Lawmakers Approve Financial Aid to Illegals

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I find it funny that there are citizens of this country that cannot recieve financial aid to help with college, but illegal immigrants can. I know people who have several children, dont make an excessive amount of money, but still are not eligible to get financial assistance for thier children’s tuition. Yet, in California, an illegal immigrant just has to ask and “help is on the way”. No wonder so many immigrants want to come here. They seem to have more rights and priveleges than legal citizens.

SACRAMENTO – Students who came to the country illegally could apply for state financial aid when they attend California colleges and universities under legislation approved Tuesday by the Assembly in a party-line vote.
Supporters said immigrant children who have graduated and completed at least three years of high school in California should not be penalized for their parents’ decision to bring them to the U.S. illegally.

“It is one small measure to help these kids that are working their butts off to live the American dream,” said Assemblyman Hector De La Torre, D-South Gate.
The bill would build upon existing state law that allows the same group of students to qualify for in-state tuition at California public schools and community colleges based on high school attendance, rather than U.S. citizenship or state residency.

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Pro-Family Group Urges California Chrisitans to Keep Their Kids at Home

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A pro-family group in California is urging Christian parents to yank their kids from public schools. The governor of California recently signed a bill that will teach the acceptance of homosexuality, transexuality, and bisexuality in public schools. Christians need to stick together to show the government that pandering to the homosexuals will not be tolerated.

There would be “panic in the streets” if Christian parents in California decided that a state-mandated pro-homosexual environment no longer is for their children and took up homeschooling, one leader in education says.

“It would be a wakeup call, heard around the country or perhaps the world,” Charles B. Lowers, the executive director of the pro-family Considering Homeschool organization told WorldNetDaily.

His comments came just a day after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill requiring even Christian colleges where students receive state grants to condone homosexuality, transsexuality and bisexuality

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“The ACLU: Malignant – and growing” by Pat Boone

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The disease is called ACLU. This cancerous organization, this poisonous growth – fraudulently self-named the “American Civil Liberties Union” – is attacking every one of our foundational bases, our vital organs; and it has now expanded its onslaughts to small towns, cemeteries, churches and even children’s groups like the Boy Scouts! Its goal is to remove every last vestige of Christian or Jewish faith from public life.

Muslim, Hindu, Self Awareness, even militant atheist religion – they can stay. But Judeo-Christian believers must keep their mouths shut, hide any and all open expressions of their faith and retire to closed-window ghettos. Church of Satan? You can stay, oh sainted high priest LaVey. But you Christians, you Jews … Get those filthy crosses and those maddening six-pointed stars out of our sight! We don’t make up 1 percent of the American public, but we demand you do as we say!


And what does the Anti Christian Litigation Union oppose?

* “God Bless America” banners in schools!

* “Abstinence before marriage” sex education

* Christian Homeschooling

* Legalized voluntary, majority-approved prayer in schools

* Sobriety checkpoints and drug searches

* Medical safety reporting of AIDS cases

* Parental consent for teen abortions

* Most post-9/11 security measures

* Any Christian display in public

* Any use of religious symbols for even historical displays

* Any reference to God, let alone Jesus, in a school child’s speech, paper or essay answer!

Was I exaggerating? I’ve only scratched the surface!

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The media war against Israel

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And further to the media bias against Israel, Melanie Phillips brings a good perspective to this problem.

Early in the recent Lebanon war, the blogosphere revealed the fabrication of images by Reuters, whose reputation is now in shreds among those dwindling numbers in the western mainstream media who still acknowledge there is such a thing as the truth. Since then, the nature and scale of the various frauds perpetrated by the media during that war put those doctored Reuters pictures into the shade. The western media are no longer merely producing questionable professional practices in reporting a war. They are now active participants in it — and on the wrong side of history.


In short, much of the most incendiary media coverage of this war seems to have been either staged or fabricated. The big question is why the western media would perpetrate such institutionalised mendacity. Many ancillary reasons come to mind. There is the reliance upon corrupted news and picture agencies which employ Arab propagandists as stringers and cameramen. There is the herd mentality of the media which decides collectively what the story is. There is the journalists’ fear for their personal safety if they report the truth about terrorist outfits. There is the difficulty of discovering the truth from undemocratic regimes and terrorist organisations. There is the language barrier; there is professional laziness; there is the naïve inability to acknowledge the depths of human evil and depravity; there is the moral inversion of the left which believes that western truth-tellers automatically tell lies, while third world liars automatically tell the truth.

But the big answer is that the western media transmit the lies of Hezbollah because they want to believe them. And that’s because the Big Lie these media tell — and have themselves been told — about Israel and its place in history and in the world today has achieved the status of unchallengeable truth. The plain fact is that western journalists were sent to cover the war being waged against Israel from Lebanon as a war being waged by Israel against Lebanon. And that’s because that’s how editors think of the Middle East: that the whole ghastly mess is driven by Israel’s actions, and that therefore it is only Israel’s aggression which is the story to be covered. Thus history is inverted, half a century of Jewish victimisation is erased from public consciousness, victims are turned into aggressors and genocidal mass murderers turned into victims, and ignorance and prejudice stalk England’s once staunch and stalwart land.

