Israel Successfully Tests ‘Iron Dome’ Interception System

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Iron Dome

The Defense Ministry announced on Thursday evening that it had carried out a variety of tests on the “Iron Dome” rocket interception system over the last few days.

Defense officials described the tests as successful, adding that the creation of a timetable for the system’s installation in the South was in the process.

A Grad-type rocket was successfully intercepted during the tests. Moreover, the tests included the location and uncovering of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, as well as live testing of arms supervision systems against real missiles.

A new battalion responsible for operating the “Iron Dome” will be created in the airforce once the system becomes operational in the coming weeks.

Defense officials said that the results of the tests reinforced research and simulations that were done in preparation, adding that the tests signaled an important stepping stone in the system’s ability to meet the scheduled time for its use.

In January, Israel used Operation Cast Lead to help perfect the interception system. Weapons-development teams had been posted outside Gaza to track the hundreds of rockets fired by terrorists during the three-week offensive against Hamas.

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