Planned Parenthood Centers Closing in Indiana

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“These are some administrative changes in the way the state administers federal grants,” [Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana] explains. “Now, none of those clinics perform abortions, according to Planned Parenthood, but they do, of course, distribute contraceptives to minors and the other things that Planned Parenthood does, which raises concerns with families and people of faith.”

Clark was asked if recent undercover videos by Live Action Films and Lila Rose had an impact on the decision. Those videos demonstrated employees at Planned Parenthood clinics trying to help an underage girl get an abortion, avoid reporting her older boyfriend, and obtain a judicial bypass.

“Certainly that was a horrible PR move for Planned Parenthood, but it’s something that we in the pro-life community suspected for many years,” he admits. “There’s been rumors about Planned Parenthood clinics, abortion clinics, undermining sexual misconduct with minors laws or statutory rape laws, and those two videos confirmed it.”

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