That’s why the fact that hundreds of thousands of refugees from the north of Israel fled to the shelter of strangers in the south; that within one third of Israel, those too poor or old or handicapped or disadvantaged to seek refuge elsewhere were forced to live in shelters for a month in great hardship; that the entire economy of northern Israel was effectively shut down for a month; that thousands of rockets were fired at northern Israel, hundreds every day, many times more than were daily fired at Britain during the Blitz — that’s why none of this was reported in Britain (where as a result such facts, when now related, are received with open-mouthed astonishment) because journalists were told to ignore it all since that wasn’t the story their editors wanted. Israel’s victimisation simply was not, could not, be the story. The only story was Israel’s aggression. But that story is a Big Lie. So a host of lies were transmitted to support it.

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The Corruption of the Media

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The fact (and I do mean “fact”) that the main stream media (MSM) is manipulating the information they report to the word should be a major concern to everyone. Only through the efforts of the blogsphere where the latest “news frauds”, these occurring during the Israel’s war with Hezbollah, identified. Bloggers such as Little Green Footballs, Michele Malkin, Zombietime, Powerline and EU Referendum, to name a few, have exposed numerous instances of photo doctoring, staged events passed off as news and media bias against Israel. Of course once these frauds are discovered and proven, no major network, with the exception of Reuters (who was one of the worse offenders) has offered any retraction or mention that earlier information was incorrect.
Obviously if you are reading our blog, you are not getting all your information concerning world events from the MSM’s. But keep in mind just how many people are. Keep in mind just how many people buy into the MSM’s explanation that the blogsphere is just a bunch of reporter “want-to-be’s” and these same people are happy to be spoon fed whatever the MSM’s decide is truth that day.
Well, the MSM’s have been found out, and eventually, no matter how shallow and dense people are, word of the MSM’s media bias and agenda pushing will get out.

As of 28 August, this is our definitive report on the media coverage of the “Qana” incident on 30 July 2006. This incorporates all changes and corrections since first publication on 23 August, including the addition of two new appendices. Please see links below for access to the parts.

Part 1 – Introduction.
Part 2 – The “set”.
Part 3 – Act 1: The dead baby.
Part 4 – Act 2: The Red Cross workers.
Part 5 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 1.
Part 6 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 2.
Part 7 – Act 4: Caught in the act!
Part 8 – Discussion and conclusions.

Warning: This link contains graphic images.
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Five Minutes to Midnight

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A very well written article by Robert Tracinski at “The Intellectual Activist” that compares the actions of the allied countries in their appeasment of Hitler prior to World War II, with the appeasement of Ahmadinejad today.

It is, indeed, “five minutes to midnight”—not just for Israel, but for the West. The time is very short now before we will have to confront Iran. The only question is how long we let events spin out of our control, and how badly we let the enemy hit us before we begin fighting back.
We can’t avoid this war, because Iran won’t let us avoid it. That is the real analogy to the 1930s. Hitler came to power espousing the goal of German world domination, openly promising to conquer neighboring nations through military force and to persecute and murder Europe’s Jews. He predicted that the free nations of the world would be too weak—too morally weak—to stand up to him, and European and American leaders spent the 1930s reinforcing that impression. So Hitler kept advancing—the militarization of the Rhineland in 1936, the Spanish bombing campaign in 1937, the annexation of Austria and the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938, the invasion of Poland in 1939—until the West finally, belated decided there was no alternative but war.
That is what is playing out today. Iran’s theocracy has chosen, as the nation’s new president, a religious fanatic who believes in the impending, apocalyptic triumph of Islam over the infidels. He openly proclaims his desire to create an Iranian-led Axis that will unite the Middle East in the battle against America, and he proclaims his desire to “wipe Israel off the map,” telling an audience of Muslim leaders that “the main solution” to the conflict in Lebanon is “the elimination of the Zionist regime.” (Perhaps this would be better translated as Ahmadinejad’s “final solution” to the problem of Israel.)
Like Hitler, Ahmadinejad regards the free nations of the world as fading “sunset” powers, too morally weak to resist his legions of Muslim fanatics. And when we hesitate to kill Muqtada al-Sadr in Iraq, when we pressure Israel to rein in its attacks on Hezbollah, when we pander to the anti-Jewish bigotry of the “Muslim street”—we reinforce his impression of our weakness.
The result has been and will be the same: Iran will press its advantage and continue to attack our interests in the Middle East and beyond. The only question is when we will finally decide that Iran’s aggression has gone too far and its theocratic regime needs to be destroyed.
But the delay has been and will be costly. When the wider war comes, Lebanon won’t be the only nation plunged into turmoil. Iraq will also get much worse, since Sadr is almost certain to lead a Shiite uprising against American troops in support of his masters in Tehran. And the terrorist plot uncovered today in Britain should cause us to recollect that Iran has a long-standing global terrorist network that it could use to strike in Europe and even in America.

