Open Doors Advocates for Gaza Bible Distributor Facing Terrorist Threat

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The pali terrorist are at it again. Now they are threatening to blow up the only Bible distribution center in Gaza. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Quite frankly I’m amazed it’s lasted this long. What else should we expect from a bunch of pali terrorist RoD (religion of death, aka islam) cultist?

(AgapePress) – Terrorists in Gaza have threatened to blow up the building of the only Bible distribution center in the Palestinian-controlled area by the end of the month. Last week terrorists distributed flyers warning the building’s landlord to evict the Bible Society by February 28 or they would blow up the property.
Al Janssen, Chairman of the Board for
Open Doors USA, is an expert on the Middle East. He says the Bible Society plays a vital role in the region, particularly since it is “the only place in Gaza where anybody can get a Bible.”
There are 1.3 million Muslims and only 2,000 Christians in the region the Bible Society Center serves, Janssen points out. “If anybody wants a Bible, that’s the only place they can go. There’s also a little Bible church, Gaza Baptist Church, that’s very closely tied to that Bible Society. We would like people to be praying for that — that this ministry of the church and the Bible Society will continue and that it will continue to be a light in the midst of the darkness in Gaza.”
Earlier this month, terrorists detonated a bomb at the Bible Society Center, causing minor damage. However, the Open Doors USA spokesman says the Society has been forced to close for the time being. Meanwhile, he notes, Open Doors has been calling on Palestinian officials to ensure that the terrorists’ violent plans do not come to fruition.
“We’re working through back channels to basically say to Hamas, ‘Now that you’ve been elected, this is something you need to be responsible for,'” Janssen notes. “Now, we don’t believe that Hamas is behind this threat; there are a lot of little fringe groups in there as well. But we do believe that Hamas can make sure this doesn’t happen.”

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