Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, Speaks About The “Honor Killing” Part 3

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Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, continues to share her thoughts about her great-nieces’ “honor killing”, despite death threats and threats of litigation.

Said Sisters

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  • Amina and Sarah

    Over the past months, I have learned so much about these two very brave and strong young women! These girls loved one another and if you look at their pictures, you can see this love between them, it is obvious they shared more than just sisterhood. They shared terror, they shared beatings and they shared death!

    Both of these girls were very athletic. Sarah loved tennis, soccer and I have heard that she put everything into her sports! The same is said concerning Amina as she too, loved soccer and other sports as well. They superseded many of their aspirations as it was important for these girls to be the best at everything. Now, I can understand why.

    Sarah and Amina were over achievers as I feel, this was a form of escapism for them. They knew making high grades would give them a better chance at reaching freedom; however, they did not realize Yaser would never allow them to have the freedom they both sought. I do not understand this mindset but, I can see why they had to try! Especially, Amina as she so desired to have a normal American life. This, along with her outspokenness got Amina on the bad side of her dad, early on in her life! Sarah, seemed to be more quiet and accepted her dad’s mandates with silence. Even so, these girls paid the highest price for seeking freedom, thinking for themselves and of course, the American boyfriends which were held secretively from Yaser.

    In fact, I have no clue as to how Yaser found out about Amina’s boyfriend. I do have an idea and I wish I could say I am wrong but, I feel it was my own niece who told! I am just not sure! I have heard that Yaser went through Amina’s cell phone bill and that is how he found out. I no longer believe this at all! I think my niece told him as it appears she did as he said…no matter the outcome! Yes, I am saying that I believe my niece had a hand in this. She made decisions which kept these girls in a horrible situation and in fear of their own dad! Why? I have begged Tissy to tell the truth for the sake of her girls. She has promised me over and over to do so. She has not and will not speak out against Yaser as she told me Yaser was a good dad and NEVER abused her girls! WOW! I could not believe what I was hearing! Never abused them….what about the sexual abuse? What about the multiple reports of these girls coming to school with welts on them? What about all the accounts of people who saw Amina’s braces embedded into her lips from Yasser kicking her? What about the times he went into the bedroom and threatened them with gun in hand? What about the threats to take Amina to Egypt where he could kill her legally? What about Sarah’s message to her friend, “My dad came into my room today and said not to get used to Mina being around because she is not going to be with us much longer?” All of this and still, my niece protects her murderous husband and threatened to sue me if I did not shut up about “honor killings.” So, sue me! I cannot, in good conscience, keep silent when two girls paid the ultimate price for simple freedoms we take for granted!

    I will continue writing thier story as I speak with those who loved them…outside their Arabic relatives. It appears that on that side of the family, Yaser is now a hero! Islam, praises his dad for killing his own two sisters! He has said repeatedly, “the girls deserved what Yaser did and he did a da– good job too.” I have heard that the brothers of Yaser, the girls Egyptian uncles, have made the statement that the girls asked for what they got! This, from my niece who went straight back to Yasser’s family the day after the girls were buried! This told me that she was either scared and went back to keep more blood from being shed or, she was in agreement with what Yaser did and what the Said’s were saying. At this time, I have no clue where she stands as she is now with a new Muslim man and living across the country from any of her blood relatives. So as we have offered to get her help and and so have the police! She has turned away from her blood family and embraces the ways which helped place her babies in the ground! Even so, they are all free tonight while Amina and Sarah’s life ended almost a year ago! May God continue to shed light into this very dark world in which these girls were forced to live.


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