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Christian Pakistani teen escapes death

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Please continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who daily face persecution and possible death in Islamic countries.

A Pakistani teen who embraced Christianity has escaped death at the hands of her family, who unsuccessfully demanded she recant her faith, an international ministry group says.
Voice of the Martyrs said the girl, identified only as Diana, now is in hiding for her life.
She grew up in a strict Islamic family in Pakistan, the group said, and her life was “typical” until she met a girl named Mary who was a Christian, and Diana decided to embrace the faith.
“When Diana’s family learned that she had become a Christian, they repeatedly beat her and insisted she return to Islam,” the organization, which ministers to the persecuted Christian church worldwide, said.
“But Diana refused. She was then forced to a local canal where her uncle put a pistol to her head and gave her one last chance to return to Islam. Diana replied, ‘You can kill me if you want. I will not leave Christ,'” VOM confirmed.
“It was then,” VOM said, “that Diana’s uncle noticed an extremely poisonous black cobra swimming in the canal. Believing he could escape any prosecution for his niece’s death, he threw her into the path of the cobra.”
Miraculously, Diana, who could not swim, escaped and went into hiding, VOM said.
“She recently told Voice of the Martyrs, ‘Jesus was crucified for us. Can we not endure some of the same for Him?”

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Fox News Journalists “forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint”

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Ah yes, the religion of peace, tolerance and love uses such loving and gentle persuasion to bring people to Islam. And they wonder why they have a bad reputation?

Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and his accompanying cameraman Olaf Wiig were released on Sunday, August 27, 2006, following almost two weeks of captivity. While both men appeared to be in good physical health, the prognosis for their psychological state, and future journalistic contributions, is less sanguine. As depicted in this disturbing video, Centanni and Wiig were forced to convert to Islam, and recite an anti-Western diatribe, complemented by treacly Islamic apologetics.


During the brief press conference held almost immediately after their release, both men preferred to focus on the plight of the kind and benevolent denizens of Gaza. Momentarily acknowledging the coercive nature of their “conversion”, Centanni admitted off camera, “We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint”. But he felt compelled to add this bizarre disclaimer, “Don’t get me wrong here. I have the highest respect for Islam, and I learned a lot of good things about it”, before concluding candidly “…it was something we felt we had to do because they had the guns, and we didn’t know what the (expletive) was going on.”


Forced conversions in Islamic history are not exceptional—they have been the norm, across three continents—Asia, Africa, and Europe—for over 13 centuries. Orders for conversion were decreed under all the early Islamic dynasties—Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, and Mamluks. Additional extensive examples of forced conversion were recorded under both Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish rule (the latter until its collapse in the 20th century), the Shi’ite Safavid and Qajar dynasties of Persia/Iran, and during the jihad ravages on the Indian subcontinent, beginning with the early 11th century campaigns of Mahmud of Ghazni, and recurring under the Delhi Sultanate, and Moghul dynasty until the collapse of Muslim suzerainty in the 18th century following the British conquest of India.
Moreover, during jihad—even the jihad campaigns of the 20th century [i.e., the jihad genocide of the Armenians during World War I, the Moplah jihad in Southern India [1921], the jihad against the Assyrians of Iraq [early 1930s], the jihads against the Chinese of Indonesia and the Christian Ibo of southern Nigeria in the 1960s, and the jihad against the Christians and Animists of the southern Sudan from 1983 to 2001], the (dubious) concept of “no compulsion” (Koran 2:256; which was cited with tragic irony during the Fox reporters “confessional”!), has always been meaningless. A consistent practice was to enslave populations taken from outside the boundaries of the “Dar al Islam”, where Islamic rule (and Law) prevailed. Inevitably fresh non-Muslim slaves, including children, were Islamized within a generation, their ethnic and linguistic origins erased. Two enduring and important mechanisms for this conversion were concubinage and the slave militias—practices still evident in the contemporary jihad waged by the Arab Muslim Khartoum government against the southern Sudanese Christians and Animists. And Julia Duin reported in early 2002 that murderous jihad terror campaigns—including, prominently, forced conversions to Islam—continued to be waged against the Christians of Indonesia’s Moluccan Islands.

