FBI Spied on Tea Parties

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This is very scary if it’s true. Sorry this is so long, but I thought y’all needed to see it.

This is no joke. They want to scare us into submission. Where is our leadership?

FBI spied on TEA Party Americans hat tip Anne

Exclusive to the Northeast Intelligence Network & Canada Free Press

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod,

19 April 2009: Even as average Americans were planning to get out in towns and cities to demonstrate against Big Government and Big Taxes, Federal Bureau of Intelligence Investigation (FBI) surveillance was being unleashed upon them. In fact, unsuspecting Tax Day TEA Party participants were being closely watched during the demonstration planning stages in a covert operation that began on or about March 23, 2009.

If you one of the estimated 750,000 Americans who attended one of about 600 TEA parties last week, you might have seen media cameras covering the event. Media cameras, however, were not the only cameras taking video at these events, something that has at least one current FBI agent concerned over the future of America. According to this agent – the same agent who provided the Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN) exclusively the unreleased photographs of the 11 missing Egyptian students who were the subject of a FBI BOLO in August 2006–placed his concerns for true patriots of the U.S. over his own career when he confided that covert surveillance was “planned and performed” at each of the TEA parties that took place last Tuesday.

“Listen to what I am saying,” stated the source during an interview with Doug Hagmann, founder (NEIN). “The Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Assessment that is receiving so much attention is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the true patriotic citizens of this country are on the Titanic. This is what bothers me. But is goes far beyond that assessment. There have been very significant changes made over the last few years that redirect the focus and assets of the intelligence community internally. These changes have greatly accelerated under this administration, and the threats have been redefined to include those who used to be patriots. It’s not only chilling but absolutely insulting to God-fearing Americans.”

According to this unimpeachable source, a single-page confidential directive issued by the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC (FBIHQ) was sent to each of the 56 field offices located across the United States on or about March 23, 2009, instructing the Special Agents in Charge (SACs) of those offices to verify the date, time and location of each TEA Party within their region and supply that information to FBI headquarters in Washington. The source stated this correspondence termed the TEA parties “political demonstrations,” and added that the dissemination of the directive was very tightly controlled. “Not all agents were privy to this correspondence,” stated the source, who compared the dissemination to an older “Do Not File” classification.

In addition to obtaining or confirming the location and time of each “demonstration,” each field office was instructed to obtain or confirm the identity of the individual(s) involved in the actual planning and coordination of the event in each specific region, and include the local or regional Internet web site address, if any. The information collected by region was then reportedly sent to FBI Headquarters.

The source alleges that a second directive was issued on or about April 6, 2009 that reportedly instructed each SAC to coordinate and conduct, either at the field office level and/or with the appropriate resident agency, covert video surveillance and data collection of the participants of the TEA parties. Surveillance was to be performed from “discreet fixed or mobile positions” and was to be performed “independently and outside of the purview of local law enforcement.”

Although the level of detail collected from each operation is unclear, the information was reportedly submitted to Washington, where, “at the level of the National Security Branch (NSB), this information was to “include the office of the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), and integrated with a restricted access database, one that reportedly is accessible to only two agencies” [of the 14 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community, according to the source.

“The implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”

Training government-issued cameras on ordinary citizens, many of whom brought their children to an estimated 600 Tax Day TEA Parties is a page torn out of George Orwell’s 1984 and makes the term “God Bless America” more meaningful than ever.

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press expect the government’s denial of the surveillance of the TEA Parties to go viral as soon as this story is posted.

Go read it all. This is not your mom’s America.

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UPDATE Disgusting KAPO alert:Axelrod suggests ‘Tea Party’ movement is ‘unhealthy’ hat tip Randall

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Senior White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday suggested the “Tea Party” movement is an “unhealthy” reaction to the tough economic climate facing the country.

Axelrod was asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” about the “spreading and very public disaffection” with the president’s fiscal policies seen at the “Tea Party” rallies around the country last week.

