America’s Most Wanted Airs Said Sisters “Honor Killing”, Caves to Political Correctness

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I was delighted when I found out that America’s Most Wanted was finally going to air a segment concerning the “Honor Killings” of Sarah and Amina Said.  That was until I saw the segment.
We have been publishing comments, for some time now, from Gail Gartrell, the girl’s Great-Aunt. After the show last night, Dr. Phyllis Chesler asked her what she thought about the segment.
With her permission, I am publishing her response to Dr. Chesler here.

Said Sisters

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  • Phyllis,

    I am livid! My heart is broken for poor Amina! They portrayed her as a killer and even used a knife as an assumed weapon of choice. How dare they! Then, to show these girls plotting against a man who they feared more than a rattlesnake! How preposterous! In this airing, the producer and John Walsh made the victims seem deserving of what Yasser did to them. Now, I see them as victims of a show intended to bring justice!

    You know, the facts were all wrong. Why? I know that I have spoken to this producer for months now! So has Joyce Boucher as well! Let me do a reality check! Here are the facts they misrepresented: My niece is not Arabic nor, is she Hispanic looking! She is pale skinned and blue eyed! They represented this as an Arabic family with a dictator father and husband. Another fact totally avoided…ISLAM, the brother and son of the parents from hell. The very one who promises to kill me. Where was Yasser’s and Tissy’s beloved son who spied on these girls and bullied his mother? To me, this was an intentional omission! To have added a character as radical as Islam, this might have given [CAIR] (Council on American-Islamic Relations. -ed.), the wrong impression! God forbid! Another, Amina DID NOT come home on her own! No way as she told Connie that she would rather be dead than ever go back home. She meant that too! Amina was [coerced] by my own niece to go back. This, after hours of calling Amina and telling her to come home. Tissy went as far as to put Yasser on the phone but, Amina knew death was awaiting her if she returned. When Amina did return, she and Sarah were taken into Yasser’s cab and she did not go into that kitchen and rummage through the frig. Give me a break! One of the biggest misrepresentation of the facts, Amina was in the front seat and Sarah was in the back seat. Amina, was sitting facing Yasser as a friend saw them and said so. If you simply listen to the 9-1-1 phone call from the cabbie who found them, he says there are two women, one in the front seat and one in the backseat! He describes what he sees in this call as he was asked too. He saw a woman in the front seat, “I have not seen her hand move, there is blood coming from her ear and she is slumped over.” THESE ARE EYEWITNESS FACTS! Yasser, also knew exactly where to park that cab! It could not be seen by the cameras which are on the Omni Mandalay. No mention of this premeditated fact! I could go on and on about how they misrepresented the facts and truth about this tragic HONOR KILLING of my sisters granddaughters.

    Where was the part of Sarah’s call where she says, “no, not again, (door opens) I’m dying, my blood baba…no, stop it!” These were Sarah’s own words to her father. She is telling him, LOOK, see my blood! I’m dying, you do not need to do more to me! But, to no avail, he finishes her off as she is on the cell phone with the police who placed her on hold! How dare they! I guess they did not want everyone to hear the officer ask Sarah for the address and to hold on as he called the fire department for paramedics. Oh yeah, let’s not offend the police and certainly not the radical Muslims!! Talk about political correctness…what a joke.

    I used to have a lot of respect for John Walsh as I know that man had to walk through hell when his own child was abducted. Now, I resent him saying this case was special to him! Yeah, right John! I saw his true colors tonight and he is definitely in this for the money…oh, of course, “in my opinion!!!!!” He did not even understand the term, honor killing, “Some people say this was an honor killing. But, there’s no honor in this.” Again, how dare he! I have worked my butt off to educate and get the word out about honor killings and he diminished what honor killings entail. You know, like usually, they are well planned out in advance and others in the family often involve themselves as well. How about this one? Yasser shoots the girls, gets out of the cab with not a single drop of blood on him (after 11 shots were fired at close range) and simple walks away. WHO PICKED HIM UP? He did not leave there on foot! Someone picked his sorry butt up and fled with him. FACT!

    Never, will I watch this comedy of errors again. If only they researched, then perhaps I would believe this show has some credibility. I suppose no one read the autopsy. Amina had more [rigor mortis] than Sarah. Does this not imply that perhaps, Amina was shot before Sarah? After all, she was sitting in the front, not the back! My niece told me herself that Sarah called not ten to fifteen minutes after Yasser left with these girls and she did not answer the phone. “I don’t know why I did not answer the phone for Sarah.” I think she did and does know why she did not answer that phone to Sarah. Yet, AMW made Tissy look like a beaten down puppy. If that were so, then why did Yasser not kill her for running with his girls? After all, Sarah and Tissy did return before Amina was brought back. Yasser had plenty of time to kill them both but, he waited! He was waiting on Amina and Amina knew it too! My opinion, so did my niece!

    By the way, those girls were not shot and left in the parking lot of the Omni Mandalay! I believe Yasser shot them at another location. In fact, there are two shooting ranges just a few blocks from the hotel. Had he shot them there, no one would have been shocked to hear gun shots ring out. The cell tower where Sarah’s call came in…right near the shooting ranges! The cowardly beast shot them and I think he thought they were dead until Sarah made that call. This forced him to drive quickly to the Omni as Sarah gave away the location from using that phone. If it had played out the way they portrayed this, it would have meant that Yasser killed the girls in the daylight, at an exclusive hotel on New Years Day, and no one heard 11 bullets ring out nor, saw anything. You know, like a bloody mess walking down the sidewalk, in daylight?

    Phyllis, you and I both know AMW made this Muslim friendly for their viewers. But, we also know that the truth was NOT enacted. Simply, a fact! Someone please [write] to AMW and define honor killings for these pseudo intellectuals! Oh! My opinion, of course! Let’s keep this politically correct! I DETEST THIS TERM! It hides many sins of mankind! Truths, too!


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