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“UNIFIL – Hezbollah’s Secret Intelligence Service” by Hal Lindsey

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Throughout the month-long conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, UNIFIL’s website served as Hassan Nasrallah’s personal intelligence services.
All he needed to do was log on to UNIFIL’s official website to find daily, real time intelligence about the location, equipment, and force structure of Israeli troops in Lebanon.
UNFIL posted precise information about the movements of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers and the nature of their weaponry and materiel, even specifying the placement of IDF safety structures within hours of their construction.
New information was sometimes only 30 minutes old when it was posted, and never more than 24 hours old. At the same time, not a single item of intelligence regarding Hezbollah’s forces made it to UNIFIL’s website, in case Israel might be checking in.
The Weekly Standard reported that a review of every single UNIFIL web posting showed that, “while UNIFIL was daily revealing the towns where Israeli soldiers were located, the positions from which they were firing, and when and how they had entered Lebanese territory, it never described Hezbollah movements or locations with any specificity whatsoever.”
The Standard provided an example, posted July 25:
“Yesterday and during last night, the IDF moved significant reinforcements, including a number of tanks, armored personnel carriers, bulldozers and infantry, to the area of Marun Al Ras inside Lebanese territory. The IDF advanced from that area north toward Bint Jubayl, and south towards Yarun.”
The previous day, UNIFIL revealed that the IDF stationed between Marun Al Ras and Bint Jubayl were “significantly reinforced during the night and this morning with a number of tanks and armored personnel carriers.”
When reporting on Hezbollah, the UNFIL website spoke in vague generalities, saying only that Hezbollah fired “rockets in large numbers from various locations.”
Analysts from both the United States and Israel agreed the UNIFIL intel was of significant value to Hezbollah and exposed ‘Israeli forces to grave danger’ while obscuring intelligence about Hezbollah that would have aided the Israelis.

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In the aftermath of Israel’s worst military defeat since the beginning of the creation of the modern Jewish state, we stand humiliated and denigrated in the eyes of the world. On the home front, their are calls for commissions of inquiry into the mismanagement of the war.
The media, reservists, the left wing and right wing are demanding the resignation of the Olmert government. The defense ministry is under attack as is the foreign ministry.

There is no question that Israel gained nothing and lost much in this recent military conflict in Lebanon. Hezbollah and its Syrian and Iranian sponsors are basking in glory as is the entire Arab world. As they celebrate their victory and the defeat of the “invincible” Israeli army, the global criticism and condemnations of Israel’s actions in Lebanon keep mounting at a furious pace.

The threats of a nuclear attack on Israel from Iranian President Ahmadinejad are very real, as he defies world pressure and vows to continue developing the country’s uranium enrichment program.

If this kind of humiliation were not enough, we have just learned that Rev. Jesse Jackson is engaged in shuttle diplomacy to seek the release of the three Israeli soldiers still held hostage by Hamas and Hizbollah. According to Arutz Sheva news service, (8/29/06) “Jackson met with the Damascus-based leader of the Hamas terror organization (Khaled Meshaal) as well as with Syrian President Bashar Assad before leaving for Lebanon, the second stop in his regional diplomacy tour.

The American cleric is expected to meet with Lebanon’s President Emile Lahoud, Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. Jackson said he is also hoping to meet with Hizbullah chief terrorist Hassan Nasrallah to discuss a prisoner exchange deal to free Goldwasser and Regev. Jackson is slated to visit Israel after talks in Lebanon.”

Rev. Jackson’s track record is far from stellar when it comes to negotiating on behalf of Jews. Jackson’s record of embracing terrorists of all stripes is legendary. He embraced Yassir Arafat, praised him as “urbane, educated and reasonable” and was a vocal supporter of his philosophies and actions. In 1984, Jackson ran for the presidency of the United States, garnering 3.5 million votes, enough to make him a kingmaker, a power broker in the Democratic party. His candidacy was riddled with viciously anti-semitic statements, as he referred to Jews as “Hymies” and New York City as “Hymietown”. Jesse Jackson was known as an anti-Semite long before Hymietown. He had a record of making disgusting and vicious remarks about Jews, including calling Zionism the poisoned weed of Judaism and saying that he’s sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.

It is also noteworthy to mention that Rev. Jackson may be flagrantly violating United States laws by negotiating with organizations and leaders that are currently on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations. These organizations include Hamas and Hezbollah.

It is clear that Israel should have demanded the release of the three soliders as a pre-condition to any agreement of a cease fire, however due to the ineptitude of the leadership of the government of Israel, this was not included in the deal. And so, we now have Jesse Jackson brokering a prisoner exchange deal that will surely require Israel to release thousands of Arab terrorists, thereby ensuring future kidnappings of Israeli soldiers, and even more pronounced acts of terrorism directed at Israel.