“I think any time you have severe economic conditions there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that’s unhealthy,” Axelrod said.

UPDATE: Lid reminds us:

First Amendment to the Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Fourth Amendment to the Constitution: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

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Rick Saunders & Jeff Schreiber at America’s Right have this to say:

Yesterday, White House adviser David Axelrod suggested that the “TEA Party” phenomenon which started sweeping the country last week was an “unhealthy” reaction to tough economic times.

Given the leftist pedigree Axelrod flaunts, that statement should come as no surprise, if not an outright compliment to the many concerned Americans who took time off from work to voice their opinions. Regardless of how taken, it only further underscores the fundamental intellectual hostility toward America and Americans who love their country and Constitution recently demonstrated by folks like Axelrod, DHS Commandante Janet Napolitano and, of course, The Chosen One himself.

Those who attended these gatherings, or even merely supported them from the sidelines, were Americans from all walks of life who are simply trying to regain control of their government from hijackers who now seem bent on ransoming the Constitution and burdening present and future generations with taxes, debt and deficits which, according to Peter Orszag, Obama’s own budget guru (is he still employed there?) “are ultimately not sustainable.”

Apparently fearing that the arguments of these “rightwing domestic terrorists” will actually gain traction with the larger population, they are now being vilified–with the help of the propagandists and juvenile potty-mouths at CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets–as somehow constituting a threat to the nation. A more pathetic inversion of logic and deflection of responsibility for the current state of the union would be difficult to conceive. After all, one would think that an administration as narcissistic as the one now in office would at least have periodic occasion–say, hourly–to gaze into a mirror and see the truth, however dimly.

Ominously, Pamela Geller’s excellent Web blog, Atlas Shrugs, now reports that late last month, a confidential directive was issued by the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. to each of the 56 FBI field offices located across the United States instructing the Special Agents in Charge of those offices to verify the date, time and location of each Tea Party within their region and supply that information back to headquarters. More troublesome, the directive is asserted to have instructed each field office agent in charge to obtain or confirm the identity of the individuals involved in the actual planning and coordination of the events in each specific region, and include the local or regional Internet Web site address, if any. Could instructions to videotape the events and the attendees have also been included? The FBI has apparently neither confirmed nor denied the report, so whether it is accurate or not, only time will tell.

However, if true, know that when the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security begin instituting measures against everyday Americans that come straight out of 1984, you can bet the farm that something is rotten in D.C. Very rotten. It is bad enough that The Chosen One and his sycophants believe him to be new Messiah; it would be far worse if that status actually evolved into Big Brother and/or Big Brother-worship. The world has seen enough of that already.

This is absolutely chilling, and along with the underlying sentiments evidenced in the DHS assessment released last week, shows how much the tide has turned and just how quickly it has done so. American citizens simply concerned for the future of their nation, not to mention the future of their own children and grandchildren, are doing everything they can to make their opinions known, a critical component of a represenative republic like this one.

After all, for a republic like ours to function correctly, the representatives must truly be representing their constituents, and given the amount of reckless spending and damaging policy we’ve seen over the past 90 days alone, this is not a properly functioning republic.

Were similar FBI directives issued with regard to Code Pink rallies? For Lyndon LaRouche pamphlet-o-ramas? For the traveling throngs of the unshowered who followed former President Bush to nearly every appearance outside our nation’s capital? We certainly can hope so. Still, given the inequity with regard to how “rightwing extremists” and “leftwing activists” were treated in the DHS assessments, the chances are truly slim.

In the meantime, try not to think about how taxpayer dollars were spent on FBI surveillance of people who want the federal government to be more responsible with taxpayer dollars. That’s enough to make your head explode.

(NOTE: I spoke with Pam Geller this morning. Besides being a very nice woman–she and I share the honor of being on DHS’ list of right-wing extremists–she reiterated her confidence in her sourcing on this. These are indeed scary times we live in. — Jeff)

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