Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” Calls Home Schooled Children “Demented”

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No one, including children, are safe from the so-called “liberal elite’s” scorn.

“The View” co-host Joy Behar is well on her way to unhinged, if not already there.

Earlier today, NB’s Justin McCarthy noted that Behar, in mentioning GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, said that “we all know that the woman is an airhead.”

Michelle Malkin noted this evening that Behar also took an uncalled-for cheap shot at those who are involved in an important and growing alternative not only to the public schools, but also to traditional brick-and-mortar classroom education (video is at link):

Behar show(ed) …. her contempt for both homeschooled students and parents: “A lot of them are demented when they’re homeschooled.”

If this is “dementia” by Behar’s twisted standards, perhaps we need more of it.

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