Gail Gartrell, Great-Aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, Comments on Patricia Owens’ (Girl’s Mother) Interview

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Patricia Owens, mother to Sarah and Amina Said, the two teen girls “honor killed” by their father in January of 2008, in Dallas, was interviewed on a a Dallas TV station yesterday (see our post about the interview here).
Gail Gartrell, great-aunt to the girls sent me this email with comments concerning Patricia’s (also called ‘Tissie’ by many in her family) interview.

Amina and Sarah Said

Today, as I write to you, I do so with very mixed feelings. Tissie, has finally admitted that Amina and Sarah’s murders were honor killings; however, she only admits this fact while dodging other facts pertaining to her involvement.

I am saddened that she did not admit that Sarah indeed, called her only minutes after Yasser left with the two girls! It seems she has developed amnesia about the phone call she refused to answer from Sarah. Well, it was she who told about this phone call and then told me, ” I do not know why I did not answer her call.” “She called only ten to fifteen minutes after Yasser had left with them.” Now, listen, this has bothered me since Tissie told me this as I truly believe Sarah called because Amina had been shot by this time! I say this because of the difference in rigormortis. Amina, had much more rigormortis than Sarah which firmly points out that Amina died before Sarah. Then, Sarah’s wounds were inflicted slowly, intentionally aimed so she would not die fast…Yasser [tortured] Sarah bullet by bullet! Now, given the fact that Tissie, had supposedly ran with the girls because Yaser was going to kill them, why would she let these girls go anywhere with him? Why would she not take an incoming phone call from one of the girls only minutes after he left with them? You see, this just does not make sense…especially, if you are a mom!

Although I thank God for her admitting about the why of [their] deaths and calling them what they truly were, Tissie needs to tell the entire truth! I know she fears implicating herself but, she is involved in that she brought them back by lying to them and I will never believe that Sarah wanted to truly come back to finish school! It only takes one time of having a gun waved in your face to create terror and these girls knew Yasser would kill them! Why then, would Sarah choose school over her life and Amina’s? She wouldn’t have! I feel Tissie did much dodging to keep herself safe.

I listened very carefully, I watched Tissie’s body language as she answered Bud Gillett’s questions and the one thing which kept bothering me was the fact that she was vague about issues with Yasser. In fact, she basically denies the sexual abuse and there are court documents to prove this happened! I know that Amina and Sarah, as young as they were the day I kept them while Tissie went to file about this sexual abuse, talked to me about the sexual abuse! So, I think I will take the words from Amina and Sarah over Tissie’s! She should be angry about the sexual abuse too and I was just shocked when she acted like it did not happen!

There are so many holes I can punch in her guarded words, but I will leave much of this in the hands of God. God knows all of the horrors the girls went through and He knows who victimized these precious girls and why! I may never live to see true justice for these girls. But I know that justice will come as God is a God of love and of justice!

Rest sweetly in the arms of the ONE true God as He will bring light into the dark world you girls were forced to call home. Never will these girls ever be but” a memory” to me.

We must make sure that these girls and other victims of Muslim “honor killings” never become just “a memory” to us.

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    Please be on the lookout for Yaser Abdel Said, who “honor killed” his daughters, Sarah and Amina Said. If you think you have seen him, please contact authorities immediately.

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      November 30, 2011 at 5:59 pm

      have you tried looking for yaser abdel said in cairo egypt because that’s where he is i know this because he posted his location online and i saw it but if he is not in Cairo you should search other cities in Egypt I’m serious i am not lying to you it actually said he was living in Cairo Egypt right now! also a message to Amina and Sarah said’s family and the authorities looking for yaser abdel said please travel over to Cairo Egypt and ARREST HIM PLEASE SO what are you still searching in America get over to Egypt and arrest him NOW!

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