According to an article entitled, View from Haifa: The September 10th Syndrome by Steven Plaut (Jewish Press, 7/19/06), he gives a concise chronology of the effects of Israeli prisoner exchanges. It is as follows:

    1. In 1985, the Likud-led government of Yitzhak Shamir carried out a prisoner exchange with the “Jibril” terrorists. Israel agreed to release more than a thousand Arabs incarcerated for terrorist activities in exchange for three Israeli soldiers. Just three days after the trade, one of those released Arabs was brought into an Israeli hospital. He had accidentally blown himself up while preparing a bomb intended for Israeli shoppers. Others among the released terrorists would, in the months and years to come, participate in a number of attacks and murders.
    1. On October 16, 1986, while on a mission over southern Lebanon, Israeli air force navigator Lieutenant Colonel Ron Arad and his pilot were forced by a technical problem to parachute out of their plane. The pilot was rescued by an Israeli chopper, but Arad fell captive to terrorists belonging to the Lebanese Shi’ite Amal militia. All trace of Arad was lost. Since 1986, Israel has engaged in feeble and pointless attempts at “quiet diplomacy” in order to win the release of Arad or at least learn of his fate. The efforts have produced nothing.
    1. In 1992, Yitzhak Rabin launched his “peace plan” of legitimizing and recognizing the PLO and at the same time ordered the expulsion of 400 Hamas terrorists from the West Bank and Gaza to Lebanon. The expulsion had near-universal support in Israel. Shortly thereafter, however, Israel permitted almost all the expelled terrorists return to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where they resumed their leadership roles in terror organizations. It was a yet another goodwill gesture for which Israel got nothing in exchange. Not even information on Ron Arad.
    1. In 1994, in the middle of Rabin’s “peace initiative,” Palestinian terrorists kidnapped Israeli soldier Nachshon Wachsman. The kidnappers held him hostage in the West Bank village of Bir Naballah, which had long been a hotbed of terror.

      On October 7, 1994, villagers violently attacked Israeli soldiers who were trying to storm the Bir Naballah home in which Wachsman was being held. The terrorists had enough time to murder Wachsman before his would-be rescuers got into the house. Israel did not bulldoze the village in retaliation, just as it has not bulldozed other West Bank villages in which soldiers and civilians have been murdered.

      These days, Israeli leftists are busy assisting the residents of Bir Naballah in sabotaging the security wall Israel is constructing, because it offends the sensitivities of the Arab villagers.

    1. In July 2003 the Israeli cabinet decided in a 14-9 vote to buy Ariel Sharon a Kodak moment in Washington by releasing more than 500 Palestinian prisoners, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah terrorists, again as a “goodwill gesture.” Few of the released terrorists took up quilting.
    1. In January 2004, Israel agreed to an exchange with Hizbullah. More than 400 Arab prisoners, many accused of killing civilians, were released in return for a single Israeli civilian hostage and the bodies of the three soldiers who had been murdered in cold blood by Hizbullah.

      The prisoner exchange was widely opposed in Israel, and passed the Israeli cabinet by a single vote. Afterward, Israel never avenged the three soldiers murdered by Hizbullah. A suicide bombing that killed 10 Israelis took place the very day of the prisoners’ release, but Israel went ahead with it anyway.

      Two of those set free had been high-ranking Lebanese terrorists, directly involved in the kidnapping, torture, and reported “sale” of Ron Arad to Iran. Israel did not even demand information on the whereabouts of Arad in exchange, just an empty promise of some information in the future, which, needless to say, has never materialized.

      At the time, the Arab media crowed in smug satisfaction at Israel’s humiliation in the prisoner release. Al-Ahram called it a “new notch in Hizbullah’s belt!” In Israel it was seen as a debacle. Even Yoel Marcus at Israel’s far-left daily Haaretz called it a “License to Kidnap.”

  • It is clear that Jackson’s motive is to curry favor in Arab world. It is also clear the the Israeli public has a right to demand that the government of Israel secure the release of the three Israeli soldiers. We cannot, however, allow a Jew hater of the likes of Jesse Jackson to pressure Israel into a prisoner exchange agreement that would endanger future Jewish lives.

    The nation of Israel must loudly proclaim, “Enough Humiliation”. It is not realistic to believe that the government of Israel will not entertain the notion of a prisoner exchange. It has already indicated that it would consider such a plan. If the government of Israel wishes to be a pawn in Jackson’s nefarious scheme, and to facilitate a scenario that would elevate him to a hero status around the world, then it is incumbent on Jews worldwide to express their outrage and indignation at a government that seeks to invite even further humiliation to a country that has endured more than its share.

    At this precarious time, we must seek Divine help and assistance. We must appeal to the Almighty G-d of Israel through the power of prayer. We must storm the gates of Heaven with our supplications. Let us remember the words of King David (Psalm 70) – “Shamed and disgraced be those who seek my soul. Repulsed and humiliated be those who desire my harm. Let them be turned back in consequence of their shaming me, those who say, Aha!, Aha!. Let rejoice and be glad in You all who seek You, and let them say always, may G-d be exalted, those who love Your salvation”.


    Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
    We are pleased to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.


    Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Not a Threat To the World

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    It’s really hard to type when you are laughing hysterically. The Head Nut in Iran has been quoted as saying that “we are a nation which is not aggressive and not a threat to others; our nation is a nation of mercy, the messenger of peace and calm and the lover of all nations”.
    Go ahead and take a minute to compose yourself. “Lover of all nations”???? Is he kidding? He just might be schizophrenic! He hates Israel so much he is willing to lose half his country to see them wiped off the map. Iran is a messenger of war and confusion not a messenger of peace and calm.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iranian nation is not aggressive and does not pose a threat to others.

    “I have repeatedly declared that we are a nation which is not aggressive and not a threat to others; our nation is a nation of mercy, the messenger of peace and calm and the lover of all nations.

    When we tell them not to invade, it is to their benefit. Anybody committing a crime, will definitely be the one who will suffer,” said Ahmadinejad in his press briefing on Tuesday.

    The president said the Iranian nation is for logic and friendship with nations but has never been and will not be subject to force and intimidation. “Certainly, we will not return to that condition,” he made it clear.

    Ahmadinejad said that issuance of resolution against Iran is a sort of bad-temperedness. “We were studying the proposals positively and carefully when they started once again to feel that they are the masters of the world; they issued a resolution and changed everything for the worse.”
    He added, “The UN Chief Kofi Annan called me to say they were in haste and took a wrong step, so you do your own job.”
    The Iranian nation too does its own job proudly, he noted.

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    Arnold Signs Bill Condoning Homosexuality

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    I know his roots are in Hollywood, but I really didnt think he would go this far. Governor Arnold has signed a bill requiring all institutions that recieve state funding to condone homosexuality. That includes Christian schools. Why he runs on the Republican ticket, I will never know. He is far from conservative and this is a mistake that will prove to be detrimental in more ways than one. God help California – they need it really badly.

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has tossed out all sexual moral conduct codes at colleges, private and Christian schools, daycare centers and other facilities throughout his state, if the institutions have any students who get state assistance.

    The governor yesterday signed a bill that would require all businesses and groups receiving state funding — even if it’s a state grant for a student — to condone homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

    There is no exception for faith-based organizations or business owners with sincerely held religious convictions, critics note.

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    Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

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    Hey, it looks like the Pope has remembered his statistics classes and realizes that there is no way in the universe that humans, or any life, happened by accident. Oh yeah, maybe he read his Bible too. I wonder when the biologist are going to join the rest of the scientific community on this issue?

    Philosophers, scientists and other intellectuals close to Pope Benedict will gather at his summer palace outside Rome this week for intensive discussions that could herald a fundamental shift in the Vatican’s view of evolution.
    There have been growing signs the Pope is considering aligning his church more closely with the theory of “intelligent design” taught in some US states. Advocates of the theory argue that some features of the universe and nature are so complex that they must have been designed by a higher intelligence. Critics say it is a disguise for creationism.

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    Court favors Christian literature on campus

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    Schools cannot stop you from Exercising your religion. By the way, expressing your religion is just one facet of exercising your religious rights. Other ways of exercising your religious rights can be by not supporting, programs you find to be in contention with your faith and by opposing agendas that are contrary to Biblical teachings.

    A federal court of appeals unanimously struck down a Florida school board policy barring students from distributing religious literature on campus.
    Represented by the public-interest group Liberty Counsel, student Michelle Heinkel of Cypress Lake Middle School in Fort Myers had sought permission to distribute religious and pro-life literature about the “Day of Remembrance,” set aside to remember unborn children killed by abortion.
    But Superintendent James Browder of the Lee County School District denied the request, citing a board policy prohibiting students from distributing literature that is political, religious or proselytizing.
    The next year Heinkel repeated the request – this time joined by Nate Cordray, a student at Riverdale High School – and was turned down again.
    A federal district court upheld the policy, but the court of appeals found it unconstitutional.
    In its unanimous decision, the upper court ruled that the policy’s ban on all political and religious literature was an unconstitutional content-based restriction.
    The court also ruled the policy gave too much unrestricted discretion to school officials to deny speech.
    Erik Stanley, chief counsel of Liberty Counsel, pointed out public school students have a right to free speech outside of class sessions.
    “A school’s desire to squelch speech because of discomfort with the message is unconstitutional,” he said.
    Liberty Counsel’s founder and chairman Mathew Staver, who argued the case before the district court and on appeal, said “religious and political speech are twin sisters, without which we have no freedom.”
    “Public schools may ban obscenity and libel, but religious and political speech does not stop at the schoolhouse door,” he said. “Banning religious speech sends the wrong message that religion is taboo or second class, which proposition neither this court nor the Constitution is willing to tolerate. Educators need education about American history and the Constitution.”

    Original Link.

    ADF: School District Misleads Parents About Pro-Homosexual Diversity Training

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    More judical terrorism from the ACLU.

