Christian Teens’ Rally Irks San Francisco’s City Fathers

More stupidity from the goverment of SF, CA.

(AgapePress) – An estimated 25,000 youths showed up last weekend for a “Battle Cry” rally in San Francisco — and then became the latest targets to receive a resolution against them by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
“Battle Cry” is a coalition of 30 groups that is attempting to turn today’s youth away from the lure of popular culture and toward Christ while they are still teenagers. But on the day of the rally in the City by the Bay, opposing protesters took to name-calling, in one instance chanting the phrase: “Christian fascists, go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!”
In addition, both the rally and related protest caught the attention of City Hall, which adopted a resolution criticizing both as “acts of provocation” by an “anti-gay” pro-life organization. Democratic State Assemblyman Mark Leno, talking to the counter-protesters, referred to the Battle Cry rally as a “fascist mega-pep rally,” and said the Christian teens involved in the rally should “get out of San Francisco.” This in a city that has long been touting the importance of “tolerance” to support the homosexual movement.
Ron Luce, founder of the ministry Teen Mania and whose group helped to found Battle Cry, appeared afterward on the Fox News show O’Reilly Factor, during which he made it clear that the rally was nothing close to the picture portrayed. “We’re not mean,” Luce says, “and if you look at the video clips of that rally, they’re very kind and they’re praying — and it was pretty startling to see such a violent response.”
According to Luce, it was the first time one of his meetings was officially condemned. He says Battle Cry is helping youth to use one of the most important tools for culture change in America — one he says the political Left has employed best up until now. “Whoever raises their voice in culture is the one who shapes culture,” the ministry leader says.
In the coming weeks, similar rallies — with the intent to change the culture by battling for the hearts and souls of the current teen generation — are set in Detroit (April 7-8) and in Philadelphia (May 12-13).

2 Responses to “Christian Teens’ Rally Irks San Francisco’s City Fathers”

  1. beth says:

    Just another example of discrimination against Christians. Had it been the other way around, you would still be hearing about those “fundamentalist fanatics”. Talk about satan blinding people to the truth. It is obvious to see that these people who are opposing Christians are militant toward Chrisitanity and WHO it stands for, but the media doesnt show it that way. Similar to the way they spin the religion of peace so that people think they are actually peaceful. Its a double standard that is in the devil’s favor (but only for a short while longer).

  2. Oh yeah, so true. Duplicity at the max.

    It is sad that SF has so many people in charge who are willing to envoke double standards.

    Also, I’ve been arguing with Eleanor over the Israel/Palestinian thing.
    She continues to think like a westerner. You can’t do that when dealing with islam.

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