

    Your Brother in Christ,


  2. Anonymous said,

    March 16, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Again, I remain a true brother. Understand the truth of Christ…

  3. ashley yopp said,

    June 8, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    i hope that yasser said will be in prison res of his life and he will never get out either!!!!

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