    (AgapePress) – A pro-family attorney is accusing a Kentucky school district of being “less than forthcoming” about its sexual diversity training video that attempts to legitimize homosexuality.
    Boyd County Public Schools has sent a notice to students who did not attend the diversity training program last spring, telling them they must complete a writing assignment to make up for not watching the pro-homosexual video.
    However, attorney Kevin Theriot says the district failed to inform students that they could refuse to take the one-hour training class and receive an unexcused absence for that period. Theriot is with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents who objected to the mandatory diversity training.
    The ADF-affiliated lawyer says he is “advising the parents to simply ignore the notice.” He claims there is no need for the students to do the writing requirement, although they can if they so choose; but there is “certainly no need,” he insists, for any of the parents to “have their kids subjected to this pro-homosexual propaganda.”
    Theriot says Boyd County Public Schools implemented its diversity training after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the district for not permitting a Gay-Straight Alliance club to meet on its campus. He believes school officials are concerned that if they inform parents of all of their options, the ACLU will accuse them of not complying with the court order.
    “But the court order is very clear,” the attorney explains. The order states that if any students fail to attend the training, they receive an unexcused absence for that period, he says. So the school’s recent notice stating that those students who opted out must complete a writing assignment to make up for their failure to attend “really is misleading,” he says.
    This notice “definitely is something that has a lot of parents concerned — and rightfully so,” Theriot adds. But Boyd County Public Schools’ diversity training program is phony, he asserts, not only because the district is misinforming students about its requirements, but also because it offers zero tolerance for biblical opposition to homosexuality.

    Original Link.

    ACLU Lawsuit Targets School Prayers in Tiny Missouri Town

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    See our article “What Does the U.S. Constitution Actually Say About Religion?” for more information.

    (AgapePress) – A small Missouri school district is staring down a lawsuit over school prayer. The suit alleges that teacher-led prayer during two school assemblies violated the constitutional rights of students.
    Two students and their mother have filed suit against the Doniphan School District in southeast Missouri. Filed on their behalf by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Eastern Missouri, the lawsuit claims that on two successive days in May 2005, school assemblies at Doniphan Elementary School began with teachers leading a prayer. The ACLU notes in a press release that the family bringing the suit is “not Christian,” while both prayers were “Christian.”
    According to the ACLU, when the district superintendent was contacted about the matter, he offered to remedy the matter by telling school administrators they should invite a student, not a teacher, to lead school prayers in the future. That response, says the ACLU, demonstrates the superintendent’s “lack of understanding” of both the Constitution and the district’s own policies.
    “Such religious activities are not only inconsistent with the policies of the Doniphan R-I School District,” states the lawsuit, “but also constitute an establishment of religion in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.” The suit seeks an injunction preventing both teacher- and student-led prayer during in-school assemblies to prevent what the ACLU describes as “irreparable harm” to students who are “coerce[d]” into participating in “religious exercises.”

    Original Link.

    Study Finds Aborting Brings Teens More Problems Than Giving Birth

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    There are so many reasons not to have an abortion.
    Most often, teens can put their baby up for adoption before it is even born, and in many cases, the potential adoptive parents will cover the expense associated with the pregnancy and birth. I’m trying to find a down side to this, but so far, it seems that in every case, the only loosers to not aborting a baby are the infanticide facilities (abortion clinics) who, of course, wouldn’t make any money without abortions. Yeah, we can really count on them to have the best interest of a young, confused teen at heart, can’t we…NOT!!

    (AgapePress) – An assistant professor at Bowling Green State University says even in the event of an unintended teen pregnancy, giving birth is better for teenagers than abortion. A study conducted by BGSU research psychologist Dr. Priscilla Coleman determined that abortion can cause severe mental health problems in young women.
    Coleman says she took data from a longitudinal survey of more than 1,000 women to find out the difference between teens who gave birth and teens who aborted an unexpected pregnancy. Her study, published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, evaluated adolescent girls with unintended pregnancies and found that those who aborted their babies were five times more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems afterward than those girls who carried their pregnancies to term.
    A teenage mother’s bringing of a child into the world is undoubtedly an experience that will afford her some hardships, the researcher acknowledges. “But there are more psychological problems with abortions, even more than with delivering a baby,” she asserts.
    The research “speaks pretty loudly,” Coleman observes. “Specifically, we found that only one adolescent who delivered an unintended pregnancy, for every five adolescents who aborted, sought counseling for psychological problems,” she says.


