Groups Endorse Risk Audit as Tool to Fight Homosexual Agenda in Schools

Well, I’ve certainly not been silent about underhanded methods the homosexuals and school systems are using to advance the homosexual agenda (and I’ve caught a LOT of flak for my outspokenness), but as this article will point out, the agenda is being advanced, in our school systems, much more than most Christians realize.

(AgapePress) – Several pro-family, conservative groups are backing a new method of assessing the extent of homosexual activism at work in public schools. The “Risk Audit Project” involves a comprehensive survey to measure the promotion of homosexuality in a given public school district.
The project was developed by Linda Harvey of the Ohio-based group Mission America following last year’s approval of a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution urging parents to investigate whether their school is collaborating with homosexual activists.
Steve Crampton is chief counsel at the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (AFA Law Center). He says far too many parents are simply unaware of the radical agenda homosexual activists are pushing on school campuses across the U.S. today.
“The overwhelming majority of Christian parents who even have gone out of their way to become involved and to try to determine what’s going on in their local schools will be surprised at how extensive the pro-homosexual agenda is in every government school in the nation,” Crampton observes.
“And I think that is reflected as well in the breadth of the pro-family groups that have come together in this project,” the pro-family attorney adds. Among the many groups endorsing the “Risk Audit,” he notes, are the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, the Illinois Family Institute, and the American Family Association.
The Risk Audit Project measures the extent to which public school districts are collaborating with homosexual activists by determining, among other things, whether schools have adopted pro-homosexual policies or curricula, and whether the school district is sponsoring pro-homosexual clubs, events, or activities. Crampton feels the risk audit is not a luxury for schools but a necessity.
“We believe that since schools are called upon and required to protect children while they’re at school, by that same token they have an absolute obligation to do no harm to the children that are under their care,” the AFA Law Center spokesman says. “And so this risk audit is an effort to first ascertain the extent of the activities in our schools and, second, to let the American public know what’s really going on.”
The AFA Center for Law & Policy has joined the other pro-family groups in endorsing the Risk Audit Project. This coalition is urging parents and other concerned citizens to look into whether homosexual indoctrination is going on in their school systems as a preliminary step in combating the problem.

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