Political Asylum Suggested for Rifqa Bary, Teen ‘Muslim to Christian’ Convert

We are continuing to follow the story of a girl, Rifqa Bary, 17, who ran away from her Muslim family after converting to Christianity, out of fear for her life. Here are the latest developments:
Her family is pressing for the custody case to be transferred to Ohio, where, in my opinion, they would have a better chance of swaying a judge to rule in their favor.
Also, W.L. Cati, the founder of White Horse Ministry, Inc., is concerned that since Bary is not a U.S. citizen, her parents might decide to send her back to Sri Lanka, where she would be in grave danger for converting to Christianity. She would most likely be killed and U.S. authorities would be powerless to stop it.
Cati, is suggesting that Bary’s lawyer should begin the asylum process.

Fathima Bary

The head of a Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the truth about Islam believes that the attorney for a 17-year-old Christian convert from Islam should begin the process of seeking political asylum for his client who is not a U.S. citizen and is fearful of being returned to her native Sri Lanka by her parents.

September 29 had been the next scheduled hearing in the case of Rifqa Bary, the Ohio teen who ran away to Florida out of fear that she would be killed for converting from Islam to Christianity. But yesterday her parents filed a motion for a hearing seeking jurisdiction of the case to be moved from Orlando to Columbus. An Ohio judge has set a hearing for October 27. The Florida judge currently supervising the case said at a hearing in Orlando on Monday afternoon that he will consult with his Ohio counterpart to settle jurisdictional issues.

“We’re talking about getting asylum for her. That’s a long process,” [W.L. Cati, the founder of White Horse Ministry, Inc.] notes. “But maybe even if her attorney would start that process, that might block some of this because there is definite cause for fear for her to go back to her country or to her parents.”

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