“Complete Lack of Understanding” by Ron Graham

This phrase, “Complete lack of Understanding”, is from a news headline I read recently. It was in reference to this whole idea of global warming, or as your president and others of his like-mindedness refer to it now, “climate change”. Over the past few months, Obama has demonstrated what many perceive as a shallowness of understanding; he seems to be proving his shallowness as he and his administration lead the US into a posture of “government controlled everything”.

When I read that headline something dawned on me. I thought about Obama’s claim of being a Christian, and his claim to taking a pro-life stance, but then I looked at all the devastating and satanic moves he’s made since taking office. I soon came to the conclusion that this man does not lack understanding; he lacks something much greater.

While looking at his term in office thus far, not just his stance on global warming, I see this man as making a firm stance against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Just read about what went on in the building where he attended church services for twenty years. Then as president, signing into law the most sweeping agenda for murdering babies in the history of the US , and offering homosexuals equal legal and moral rights as though God would actually encourage such abominations. You might just come away with a sense of how much understanding this man lacks.

I started looking at the fruit this man has produced over the span of his life thus far. I’m no longer somewhat skeptical of Obama’s claim as a Christian, I’m sure he doesn’t know the Savior of the world. Obama has a gaping hole in his understanding of who Jesus Christ is and what it means to be born again. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:22. Why would a born again believer in Christ congratulate the Pope for his pronouncement of five more individuals who the Pope has declared saints? The Bible says we are all saints when we become born again. Only those who don’t know Jesus Christ are able to see anything special in what the Pope did. A Complete lack of Understanding? Hmm.

Obama isn’t lacking in his understanding about what he’s doing as president, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Even some leaders of other countries perceive Obama to be naïve and without understanding. But they too lack understanding; they just don’t understand where Obama is headed and why. If we step back and focus our view on the big picture, we can see his agenda is to dismantle every remaining vestige of what Americans once thought of as freedom. “Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart.” Psalms 119:34. David is asking God for understanding as should we all. Is Obama seeking God’s heart? Is he seeking understanding from the creator of the Universe? Does he have any intention of keeping Jesus’ commandments? Not so you’d notice.

Here’s the problem. America has, for the most part, become a nation so wrapped up in the luxury of materialism and degrading immorality that any perceived threat to their comfort zone or their immoral liberalities by anyone in government would bring swift retribution. So our leaders were bent on supplying Americans with all the pabulum they could dish out to appease the masses. Then someone came along who had no real answers but was articulate in his speech and charismatic in his demeanor. This man came on the scene with a simple message of change and it was swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the same masses that require pabulum to achieve understanding.

Obama’s real agenda wasn’t actually understood by the pabulum crowd. So in the mind of this heartless man he had fed the masses what they wanted to hear and it was easy. They fell head over heels for a man whose whole life has been devoted to creating a socialistic state. But that pabulum crowd could see only dollar signs and comfort zones being re-established throughout America once again, even if it had to happen at the expense and suffering of others. Obama’s vanity came shinning through. “He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.” Proverbs 12:11. In other words whoever follows Obama has most assuredly checked their brain at the door.

Now here we are 9 months or so into Obama’s presidency and we’ve seen a man who is bent on destroying our republic, bankrupting our economy, and turning the US into a slave state. Mark my words, we will be slaves to the government because we are currently relinquishing every freedom. Even our God-given freedoms are falling by the wayside just so we Americans can continue to live in what is perceived to be a land of plenty. It’s no longer a land of plenty because our national debt is so high that even Solomon in all his glory couldn’t possibly contemplate paying it off.

America will never be able to withstand four complete years of this man’s narcissism without losing much of what it once stood for. We will cease to be the nation we once were and by the time the opportunity comes around again to vote him out of office it may be four years too late. I wonder sometimes just how many actually see this man for who he really is. I recently received an e-mail from someone who told me that voting in America is completely rigged and it will do no good in the future to vote. If that be the case folks, we are doomed. But perhaps that’s just what the enemy wants us to believe so we won’t bother casting a vote at all. In that respect evil would certainly take over our country completely.