    The scientific evidence is now both “strong and compelling,” Coleman contends, that abortion “poses more risks to women than giving birth.” She says these findings really fly in the face of traditional pro-abortion thinking by supporting the idea that, although having a child as a teen creates definite difficulties, a teen is likely to encounter far more problems after an abortion.
    In her report, Coleman states that, for “women who feel forced into abortion by others or by life circumstances, negative post-abortion outcomes become more common.” She goes on to note that adolescent girls, being generally far less prepared to assume the responsibilities of parenthood, are logically more vulnerable to being pressured to abort.
    Statistics from the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Alan Guttmacher Institute, which tracks U.S. abortion rates, would seem to bear this out. According to the Institute, every year nearly a quarter of all abortions in the U.S. are performed on girls less than 20 years old.
    But despite the excellent data supporting her study, Coleman complains that no mainstream news outlets have reported her findings. In fact, she says it took a while to get the Journal of Youth and Adolescence to publish her results.


    Compelling Evidence Dismissed by Pro-Abortion Crowd
    Other researchers have affirmed the importance of Dr. Coleman’s distinctive study and the validity of her findings. According to LifeSiteNews, one such researcher is Dr. David Reardon with the Elliot Institute. He concurs with Coleman’s data but notes that many pro-abortion individuals and groups regularly dismiss findings that link higher rates of mental illness and behavioral problems to abortion as compared to giving birth.
    Reardon says abortion “rights” proponents have long insisted that women who abort fare better than women who carry unintended pregnancies to term. “Coleman’s study addresses this argument,” he contends, “and shows that the facts don’t support abortion advocates’ speculations.”

    Original Link.

    “Relearning Lessons in the War on Terror” by Victor Davis Hanson

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    From the recent Israel-Hezbollah war in southern Lebanon to the jihadists in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle to the repeated efforts by Islamists across the globe to trump Sept. 11, what old lessons about terrorism are we in the West finding ourselves having to relearn?


    Despite the enormous advantages of Western militaries, there is no guarantee we can keep ahead of terrorists — especially since they are becoming more adept while we seem tired and unsure about whom, why and how we should fight.
    So far, the U.S. has been able to dodge the latest terrorist bullets. So far, Afghanistan and Iraq are clinging to their newfound democracies. So far, Israel has been able to survive Hamas and Hezbollah, and these groups’ state sponsors in Iran and Syria.
    But unless we in the West adapt more quickly than do canny Islamic terrorists in this constantly evolving war, cease our internecine fighting and stop forgetting what we’ve learned about our enemies — there will be disasters to come far worse than Sept. 11.

    Original Link.

    “Prozac And Extra-Thick Tinfoil Hats” by Jack Kinsella – Omega Letter Editor

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    I’ve been getting that same feeling of late as I analyze current events . . . a vague, discomfiting sense that everybody is on Prozac but me, and I am bumping into them just as their meds are starting to wear off.


    Then there is the UN’s Kofi Annan. Hezbollah invades Israel and kidnaps Israeli soldiers to hold as hostages, and Kofi Annan puts on HIS tinfoil hat to protect him from Israeli thought-control beams before blaming Israel for putting its soldiers too close to Hezbollah’s reach.
    Then he accuses Israel of war crimes for retaliating against a Hezbollah action that, according to the UN’s own international conventions, IS a war crime.
    He takes another Prozac and says Hezbollah started it.
    When THAT dose wears off, he rethinks his statement. Kofi suddenly realizes that Lebanon is really an innocent victim of Israeli aggression — as if Hezbollah and Lebanon were two entirely different entities on opposite sides of the planet.
    Kofi speaks into existence a 15,000 man peacekeeping force and then rushes Israel into withdrawing, as if the force was already there. And, even when the force is in place, Kofi says they have no UN mandate to disarm Hezbollah. How’s that again?
    Without any troops, with no defined mission, no logistical system and no idea who will be in charge, Kofi starts demanding Israel provide a timetable for withdrawal, saying in advance that Israel’s unspoken timetable is unsatisfactory.
    All the while citing existing UN resolutions requiring the disarmament of Hezbollah as the justification for demanding an Israeli withdrawal as if, somehow, Israel was violating it by trying to disarm Hezbollah.
    Another Prozac — and now Israel is in hot water for trying too hard.
    As the warm, Prozac-induced fuzziness takes hold, Annan explains that Israel has violated the ‘principle of proportionality’ and then he pretends that such a principle is a globally understood principle of warfare.

    Original Link.


    Ahmandinejad Claims Holocaust Invented by Allies

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    I know it isnt news that Ahmandinejad doesnt believe in the Holocaust. But he has now written a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that says the holocaust was invented by the allies to embarrass Germany. This man actually believes he can wipe away years of killings, burnings, beatings, tortue, and much worse by just saying it isnt true. The man is insane and the world needs to be concerned about the fact that he is in power in Iran and that he is producing nuclear weapons.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which he stated that the Holocaust was invented by the allies in order to embarrass Germany.

    According to Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly denied the Holocaust, the countries that were victorious in World War II should have allowed the refugees to settle in their countries instead of promoting their settlement in “conquered Palestine”. This, he argued, has created a permanent threat in the Middle East.

    The letter, which was written over a month ago, was only published on Monday, Israel Radio reported.

    Original Link

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