Pro-Israel Christians join forces

I’ve always thought that despite what we hear in the MSM’s, there are a lot more Christians and denominations who support Israel then there are who do not. It’s good to see this group get started. Maybe by combining efforts, they can force the MSM’s to report the truth, for once.

American evangelicals form umbrella body in bid to unite efforts in support of Israel. New organization to represent some 35 million Christians.

WASHINGTON – Pro-Israeli Christian groups operating in the United States have decided to form an umbrella organization that will engage in lobbying efforts in Washington beginning this coming summer.
The organization, made up of mostly evangelical groups, will also open offices across the country, hold events in support of Israel, offer political, financial and public relations support, and work to strengthen the strategic alliance between the U.S. and Israel.
This umbrella organization is expected to comprise some 30-35 million American evangelists who have until now operated separately, and will act similarly to the way the Jewish lobby operates in the U.S.
The new organization will be led by John Hagee, an influential evangelist with some put at the White House, who heads a congregation of
tens of thousands of worshippers in San Antonio, Texas. Hagee’s Sunday sermons are broadcast to millions of American viewers on television.
Some two weeks ago, Hagee convened 400 heads of Christian congregations and organizations, representing 30-35 million Americans, to discuss the establishment of the umbrella organization, set to be directed by Hagee himself. Israel’s Ambassador in Washington Danny Ayalon later hosted a special meeting with 80 Christian leaders, including Robert Stern, designated to serve as vice chairman of the organization.
In July, heads of the group are scheduled to arrive in D.C. and present their initiative before members of Congress.

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6 Responses to “Pro-Israel Christians join forces”

  1. Marla Sternburg says:

    Please pray for a huge Revival in Israel and Jerusalem this Shavuot

  2. Steve says:

    Israel and God’s Chosen People, the Jews, are always in our prayers. We will keep them on our minds even more during Shavuot.
    Thank you for visiting. Please return often and as always, your comments are very welcome.
    God Bless!!

  3. ahava bat levi says:

    Thank you for posting my prayer requests. The Good News is that the number of Russian Jews in Israel who have come to the Lord has been rapidly increasing!
    I now await more good news!

    Hag Shavuot

  4. ahava bat levi says:

    Hag Shavuot !

    Thank you for posting my prayer request for a Huge Revival in Israel this Shavuot! The goodnews is that the number of russian Jews that have come to the lord in Israel has rapidly been increasing ! I now awit more good news!

  5. ahav says:

    Hag Sameyach

    Happy Shavuot

    I’m, still waiting for Good News that the Ruach has been poured out like a Tsunami in Israel this Shavuot 2008. News that 1,000 Orthodox Jews and Rabbis have come to the knowledge of Y’shua from the Sid Roth Ministry-this still is not the FULL Latter Day Rains promised in Joel- please keep praying !!!


  6. Steve says:

    Shalom Ahava.
    Thank you for you comment. It would be wonderful news indeed if many Jews were to discover, through their study of Torah and Tanakh, that Jesus is indeed the Messiah they seek.
    Yes, my friend, keep praying!!!

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