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Home Comforts

Welcome to the Home Comforts page. Please get a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy some time exploring ideas that will, hopefully, add depth and pleasure to your life.

Scriptures For Reflection:
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)

At age 10, Albert Einstein was told by a Munich Schoolmaster, "You will never amount to much."
It has been said that one thing which gives radiance to everything is the hope of something better around the corner.
As you may be able to tell, I love quotes and food for thought. One idea that is especially exciting to me is clearly stated in a quote by George Eliot; "It's never too late to be what you might have been." Jeremiah 29:11 became a lifeline for me when I was going through a really rough patch in my life. I went home for a lunch hour break. I was sitting in my rocking chair, next to my fireplace, attempting to do my daily Bible study. I felt like things couldn't get much worse and as I finished praying, I opened my Bible and Jeremiah 29:11 was the first verse that I read. Tears ran down my face as I realized that although the pain I felt was real and I could not even see the next moment of my life clearly, God had already seen all of the moments of my life and He had planned an unimaginable life for me. We must always remember that we may not like all of the things that we have to endure but as long as we are on this earth, God needs us to do our best so that others may see Him in us. Improving may be a painful process at times, however, improvement can only be a good thing because it draws us nearer to God. Albert Einstein should have been thankful that his Munich Schoolmaster was ignorant of God's plans…………..God created Albert's big picture. We need to trust God, lean on Him, seek understanding, and listen for His voice because He has created a life for us that will make us stand in awe.

Cook's Nook:
Simple Stir Fry
This recipe is great especially for those busy nights because it is quick to assemble.
1 smoked sausage kielbasa
1 bag frozen stir fry vegetables
mushrooms (optional)
onions (optional)
rice or spaghetti

Slice sausage and cook in a large skillet. Empty frozen vegetables in a microwave able dish and microwave until vegetables are warm and tender. If you choose to use mushrooms and onions, chop these ingredients and cook them with the sausage. You may also choose to add some bell pepper or other favorite vegetables. Add the microwave vegetables to the sausage and heat all together ( this allows for the flavors to blend). Serve over hot rice or spaghetti. You may add soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Lemonade Pie
This is my Mom's recipe…………thanks Mom.
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 can (6 oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate. Thawed.
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 container (8 oz.) frozen whipped topping, thawed.
1 (9 oz.) graham cracker crumb pie shell
2 tbsp. Graham cracker crumbs

In large bowl stir together sweetened condensed milk, lemonade concentrate, and vanilla. Fold in dessert topping. Spoon mixture into pie shell. Sprinkle top with graham cracker crumbs. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours. Enjoy!

Helpful Hints:
Family life is busy and can be a bit overwhelming at times. One step that has helped me to keep my sanity and my family on schedule is to pre-cook some meals or parts of meals ahead of time. For example, I buy my hamburger in large packages and if I am fixing a meatloaf, I may take another section of the hamburger and pre-make hamburger patties, and cook the last section of the hamburger, storing it in the refrigerator to make homemade pizza later in the week. Cookies are another good item to make ahead. Cookies can be frozen and brought out as needed. It is also helpful to put a sticky label on containers of food made ahead of time stating the date that the item was made so that food does not expire.

I keep a journal. I highly recommend this activity as it helps in putting thoughts in order and later when I want to reflect on certain times. In the back of my journal, I have a book list. My book list starts with the year and underneath the year, I list all of the books that I have read and the author. You may also choose to write a short note about the topic of the book. I have several notebooks that I use to, "study," a book. I list the name of the book, the author, and any useful information that I gather from that book. I may also list topics listed in the book that I would like to research.

The Writer's Block:
"It's Up To You"
Author Unknown

God gave you this day to
Do as you would.
You can throw it away
Or do some good.
You can make someone happy
Or make someone sad.
What have you done with the day
That You've Had?
God gave it to you to do
Just as you would.
You can do what is wicked
Or do what is good.
You can hand out a smile
Or just give 'em a frown.
You can lift someone up
Or push someone down.
You can lighten some load
Or some progress impede.
You can look for a rose
Or just gather some weed.
What did you do with
Your beautiful day?
God gave it to you,
Did you throw it away?

The Book Worm:
My Heart's Cry For More by Anne Graham Lotz
If you long for the truth without a candy coating, this is a book that you will enjoy. This book addresses issues such as serving Jesus by serving others even when it is not convenient. I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it for anyone that has a burning desire to be closer to Christ.

Life Without Strife by Joyce Meyer
I was convinced that this book was speaking directly too me. Joyce Meyer reveals strife as a strong vice the devil uses to consume our lives. Strife can put us in a strong bondage that can hold us prisoner unless we focus on God and depend on Him looking for His goodness, love, and faithfulness. If you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and if you are asking yourself the question, "will this battle ever end?" this is definitely a book that you should read.

Reflective Gifting:
This is a new section. With Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduations fast approaching, I thought it might be helpful to discuss some creative but meaningful gift solutions. I have always thought that gifts should be a personal reflection. I enjoy giving gifts that are enjoyed as well as memorable. A good gift requires some thought, a wonderful gift requires thought, love, and passion.

A Letter
This may seem like a really strange gift, but, you would be surprised at how well received this gift can be. About a year ago, my Grandfather was celebrating his birthday and he was at the age where he had pretty much everything that he wanted or needed. As I sat and thought about what I could give him that he would like, I realized that one thing I hadn't been able to give him a lot of was my time and my memories. I lived a long distance from my Grandfather so it wasn't possible to be with him often. I sat down and began jotting down a lot of really special memories that I had of growing up and spending time with him, I wrote down special events that he had shared with me, and I wrote down holiday memories as well as everyday memories that had become a very special part of my life. I wrote a letter to my Grandfather and told him how much he meant too me and I wrote down all of those memories and I told him how much I loved him. My mother observed him reading this letter and she said that his eyes filled with tears as he read my gift. I have never regretted sending that letter and I learned to listen to my heart and do what God was leading me too do……regardless of the level of difficulty. You see, the Lord called my Grandfather home at the end of last year.

Quotation Journal:
As I mentioned earlier, I love quotations and I think that much can be learned about the way a person thinks by reading their quotes. There are some very special young people in my life and I wanted to give them something that was very meaningful and personal. I bought each teenager a journal and I wrote them a note telling them how important that journaling and writing had been in my life. I collected several of my favorite quotes and I started their journal by entering just a few of my favorite quotes. In my note, I encouraged them to add to the journal by collecting their own favorite quotes and by jotting down their thoughts and ideas.

Home Comforts Archive:

Thank you for visiting our site. I sincerely hope that you have found the content to be enjoyable and useful for you. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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