Kentucky Keeps Christ on the Timeline

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Recently in Kentucky, a group of school officials proposed that the use of B.C (before Christ) and A.D. (anno dominni) be discontinued. Instead they wanted to use C.E. (common era) and B.C.E. (before common era) when referring to historical timelines. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. Fortunately their efforts to take Christ out of Kentucky schools has failed terribly!!!! It is utterly amazing to me that they would even discuss something so ignorant. Christ’s birth would still be the center point of the timeline, but they wouldn’t mention His name. What’s up with that? If you dont want to recognize Him, then why is His birth such an integral part of our historical timeline?

(AgapePress) – A conservative advocacy group is praising the Kentucky state school board for refusing to add the secular terms “Common Era” and “Before the Common Era” to school curriculum. The board has voted 10-0 to continue using the designations “B.C.” and “A.D.” to mark historical dates in textbooks and tests.

The unanimous vote overturns an April decision in which the board proposed changing the acronyms to “C.E.” and “B.C.E.” Since that decision was made, however, six new members have been appointed to the 11-member board by Governor Ernie Fletcher. A spokeswoman for the governor, who is an ordained Baptist minister, says Fletcher did not tell them how to vote on the matter.

But Associated Press notes that the April decision had drawn criticism from some ministers and religious groups who complained that it was an attempt to sterilize a reference to Christ. Richard Nelson with the Family Foundation of Kentucky says the board was responding to that criticism.

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Arab newssite had false ‘Haditha massacre’ photo

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Anyone who actually believes that the website Al Jazeera is a legitimate source of news is a fool. About the only thing they can spout is anti-Israel, anti-American, hate filled propaganda. Not all that different then the so-called newsworthy satellite TV network by the same name.

The Middle East news website Al Jazeera published a provocative photo purporting to show a “massacre” by Marines in Haditha, Iraq, despite the fact several papers already issued retractions admitting the image was of fishermen executed by terrorists months before the incident under investigation.
The Times of London and the Chicago Sun-Times issued apologies last week before Dubai-based Al Jazeera – which is not associated with the Arab satellite TV network – published the photo with a caption referring to the infamous slaughter of civilians by U.S. troops during the Vietnam war.
“The Haditha massacre is far worse than My Lai,” the caption read.
After receiving complaints, Al Jazeera replaced the photo but maintained the caption, issuing a statement that said:
“Al Jazeera Magazine’s editorial team deeply regrets and apologizes for the previous mistake of publishing a wrong picture for this story.”

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Hamas leader could be target of Israeli missiles if rockets don’t stop

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This is the security Israel got in return for evacuating their territory. Also, who in their right mind is going to believe a slimy pali terrorist anyway?

On Wednesday, Israel informed Hamas Authority leader Haniye that he himself could be the next target of Israeli missiles if the Kassam rockets don’t stop. According to some reports, Haniye ordered them stopped.
At the same time as Ismail Haniye was supposedly ordering Hamas terrorists in the field to lay down their rockets, Hamas administrators were preparing a ceasefire offer to Israel: Israel must stop all targeted killings of terrorists, and Hamas will cease its rocket fire. However, Hamas is not the only terrorist group in Gaza, and in fact Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the Popular Resistance Committees have not agreed to stop their attacks on Israel.
After firing more than 100 rockets from Friday through Tuesday, Hamas was, in fact, quiet yesterday. Only one Kassam was fired in the course of the day – an Islamic Jihad affair that landed close to a strategic infrastructure just south of Ashkelon. The rocket caused no damage.
Israeli officials have implied all along that Israel would not initiate an escalation in hostilities, but would only respond to attacks by the terrorists.

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Planned Parenthood Vows to Help Elect ‘Progressive Voices’

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“Progressive Voices” equals “Maniacs set on committing mass infanticide with the support of Federal tax dollars”.
For those of you who don’t understand:
“Pro-Choice” equals “Abortion”. “Abortion” equals “Infanticide”. “Infanticide” equals “Murder”. Therefore “Pro-Choice” equals “Murder”.

Washington (CNSNews.com) – The head of the largest abortion provider in America declared Tuesday that she and her organization — which accepts taxpayer funds — intend to use their resources to “swing the vote” and “help progressive voices win” elections across the country.
A spokesman for a conservative group called the decision “outrageous.”
“We’re going to channel our strength, our outreach, our power, and work with our pro-choice allies to help progressive voices win across America,” said Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Richards, the daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, made the comments at the liberal “Take Back America” conference.
“The skies are looking better for progressives this November, but the threat to Roe v. Wade and the threat to family planning in this country are probably as great as they have been for the last 30 years,” Richards said.
“And with Sandra Day O’Connor gone and Samuel Alito now sitting on the Supreme Court, anti-choice extremists have the bit in their mouth, and they’re ready for action,” she added.
Richards blamed the situation on politicians such as U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and President George Bush, “who have abandoned public support for family planning, birth control and sex education.”
The debate, she said, is being driven by “a bunch of ideologues who have not done a single thing in their lives to help children or to improve women’s health-care access in this country,” she noted.
“Had enough?” Richards asked. “Well, I have.”

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Business Owner’s Lawsuit Challenges Local Anti-Discrimination Ordinances

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Here is more information concerning the video dupication service that was under fire from the local government for refusing to duplicate a homosexual video.

