Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, Speaks About The “Honor Killing” Part 4

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Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, continues to share her thoughts about her great-nieces’ “honor killing” by their father, Yaser Said. Through her own memories and the accounts from friends and family, she has been able to piece together the final events in the lives of these wonderful young women.

Said Sisters

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    According to the great-aunt Joyce Boucher, a few weeks before the girls and my neice ran, the girls had a prelude of what was to come. All three, the girls and my neice worked at Krogers, in Lewisville, Tx. According to the manager, the girls came running into the store crying and almost hysterical. They were telling their mom that Yasser had pulled a gun on them and said he was going to kill them! The workers and the manager urged my niece to leave, at that moment, with the girls. Monies were pooled for them to run by the people at the store. The manager told Joyce Boucher that he was greatly surprised when he walked into the store the next morning and found Patricia (my niece) working! When he asked her why she was there she said that she had spoken to her aunt and her aunt suggested they wait until they could get some of their clothes an such. That was a lie as none of us would have ever told her to go back home!

    Now, I believe it must have been this incident which led Amina to make a decision to run, on her own! You see, Yasser had already found out about Amina’s boyfriend and Amina had already turned down a pre-arranged marriage to an older Egyptian man. This alone, infuriated Yasser! It is my opinion that this attitude of Amina’s is why Yasser had told Sarah not to be used to Amina being around because she was not going to be with them too much longer! Amina was becoming more of a threat to Yasser and his ways. She was disregarding her Egyptian heritage and asked friends not to introduce her as a Muslim, Egyptian! She prefered to be called a Caucasian. This, you can see if you go to her My Space page. Indeed, Amina was planning to run on her own! She was making arrangements to do so and had actually saved money for this too.

    One of Amina’s closest and dearest friends asked her, “what about Sarah? If you leave without Sarah will Yasser make this harder on her?” I suppose Amina considered this question and made her first mistake…she told her mom about her plans. Well, those plans went straight to Yasser as he did not work for three days and went through all of Amina’s things. He watched her moves and such because her mom ratted her out! I suppose this is when my niece decided to do something as I am sure Yasser was becoming more and more angrier towards both girls.

    Now, I personally believe that the entire run with these girls was premeditated and Yasser knew every move they were making as Islam as much said so to another relative! This premeditated run made my niece look like a confused, abused wife and mother who did not know what to do! This placed her on the victims list! She is no victim! I assure you as I have begged her to tell all but, she will not! Even so, she left with the girls and their boyfriends.

    All five left and headed to another relatives home on the paternal side of Patricia’s family. This was in Kansas and they were suppose to stay there for a period of time. Instead, they were only there for about four hours and decided to move on. They then landed in Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exact. An apartment was rented, a few furniture items and jobs were being sought. So Amina and her boyfriend thought! Truth has finally come to the surface in this and I now know that my niece had already planned to go back to Yasser the day after they arrived in Tulsa. Strange thing is, all knew this but, Amina and her boyfriend! Sarah broke up with her boyfriend and was convinced Yasser would forgive her! After all, this was Sarah’s first offense with an American boy and Yasser had forgiven Amina for her first crush on an American boy two years prior to this time! Sarah thought she would be forgiven and safe. She had come to the conclusion that if she was the best Muslim girl she could be and did all her dad asked of her, things would be “normal.” All of this thought and yet, no one asked Sarah what would happen to Amina when they returned! Did Sarah understand that Yasser would not forgive Amina a second time? Did Sarah have a false sense of security that Yasser would forgive all grievances? I do not know but, for days, Sarah kept this secret from her sister as my niece had asked her to do. Indeed, the only ones who were being lied too were Amina and her boyfriend!! Sarah had cut ties with her boyfriend because she knew she had too with her mom going back to Yasser! Still, what was the consideration for Amina in this? I’m not sure there was any and this saddens me to my very soul.

    It was Amina who was truly lied too about coming back to place flowers on her grandmothers grave and then, off to aunt Connie’s house for New Years…according to my nieces plan. A plan which was concocted to lure an innocent girl to her death. Truly, I do not think my niece thought Yasser would kill Sarah but, it is clear to many of us that Tissy had written Amina off, long before they ever ran! She simply thought Sarah would be forgiven. She was not but, as I understand this, it was my neice who told Yasser that both girls were having sex! Good grief! Did she honestly think he would forgive them for this? NO WAY! My niece gambled with these girls lives and it cost the girls a future they had worked so very hard for.

