“A Coming American Third World Despotism?” by Erick Erickson

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In East Asia, South America, and Africa third world despots run kleptocracies and routinely use government to harass, bully, and intimidate their opponents. It is a standard Marxist practice of Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, Karimov of Uzbekistan and their ilk. Should the American public elect Barack Obama President, we are already getting a glimpse of what his administration would be like.

In Missouri, Democrat party officials who also serve as prosecutors and sheriffs have threatened to arrest and try any person who “misrepresents” Barack Obama. Thus far there have been no arrests or prosecutions relating to people innocently mentioning an email that suggested Obama is a closet Muslim. Thus far.

In Ohio, Joe Wurzelbacher a/k/a Joe the Plumber happened to be standing in his front yard one morning when Barack Obama decided on an impromptu photo op. There in the plumber’s yard the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” sprang to life. Barack Obama told Joe the Obama administration would “spread the wealth around.” Like the child pointing out the emperor’s nakedness, Joe pointed out Obama’s socialism and it clicked with people.

Naturally, Joe had to be destroyed. The Ohio press is reporting Democrat officials improperly accessed government data about Joe the Plumber in order to smear him on behalf of the Obama campaign. (Thankfully, because the rule of law still exists in Ohio, the person who improperly searched government data may, according to reports yesterday, be prosecuted.) But Joe’s DMV records were looked at, his tax records were looked at, and his child support records were looked at. None of the looking was legal, but it did not matter. Joe became a threat that had to be destroyed.

Also in Ohio, student reporters for a collegiate news service are getting harassed by Barack Obama’s legal team. The reporters discovered wholesale voter fraud in Ohio, documented it, and reported it. Next thing they knew. Barack Obama’s lawyers decided to threaten them and suggested the students would have their voter registrations questioned if they did not stop.

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