Jesus’ Name

I ran across this information and found it interesting.

Jesus was not called “Jesus” during his lifetime. Because He and His followers spoke their native Aramanic, His full name, as known to family and intimates would have been Yeshua (pronounced ye-SHU-ach) ben Yusef which translators into Jesus, son of Joseph. “Jesus” is the English form of “Iesous” (pronounced yay-zoose), which is what He is called in the Greek scriptures of the New Testament. This, in turn, is a version of the common Hebrew name “Ieshus” which translates into Joshua. The root meaning of the name is “God help” because it’s derived from two words – God and help.

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  1. Truthseeker says:

    I am going to now pass your blog onto members of my church.

  2. I hope that they can get some good out of it. I sure have apprecaited your comments and questions.
    God Bless!!

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