    Once in Texas, Amina stayed at a friends house. After all, her mom and Sarah were heading out of town, supposedly only to return to get Amina and go back to Oklahoma. Well, the pressure was on for Amina to go with them that night but, she would not. Instead, Tissy and Sarah headed off and drove straight to Yasser’s driveway. Obviously, Yasser was putting on a pretty good show because I am sure Sarah was convinced that she had been forgiven and all would be fine as long as she towed the Islamic boat!

    The next morning, Amina’s friend received a text message from Sarah’s boyfriend. This message said they were home and the boys needed to go and get their things from the apartment in Oklahoma. Amina, was told about this text message and that is when she realized what was truly going on and what had happened! Her friend verified this text by driving by and seeing Tissy’s car in the driveway. This is when Amina called her aunt Connie and asked her if she knew her mom went back to Yasser? Amina knew her life was in peril at this point and did not know what to do!

    Meanwhile, the phone calls made to convince Amina to come home mounted! Tissy even put Yasser on the phone with Amina but, Amina said she would rather be dead than to go home. She knew that death was awaiting her there and yet, where was she to go? I cannot imagine the hurt and betrayal this young woman must have felt. After many calls, my niece went to Amina’s friends house and convinced them all would be okay. She told Amina she must go back home! Amina did, only for moments!

    Once home, it is my understanding that Yasser made an attempt at faking Amina’s forgiveness. The girls were placed into the cab under the guise of going to meet other members of the Said family for tea and to get some food. That never happened! They were suppose to talk over the problems to work them out. Instead, not even ten to fifteen minutes after he left with them, Sarah called her mom on the cell phone. Tissy told me that Sarah called and she did not answer! She said “I do not know why I did not pick up the phone for Sarah when she called!” I think I know why! Amina had more rigor mortis than Sarah and I think Sarah called her mom when Amina was shot or, when Yasser passed the restaurant. Either way, my niece should have never let those girls go anywhere with her radical maniacal husband!

    Within 45 minutes of leaving the house in Lewisville, both girls had been shot. Amina was shot twice in an area which shattered her spinal cord…it killed her instantly! Sarah, was shot nine times and in places , in the beginning, which would not kill her as fast. The final death blows came last from that gun! Sarah fought! There were bruises which were not able to be covered up…one on the forehead which had to have been a bad blow and still, Sarah made that 9-1-1 call and named her murderer….”My dad shot me!”

    Both girls were found in a cab Yasser had borrowed. He had to have help getting away from the Omni Mandalay Hotel, in Las Colinas as there is NO way he could have walked away without someone noticing a bloodied mess of a man! This means there is another involved in this as well. I am not sure how many people are walking around with Amina and Sarah’s blood upon their hands but, I do know that Yasser pulled the trigger, my niece gave him the targets, Islam, the brother, praised his dad’s actions and now sees his dad as a hero for having done this. I have been told by my niece that it was one of Yasser’s brothers who picked him up that night! She says she has told the police this but, I have never heard of this man being questioned. I too, have told the authorities about what she said …to no avail! Still, justice seems to be something lost when it comes to American/Muslim relations, in America.

    As a result, the Muslim men who imprison their daughters and treat them less than a dog can roam free, do as they want; however, the girls must die if they commit any perceived misbehavior which may cause a blemish on the family name. Yasser was angry about the girls and killed them because they did not remain strictly with a Muslim mindset! When he found out about the sexual activity….that was the final straw! Why? I ask! After all, it was Yasser who took their virginity at the ages of six and seven! If he was going to implement these rules then, should it not have been him who should have been killed for this? In my mind, yes! He was the one who dirtied his own family name and continues to do so as a coward who locked two girls in a cab to make his targets easy and trapped! This tells me that Yasser Abdel Said is NO MAN! He is a monster and a pawn of Satan’s! His mind is twisted with desires for young girls and murder if that’s what it takes.

    Truly, my great-nieces probably never had a chance to live freely. They knew the cost of breaking from the Islamic mindsets and yet, Amina was willing to give her life for freedom, as an American. I see her as a true American Hero and she will always be so, in my heart!



    1. Manal said,

      December 24, 2008 at 8:51 pm


      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this case.
      I am also an Egyptian muslim living in the United States. I really understand how hard it was for these two beautiful girls, especially growing up with a psyco father.

      Allah Yerhamhom (R.I.P)

    2. Gail said,

      January 4, 2009 at 11:28 pm

      You should learn to get facts RIGHT.

