Re-Post: No fear: Overcoming Bible trauma by Bob Just
Senate Panel Approves Federal Marriage Amendment
Senate Approves English As 'National' Language
Christian Fraternity's Suit Moves UNC to Revise Nondiscrimination Policy
Pro-Family Critics Blast Overturn of Georgia Marriage Amendment
Christian Attorney Predicts Attempt to Block Graduation Prayer Will Succeed
'Da Vinci Code' Actor: Bible Should Have 'Fiction' Disclaimer
GOP Could Lose Congress, White House on Immigration
Prolifers Galvanized by 'Right to Abortion' Move
Immigration, Legal Groups Rebuff Mexican Lawsuit Threat
Re-Post: CDC: Center for Disease Confusion
Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols
Protesters want citizenship now
Scholars Grapple with Islam and Human Rights
Christians and "The Da Vinci Code", Part 3
‘Da Vinci’ undermines faith, survey claims
Three Churches Attacked in Sri Lanka
Bush to Send 6,000 National Guardsmen to Southern U.S. Border
Groups Condemn California Senate's Passage of Pro-Homosexual Education Bill
CWA: Parents, Teens Being Misled About Dangers of Premarital Sex
Florida teen's massacre called 'gift from Allah'
'$100 per barrel if U.S. hits Iran'
Ted Kennedy's Plane Hit by Lightning
Orlando Ministry Says It Helps Heal 'Unwanted Homosexuality'
Clinton Pushed RU-486 in First Official Act, Report Shows
Inside Edition: Apocalypse or silliness??
Fewer Americans Than Thought Going to Church, Says Study
Congressman Asks Bush to Help Save San Diego Cross
Urge Senators to Support the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA)
Official: Bush to Call On National Guard for Border Control
Updated "Jesus is Lord, Home Comforts" Page
Hamas kids taught about 'evil Zionists'
Bill barring 'mom,' 'dad' from texts passes
Re-Post: No Consequences by Cox & Forkum
Liberty Counsel Announces National 'Friend or Foe' Graduation Prayer Campaign
School District Sued After Suspending Christian Student
Preventing New Cartoon Crisis
Pledge atheist' set to challenge 'In God We Trust'
PETA Would Choose Animals Over AIDS Cure
The Truth About Da
Cleric says Christians 'adopted Satan as God'
Liberty Counsel Defends Christian Ordered to Copy Pro-Homosexual Videos
Author: Americans Are Losing Their Critical Thinking Ability
Calif. Activist Calling on President Bush to Intervene to Save Mt. Soledad Cross
Saudi cleric sees U.S. collapsing, Muslim victory
Is coming national ID 'mark of the beast'?
Blind Eye to Terror
California's 'Gay History' Bill Advances
Group Protests Lesbian Activist as Speaker at Methodist Women's Quadrennial
Baehr Calls Blasphemy, Sexual Immorality Good Reasons to Miss Da Vinci Code
Judge to Moussaoui: "You will die with a whimper"
Christians and "The Da Vinci Code", Part 2
Please Support the Asian Children's Foundation
Judge orders San Diego cross removed
Pro-Family Groups Campaign for Cable Choice
Brownback Calls for Pressure on Senate Dems to Support Marriage Amendment
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Re-Post: Nearing Midnight for May 1st (Part 1)
'Day Without Gringos' a Flop
Islamic Bloc: We Respect Press Freedom But _
ACLU Sues Kentucky for Restricting Funeral Protests
Bay State Parents Want to Know When Homosexuality Brought into Classroom
Pro-Abortion Vandals Desecrate Princeton Group's Pro-Life Display
Attacks Continue on NY's Marriage Laws
Many Young Americans Unable to Find Louisiana on Map
Walls of Jericho
Jesus Walks on the Water
Homosexual Advocacy Group Launches Campaign Against Marriage Amendment
Illegals Want 'Special Rights,' Not Civil Rights, Group Alleges
Measuring the Impact of the 'Great American Boycott'
2006 Nat'l Day of Prayer Urges America to Honor God
Pray for the Illegal Immigrant Situation
Quote of the Day
Citizens urged to shop Monday
Re-Post: "A Key Gog-Magog Development"
Impending 'Da Vinci Code' Movie Release Spurs Religious Debate
'A Day Without Immigrants'
Updated "Jesus is Lord, Home Comforts" Page
Iran to allow snap atomic inspections if case returned to IAEA
State Senate Supports Immigrant Walkout On Monday
Christians and "The Da Vinci Code", Part 1
Muslims to join pro-illegals protest in L.A.
Comatose Florida teen 'best target we can dream of'
'American Hiroshima' linked with Iran attack
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SCOTUS Upholds Christian Student's Rights in Viewpoint Discrimination Suit
Groups Endorse Risk Audit as Tool to Fight Homosexual Agenda in Schools
Attorney: Texas Case Will Address Court Interference in Church Matters
More Than 1,100 Sex Offenders Nabbed in Nationwide Roundup
'Jesus with erection' ignites outrage
Can Anyone Identify This Bank Note?
