Poison In Our Libraries

I’m not into conspiracy theories, but where Satan is involved; it’s very easy to see a conspiracy in everything he lays his hands to. I believe that the sexual obsession this nation, and for the most part, the world has, is the human race playing right into Satan’s hands.
One cannot randomly turn on the television, pick up a magazine or listen to the radio without seeing or hearing some kind of sexually suggestive article, advertisement or commentary.
We are inundated with sex 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From the way the teen “stars” dress on Disney to the lowering of the movie and Television rating system, sex is prevalent in almost all aspects of life. Even in most churches, parents no longer require their young people to dress conservatively. The word “cute” now means clothes that are virtually “painted” on with bare midriff and peek-a-boo belly button. Add to that some suggestive verbiage printed on the bottom of the pants.
This “sex crazed” society of ours is even getting to the point where adult books are not only available in the public library, but are being made into required reading for school. These books are separated from pornography only by the fact that they are written by someone professing to have a PhD.
Many of these “learned” people have decided that our teens and youth are going to have sex anyway, so why don’t we teach them how to do it “right”. Forget the fact that teens and youth are totally unprepared emotionally to deal with sex, let’s just run right out and graphically teach them how to do something they shouldn’t be doing anyway.

(AgapePress) - Laurie Taylor is the mother of two school age children. She lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Like most parents, she cares about her kids’ education. So, when she discovered the school library had a sexually explicit book, It’s Perfectly Normal, aimed at elementary age students, she did what any concerned parent would do: she went to the administration and asked that it be removed, along with two other books with similar themes.
At first, school system leaders seemed to agree with Taylor, and placed the books in a “parent library” section with other books geared more to parents than to children. But when Taylor found dozens more books with sexually explicit content, and asked that they not be made available to students without parental approval, the school reneged. It overturned its earlier decision and voted to leave all of the books on the shelves with unrestricted access by the students. (See earlier story)
Some of the books include graphic descriptions of incest, homosexuality, masturbation, bestiality, and child molestation. For instance, Push is the story of a young girl who is pregnant with her father’s child. The local newspaper, the Northwest Arkansas Times, which opposed the effort to limit access to the book, admitted that it contained “materials that are patently offensive.”
Another book is advertised as being “the most controversial young adult novel ever,” and describes an adolescent boy’s love affair with a teacher, and two teens who become addicted to heroin. Oh, and by the way, the book won an award as “an outstanding book for children.”
Yet another book proudly displayed on the Fayetteville library shelves was once featured in Playboy magazine. Its vile and sexually explicit content is interspersed with dialogue such as this: “Just keep asking yourself: ‘What would Jesus not do?’”
Once other parents learned what these books contained, many joined with Taylor in asking the school to take action. The public outcry was great. A parents’ rights group was formed, “Parents Protecting the Minds of Children,” with dozens of parents joining the cause. The local paper wrote that this issue generated more letters to the editor than any issue in recent history. The story of the battle of the books became the paper’s story of the year for 2005.
But Fayetteville is a college town, and liberals turned out in droves to cry “censorship” and shout down Laurie Taylor’s courageous efforts to protect the children.
In truth, of course, Taylor never asked that the books be banned altogether, even though that might have been appropriate under the circumstances. All Taylor and the other parents asked for was that the books be placed in a restricted access section, thereby allowing parents to exercise their God-given (and constitutionally protected) rights to oversee the moral upbringing of their children.

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  1. beth Says:

    When I was in elementary school, there was a book in our library (cant remember the name) that included a young boy kissing a girl “right on the mouth”. We would pass the book around and giggle about it because we thought it was a “dirty” book. I cannot imagine having looked at books like the ones described in this article - mainly because I would have never known what they were talking about. I remember when i was in 6th grade, coming home and asking my mother what “gay” meant. She said, “Very happy, but dont use it in conversation”. It is amazing to me that there is no innocence anymore -even among Christian children. The things they are learning in grade school are things I didnt hear about until college - and I am only 33! I truly believe that there is a direct correlation between the loss of innocence among our children and the crime rate in America. Kids who are introduced to sex and violence at such a young age must be more prone to act out what they have learned. My pastor always says that “kids today are so wild about sex, you’d think they invented it, but God invented it and it’s been around for a long time”.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hi Beth,
    We were raised before the end of the age of morals and innocence ended. The “Boomers” were starting to deconstruct America, but since both of us were raised in the Bible Belt, it was slow to arrive in our part of the country.
    The deconstruction is now complete, but even so, I still shake my head when I hear of more and more sexual imorality being passed off as normal and good. All we can do is try to protect our children from it by instilling in them Good and Godly morals.
    They will be the Foreigners in this sex crazed world. God Bless Them!!

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