    3. Steve said,

      January 5, 2009 at 1:47 pm

      By assigning Yasser the label of “psyco”, you inadvertently make an excuse for him to act in the way he did. You also give an excuse for all of the other men who engage in honor killings to continue to engage in that behavior as well.
      Honor killings are over 98% exclusive to Muslims. This makes them a Muslim problem.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts about the girls. Please work within the Muslim community to end the kind of behavior that Yasser got away with. Please put a stop to honor killings.

    4. Angie said,

      February 3, 2009 at 1:13 pm


      Thank you for sharing the stories of Amina & Sarah. They were beautiful… I am the mother of 3 girls and this story has touched us all.

      I hope and pray that Yasser pays for what he has done!!!! And the son is just evil!!!!

      May God Bless You!!!

    5. Gail said,

      February 4, 2009 at 2:42 pm


      Thank you for the blessing. I will continue trying to get this truth out there because there are many Amina and Sarah’s! God never intended women to be treated as Amina and Sarah were and yet, there are mnay of them still living in the shadow of a very cruel mindset! May God protect them and guide them!

    6. Gail said,

      February 4, 2009 at 2:45 pm


      What you said to Manal…you are right on with that statement! Thank you for clarifying and setting the score straight!


    7. Kyle said,

      August 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm

      It’s depressing to see that two and a half years have gone by with no arrests. I think Islam might lead to authorities to Yaser. I think Islam would talk with the right interrogation. No matter however, justice must be served. I sincere condolences to you, Gail. R.I.P. to Amina and Sarah.

    8. Steve said,

      August 26, 2009 at 7:26 am

      Gail and I both believe that Yaser either escaped back to Egypt or he is hiding in plain sight, most likely being shielded and assisted by other Muslims. I believe he most likely hid in a mosque right after the crime and then was moved out of the area in secret. It will be interesting to see how close our theories are after he is caught.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    9. Kyle said,

      August 26, 2009 at 8:57 am


      It certainly would make sense for him to have escaped to Egypt or elsewhere since he committed the murders so close to DFW Airport. And as stated before, he would have been covered in blood and surely been noticed had he not been helped immediately after leaving the scene.

      When this first happened I remember hearing just a slight bit of coverage and have just in the last week taken a keen interest in this case. It has truly haunted me over the last week and I pray he is captured soon. Do you know if the FBI is actually spending much time on this? Do you think it’s possible that Patricia or Islam might actually know where he is? It’s really troubling that is has been over a year and half and the case is going cold.

      I know he can’t hide forever and will miss a step somewhere and justice will be served for Amina and Sarah.

    10. Steve said,

      August 26, 2009 at 9:54 am

      I appreciate your passion toward these girls. I share it too.
      We must never allow their memory to die.
      I don’t happen to know how involved the FBI is at this point. I think he might have been on the ten most wanted list for a bit, but is not there now. I may be wrong about him being on the list, but it sticks in my mind that he might have been.
      Thanks for your support. I’ll let Gail know about it.
      God Bless!!

    11. Kyle said,

      August 26, 2009 at 11:06 am

      He’s still on the most wanted list, but it takes a little bit to find him on there. Due to the fact that his is likely armed and dangerous, you think they would have him ranking a little higher.

      It seems like all attention on this has come very quiet this year. This could be good in a way as it could give Said a false sense of security. On the other hand though I think with an aggressive man hunt and aggressive publicity the case could be solved. I think they also need to monitor Islam and Patricia as it would seem likely that at some point they could be in contact with him. I pray time will tell. Thanks to you as well for your passion and coverage on this case.


    12. scott said,

      October 1, 2009 at 4:13 am

      brought tears to my eyes and i havent cried in years. it is just sickening what they went through. we as americans should ban religons that condone honor killings.

    13. Steve said,

      October 2, 2009 at 6:49 am

      Thank you for your heartfelt feeling and for helping keep the memories of these special young ladies alive.
      God Bless!!

    14. Peter said,

      April 27, 2011 at 10:32 am

      In other words they were dirty slags who got popped. Granted the pops didn’t need to kill them… better off, chuck them out and disown them, and leave them to get acquainted with devil 🙂 but after all is said and done… Its nothing to do with Islam or Muslims because they are not true Musilms to do what they do… the father or the girls. =) There might be a lot of it, but you love focussing on slating other religions… look at the highest rate of sexual abusing to your own kids… good old Christians)))

    15. Michelle Crozier said,

      August 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm

      May God be with you always angels!

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