(AgapePress) – A lesbian activist has dropped her claim of discrimination against a Christian businessman in Virginia after he refused to make copies of videotapes of homosexual-rights marches for her. But legal advisors for the man say they will continue to pursue their case against the county where the complaint was originally filed, saying officials there violated state law by recognizing “sexual orientation” as a civil right.
One day after a suit was filed against the county’s Human Rights Commission, the Arlington County Commission rescinded its order requiring Tim Bono, of Bono Film and Video, to duplicate videos of homosexual-rights marches or pay someone else to do it. Bono sued the Arlington County government last week after its Human Rights Commission found him in violation of the county’s anti-discrimination laws, despite his contention that his refusal had nothing to do with the woman’s sexual orientation but with the content of the videos, which he found offensive to his Christian values. (See earlier article)
Bono’s suit, filed by Florida-based Liberty Counsel, challenges the constitutionality of the anti-discrimination law. Chief counsel Erik Stanley explains the grounds for the lawsuit.
“In Virginia, there is [a law] which basically says that counties and local governments are only empowered to pass ordinances that are expressly authorized by state law,” Stanley says. “State law does not authorize a county or a local government to pass a sexual orientation non-discrimination ordinance.”
Nevertheless, the county’s Human Rights Commission determined that Bono had discriminated against homosexual activist Lilli Vincenz, ordered him to duplicate the videos, and then distributed a press release to more than 5,000 media outlets, stating there was evidence Bono had engaged in discrimination. That latter step, says Liberty Counsel, “defamed” the Christian businessman as there is no basis for sexual orientation to be included in the county’s anti-discrimination ordinance.
“It’s amazing that it took a federal lawsuit to get the Arlington County Human Rights Commission to admit that they had violated [Mr. Bonos] religious freedom rights,” states Stanley. “But this ordinance is still on the books.”
And that is why Liberty Counsel has chosen not to drop Bono’s lawsuit. “[That ordinance] is still able to be applied against people of faith — Christians who own businesses, landlords, business owners; those types of individuals,” Stanley notes. “And we want to see that ordinance erased from the books once and for all.”
According to the Liberty Counsel attorney, the state of Virginia does not list sexual orientation as a protected civil right or class. That, he says, puts the anti-discrimination laws of several Virginia municipalities in violation of state law, and therefore, unenforceable.
Bono Film and Video has a written policy that it will not duplicate material that is obscene, could embarrass employees, hurt the company’s reputation, or runs counter to the company’s values. It was on those grounds that the business owner refused Vincenz’s request to copy the videotapes, one called “Gay and Proud” and the other “Second Largest Minority.”

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Homosexual Adoption Studies Flawed

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In November, sixteen states intend to place measures on their ballots, forbidding the adoption of children by same sex partners.
The opponents of these measures (the homosexuals) are using a series of studies to support their position that it should be okay for them to adopt children. New information though, points to the fact that these supporting studies are flawed and cannot be taken at face value.

(AgapePress) – In what some are calling a “second front” in the culture war — trailing in the wake of same-sex “marriage” — the battle over homosexual adoption is increasing in intensity.
Currently Florida is the only state that officially bans homosexual adoption, a law that has been upheld in federal court despite an intense publicity campaign, orchestrated by lesbian actress Rosie O’Donnell, to have it overturned. However, in 16 states efforts are under way to put same-sex adoption bans on the November ballot. And both sides are trying to convince the public to see things their way.

Gay Parents Under the Microscope
The core argument put forth by homosexual activists is that science is on their side. They claim that scientific studies demonstrate that kids raised by homosexual couples suffer no adverse consequences from the experience, and that there is therefore no risk in allowing homosexuals to adopt.
But the research says no such thing, according to Dr. Timothy J. Dailey, senior fellow in culture studies at the Family Research Council. Much of it “fails to meet acceptable standards for psychological research; it is compromised by methodological flaws and driven by political agendas instead of an objective search for truth,” he insists.
For example, Drs. Robert Lerner and Althea Nagai, partners in a social science research consulting firm, examined 49 of the studies most commonly used to defend same-sex parenting and adoption. In their report, No basis: What the studies don’t tell us about same-sex parenting, the pair “found at least one fatal flaw in all 49 studies,” indicating that “no generalizations can reliably be made based on any of these studies. For these reasons the studies are no basis for good science or good public policy.”
Moreover, there is evidence that kids raised in same-sex households are more likely to drift towards the sexual orientation of their homosexual “parents.”
Dr. Judith Stacey, a sociologist at the University of Southern California and a supporter of same-sex adoption, admitted in a 2002 Primetime Thursday (ABC) interview that research had shown that children raised by homosexual couples were more likely to have “either considered or had one same-sex experience” than children raised by heterosexuals.
The study to which Stacey referred (Fiona Tasker, Susan Golombok, “Adults Raised as Children in Lesbian Families,” American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 4/95) actually found that 24 percent of children raised by lesbian mothers had “been involved in a same-gender sexual relationship,” while none of the kids who had been raised by heterosexuals reported such same-sex activity.
Children raised by same-sex parents are also more likely to perceive themselves as homosexual. In a 1994 article in American Sociological Review, Stacey said the Tasker-Golombok results showed: “The young adults reared by lesbian mothers were also significantly more likely to report having thought they might experience homoerotic attraction or relationships.” The differences were “striking,” she added, because 64 percent of the young adults raised by same-sex parents said they had considered having a same-sex relationship, as opposed to 17 percent of those raised by heterosexuals.
The Tasker-Golombok study also revealed that the percentage of the young women raised by lesbians who later went on to self-identify as lesbians was nearly eight times the rate of the general population (11 percent versus 1.4 percent).
As Stacey wrote in her American Sociological Review piece, “The evidence, while scanty and underanalyzed, hints that parental sexual orientation is positively associated with the possibility that children will be more likely to attain a similar orientation — and theory and common sense also support such a view.”

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