Amnesty Inevitable, Says Immigration Group

The majority of people have told the government time and time again they do not want amnesty for illegal aliens. If Obama is elected president and the congress and senate stay Democrat, you can kiss your wishes goodbye. They will pass amnesty for illegals, plain and simple.

Numbers USA president Roy Beck explains he does not want people to feel a sense of desperation, but at the same time he does not want anyone to feel complacent when it comes to the reality of the upcoming election. Beck contends both John McCain and Barack Obama will not hesitate to push amnesty if either is elected on November 4.

“We are going to have to mobilize, as grassroots people…against the establishment if we’re going to save this country, because believe me, we are talking about saving the country,” he says.\

“If they pass that amnesty, and they pass big increases in immigration, you’ve got 12-to-20 million illegal aliens who immediately are legal, and now they’re free to start bringing in all their relatives. We’re going to see another gigantic run on the border if an amnesty goes through. America, as we know it, won’t exist in ten years. So a lot is at stake.”

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