Hamas Proposes Year-Long Truce with Israel

Koran 47:36 says “Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand.”

So it will take them that long to rearm and start shooting at Israel again? I doubt it. I predict they will begin shooting within weeks, if not days.

CAIRO, Egypt — Hamas officials in Cairo proposed Sunday a year-long truce with Israel and an opening of the crossings into the Gaza Strip, in the latest round of diplomatic meetings to build on a fragile cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas official Ayman Taha told reporters in Cairo that his delegation was briefed by the Egyptians on an Israeli proposal for a year-and-a-half long truce with only partial opening of the border, which they rejected.

Instead, Taha says the group made a counter offer of a year with open borders, which they now must discuss with their leadership in Damascus.

“We will study the matter again and it will be brought back to the Egyptians,” he told MENA, the official Egyptian news agency, without elaborating on the other provisions of the possible deal. Hamas has said in the past that it will only maintain a truce if Israel ends its blockade of the Gaza Strip and opens the crossings.

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