To some it may seem Obama hasn’t any common sense. That’s not what I see. I see Obama as a man driven by an external force speeding to accomplish a major change in this country in a very short period of time. Why? Because the force driving Obama knows there is very little time remaining to accomplish his agenda. Satan can also see the handwriting on the wall and he knows the hour is late. I know there are many who look to all those secretive organizations such as the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations and all the rest as being the power behind Obama, and in one sense they may be correct. But there is something even more secretive and sinister behind him and that force is what’s driving Obama as if he were the engineer on a runaway train with no brakes on a downhill slope to destruction. Our destruction is what he wants, no more USA. Think about it. What’s his all fired hurry? It’s almost as though he doesn’t even catch his breath before another act of lunacy is shoved down America ’s collective throats.

It’s important for all those who agree with me on this subject to take an active role in the affairs of their government because we can no longer rely on our elected officials to act on our behalf. No matter how insane a measure appears to most of us on the outside, it’s pushed through the House and Senate and signed before America has a chance to blink. Or it’s rammed through, even though most of America doesn’t want it. Doesn’t all this seem just a little fishy? Does Obama have a complete lack of understanding? Or is Obama’s path set by the evil one? Are Americans in for the most terrifying ride this country has ever seen? “The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.” Proverbs 21:16.

There still seems to be a majority of the populace who see this man as their messiah. Some of them, though, are no longer basking in all the good they expected to see accomplished by this man. Some of those Obamaites are far less excited about their false messiah these days. Many have begun to see the truth and are not looking forward to the impending doom on the horizon. The slightly decreasing numbers of Americans that still approve of Obama’s presidency thus far are a real boost to those of us who have known the truth all along.

As believers we are given the strength to withstand whatever the enemy can throw at us, and throw at us he will. And that’s every bit of “ugly” he can muster. Believers won’t go through the wrath that is to come from God during the last half of the tribulation week, but nothing is said about believers avoiding persecution. Persecution can come subtly or aggressively but by the look of where this world is headed, especially when Islam becomes as dominate as many suspect and if the Lord tarries, aggressive persecution of the Church will soon be upon us.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Revelation 22:20b John prays this prayer at the end of the book of Revelation. John put that verse there for us to read and repeat. Every true believer should be repeating it daily. I know we can’t speed up Jesus’ return, but we can let Him know we earnestly desire His soon arrival for His Church. But until then we need to intensify our efforts in spreading the truth of the Gospel of Christ, for the end is in sight.

Complete lack of understanding is certainly an appropriate response to some politicians these days. On the other hand understanding has nothing to do with most of the actions taken by politicians as they sit in their comfortable chairs and allow Obama to destroy our nation. They are scared to death of the evil this man oozes, and that is a fact. Some will stand against Obama, but not for long. Before we know it they’ve changed their attitudes and their votes and begin to side with the rest of the lame-brained chicken hearts we’ve elected to represent us.

There is a real attitude of cowardice that runs rampant in the halls of government these days. Many politicians have been representing their constituents for so long they believe we owe it to them to continue to vote them into office. Then they have no intention of following the consensus of their constituency. They become embedded in their office and enamored with their power and oblivious to the needs of the American people. They only care about how much power and money they will retire with. So they aren’t about to upset the apple cart even if it means bowing to Obama as he bowed to the Saudis.

Obama is evil through and through. He doesn’t care anything about this country. He only cares about what this country can do to elevate him to an even higher level. Obama seeks to be leader of the world and worshipped by all people worldwide, and nothing is going to stand in his way to accomplish his goal. You think Ron’s gone off the deep end, don’t you? Well, if you believe differently, if you believe that Obama is on his way to establishing a utopian world for us to enjoy, then just sit back and enjoy your ride to nirvana.

If, on the other hand, you see what I and many others see, that this man is treacherous and not one tiny bit without understanding of exactly where he intends to lead America, you better get to as many as you can with the truth and at least try to convince them of the lateness of the hour and what’s coming. I made the statement earlier that Obama lacks something much greater than understanding; he lacks heart and a conscience. Of course he’s not alone in his lack of these two very important traits but he’s in charge.

Jesus is at the door. There’s a point coming very soon when the very last believer will be acknowledged by God and the door will slam shut as far as the Church is concerned. God the Father will turn to God the Son and say “Go get ‘em, Son”. In the twinkling of an eye the Bride of Christ will be rescued out from among the realm of this world’s persecution. At that point, all those who were on the fence concerning whether or not to believe in Jesus as their Messiah will be sure they’ve blown it big time. At first their only indication that something went terribly wrong will be that they find the malls of America are never crowded anymore. Mall or Heaven. Make your choice, but make it soon.

God bless you all,
Ron Graham

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