Arab newssite had false ‘Haditha massacre’ photo

Anyone who actually believes that the website Al Jazeera is a legitimate source of news is a fool. About the only thing they can spout is anti-Israel, anti-American, hate filled propaganda. Not all that different then the so-called newsworthy satellite TV network by the same name.

The Middle East news website Al Jazeera published a provocative photo purporting to show a “massacre” by Marines in Haditha, Iraq, despite the fact several papers already issued retractions admitting the image was of fishermen executed by terrorists months before the incident under investigation.
The Times of London and the Chicago Sun-Times issued apologies last week before Dubai-based Al Jazeera – which is not associated with the Arab satellite TV network – published the photo with a caption referring to the infamous slaughter of civilians by U.S. troops during the Vietnam war.
“The Haditha massacre is far worse than My Lai,” the caption read.
After receiving complaints, Al Jazeera replaced the photo but maintained the caption, issuing a statement that said:
“Al Jazeera Magazine’s editorial team deeply regrets and apologizes for the previous mistake of publishing a wrong picture for this story.”

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