Remembering Terri Schiavo, Continuing the Fight for Life

Let’s take a moment to remember Terri Schiavo, a poor disabled woman whose husband no longer wanted anything to do with her, who was starved to death in order to get her out of his life.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who suffered starvation and dehydration at the hands of her physicians and her husband.

Married and in her twenties, Terri Schiavo suffered a sudden illness and was hospitalized, then put on a ventilator and a feeding tube. In a court battle with attempted congressional intervention, her family tried to prevent the removal of her feeding tube. However, her husband fought to remove it, and she eventually died.

The painful memory of that still lingers for her brother Bobby Schindler. “It certainly is a sad day. March 31 will mark the fourth year of Terri’s death by dehydration, and there’s really not a day that doesn’t go by where our family doesn’t think of Terri,” he notes.

Schindler fears tens of thousands of people worldwide may lose their lives in the same way. “Which was something that was absolutely barbaric, having to watch someone die by having their food and water taken away so that they could slowly dehydrate to death over a period of almost two weeks,” he explains.

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