Plano School District Votes to Settle Christian Club's Discrimination Suit
Networks' Ad Campaign No Solution to Indecency Violations, Say Critics
The Real Reason Gas Prices are High
Hispanic Attorney Says Using Term Illegal Alien Racial Slur
Citizen-built border fence gains steam
What bin Laden's saying: It's all-out war on civilians
Conservatives Look to June Vote on Marriage Amendment
Church Takes Stand for Sexual Morality, Outreach to Homosexuals
Martyrs' Children Suffer as Indonesia's Anti-Christian Persecution Escalates
North Carolina Christians Take a Stand, Evil Flees
Ten Commandments Ruling Hailed as Evidence of Tide Turning Against ACLU
Targeting Youth With 'Silence' and 'Truth'
Hospital to 'kill' sick woman?
'Tangible proof' al-Qaida deploying nukes
Re-Post: Nearing Midnight for April 24th (Part 2)
Re-Post: Nearing Midnight for April 24th (Part 1)
New Zealand Researcher: No Denying, Abortion Harms Women
Easter Candy Ban May Have a Bitter Ending for School
Second Time Around -- Massachusetts Elementary School Shows Its Rainbow Colors
Court Tells Christian Club Its Mission Not Harmed by Non-Believing Leaders
Re-Post: So, Where ARE all the Moderates? by Jack Kinsella
Re-Post: Top Ten Reasons For Not Being a Christian by Hal Lindsey
Decalogue trumps ACLU again
Romania Legalizes Witchcraft
23 Dead in Egypt Bombings
If you have come over here from the BlogSpot Blog...
Dean Trying to 'Muzzle' Churches, Group Says
DaVinci Didn't Convince Me : Erwin Lutzer Video
Hamas officials contradict selves in media
Freshmen required to undergo homosexual indoctrination
Iranian President Says Israel Cannot Continue to Exist
Author/Pastor Counsels Believers to Prepare for Da Vinci Code Fallout
Librarians to sever ties with Scouts?
District accused of equating Bible with profanity
ACLU enters Jesus picture dispute
U.S.-China summit ignores arrests of Christians
God's waning approval rating
Off to the Little Leage Game - Will Blog in a Bit
YMCA warned to vacate Hamas town
Porn Giant Plans to Sell 'Burnable' Movies Online
Teens Who Plotted School Shooting to Appear in Court Friday
The Gospel of Judas: A Betrayal of the Truth
Re-Post: 'After two days, He will revive us' by Hal Lindsey
Conservatives Lobby Against 'Guest Worker' Amnesty
Islamic States Press for Limits on Free Expression
Gov't Going After 'Systematic' Immigration Violators
Re-Post: The Serpent of Porn
Who Will Defend Industry from Eco-Terrorism?
Judge Says Ten Commandments Can Stay
Executives Arrested in Immigration Raids
Invasion U.S.A. - Border Control Crisis
Jesus is a Jew
Kentucky Literature Prof Removed for Vandalizing Pro-life Display
Democrats Will Appeal Ruling on Indiana's Voter ID Law
TV Networks Taking FCC to Court on Indecency Rulings
Re-Post: Nearing Midnight for April 17th (Part 2)
Re-Post: Nearing Midnight for April 17th (Part 1)
Bible Story Murals
Jesus Loves Me
'Freedom Rally' to Dispel Separation Myth
Attorney: 8th Circuit's Graduation Prayer Ruling Discriminates Against Christians
Texas School District Caves to Parents' Call to Shut Down Bible Club
Re-Post: Book of Matthew And ''New Thinkers'' by Hal Lindsey
Opus Dei Asks for 'Da Vinci' Disclaimer
The Latest Zionist Conspiracy
India: Christians Attacked, Charged with Illegal Conversion
He is Risen!!
"Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit"
A day after getting WWII medals, veteran dies
Court reverses ruling against Bible verses
Christian Group's Brochure Offers Schools Help in Understanding Tolerance
Protests backfire!
'Progressive' Christians Promoting 'Different Voice'
MTV Pokes Fun at Jesus' Crucifixion
Europe's Chastisement? -- How the Abandonment of Christianity May Be Leading to Disaster
Church forced to close by mob
Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education Bill Will Pass California Senate
Bill to restrict grass-roots activism?
Iran 1 step from atomic bomb
Book Review: "Out of Control" by Ben Young and Dr. Samual Adams
At Least One Good Member of Congress
Rally: 'Who You Calling Immigrant, Pilgrim?'
Researcher: Abortion Advocates Manipulate Data To Make RU-486 Look Safe
Christian Plaintiffs in Upstate NY Censorship Case Win Free-Speech Victory
Re-Post: More Than a Link Is Missing. . . by Jack Kinsella
The Triumphal Entry
Real-life 'Indiana Jones' seeks 'Ark of the Covenant'
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon to Be Declared 'Permanently Incapacitated'
Democracy, Islamic Law Don't Mix, Iraqi Official Says
Lesbian Sues Pro-Family Activists for Exposing Truth About Pro-Homosexual Event
Attorney: Shielding Children from Obscenity 'Common Sense,' Not Censorship
Updated "Jesus is Lord, Home Comforts" Page
Column One: The rise of the Islamist axis
Pro-Anorexia Web Sites Surge Among Teens
'Huge' Market for Child Porn Victimizes Younger Kids
Army Hospital Protesters: 'Thank God for Maimed Soldiers'
Pennsylvania Official Charged With Using Position to Push Homosexual Agenda
Pro-Family Leader Calls California's Pro-Homosexual Textbook Bill 'Outrageous'
Doomsday for Islam: Commentator Rebutal
Clerics Call for Christian Convert's Death
Image Test