Petition Drive Seeks to Undo South Dakota Abortion Ban

This should be interesting to watch. Quite honestly, I’d love to see Roe v. Wade overturned.

( – South Dakota’s abortion ban, which liberals and conservatives expect will serve as the basis for the next Supreme Court debate on abortion rights, should have been decided by the state’s voters instead of its politicians, according to the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families.
The group submitted a petition Tuesday to the South Dakota secretary of state’s office asking that the abortion ban, which was signed into law by South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Mike Rounds in March, be placed on the ballot as a referendum in November.
“We have very strong feelings that this would not represent the people of South Dakota,” said former South Dakota Republican State Rep. Jan Nicolay on a conference call Tuesday.
In order for the abortion ban to be placed on the ballot, 16,700 certified signatures are needed. The petition drive has attracted 37,846 signatures so far, Nicolay said, which will be examined over the next two to three weeks.
State Rep. Roger Hunt, the Republican who sponsored the abortion ban, said it was the right time for the legislation. “Every year that goes by, there are more and more unborn children, whose lives are being terminated,” Hunt said on March 7, 2006, according to USA Today.

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