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“And the Winner Is…” by Jack Kinsella

Monday, April 30th, 2007

“First, a word for our brave American fighting men and women on the battlefield. The war is lost. Your cause is hopeless. Your country has abandoned you. Lay down your arms and go home — while you still can.”

One might be forgiven for thinking I am paraphrasing enemy propagandists Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Rose or Lord Haw Haw. But I am not. I wish I were.

Instead, it was the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada preaching defeat on the battlefield.

“This war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,” Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters, referring to the US-led security push in Baghdad.

So, the war is lost. If America lost the war, then that means that somebody else won it. And, if the war is lost, who lost it?

Was it America’s armed forces? Was it the Marines? The Army? Was it the British forces in southern Iraq?

Nobody in their right mind would argue that al-Qaeda and the other terrorists are capable of defeating the United States of America on the battlefield. The enemy has been decisively defeated in every single engagement with US forces.

There are no exceptions. There were no battles in which our forces were beaten back or forced to withdraw militarily. Reid’s declaration of defeat in Iraq is analogous to the LAPD chief declaring the war against gang violence a lost cause because there are still gangs roaming the streets of LA.

LA’s street gangs haven’t disbanded, surrendered, joined the LAPD, or given up their criminal behavior. The cops still complain they need more men on the street to combat the gangs, and LA’s citizens still proceed with caution in certain parts of town, and absolutely avoid other parts.

There are parts of LA that even the LAPD hesitates to go without calling for back up before they get there. But the LAPD hasn’t declared defeat. What do you suppose would happen if they did? Would the gangs then disband and go home?

If America has lost the war, then it means that al-Qaeda won it. And they aren’t going to disband and go home, either.

One conservative blogger, Jeff Emmanuel, attempted to make sense of the Left’s argument that Reid’s statement did not ‘embolden the enemy’.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s pronouncement yesterday that “the war is lost” was made solely to Congress and to the American people, right? I mean, it’s not like our enemies actually care or pay attention to what is said by those in leadership positions in our government (such as Bush Lied, US troops are Nazi storm troopers, etc., etc.) — right?”

Emanuel, then citing coverage of the story in Al Jazeera and Iranian press , answered himself. “Oops.”

If America has lost the war in Iraq, yet American forces remain undefeated on the battlefield, then we must return to the question, “Who lost it?” together with the followup question of, “How?”

During the early days of World War II, Germany launched the “Battle of Britain” in which Goering’s Luftwaffe sent wave after wave of heavy bombers across the English Channel to bomb civilian targets.

Why did Hitler concentrate his forces on civilian, rather than military targets? In 1940, Great Britain was dotted with airfields, munitions factories, shipyards and heavy manufacturing, but Hitler’s bombers concentrated their attention on London and other large English cities.

Indeed, the RAF was successful in beating back the Luftwaffe BECAUSE the raids were focused on civilian targets instead of RAF airfields. In all, the Blitz claimed 27,450 civilian lives. Hitler believed breaking the British will to fight was more important than destroying their ability to fight.

Later, when British and American bombers attacked German targets, they also concentrated on civilian targets. The firebombing of Dresden killed more than 35,000 German civilians.

In 1945, as American forces closed in on the island of Japan, it was feared that a US invasion of the home island could result in as many as a million casualties. Instead, the US dropped the world’s first nuclear weapon on Hiroshima, and followed up with a nuclear attack against Nagasaki.

The civilian death toll in those attacks was estimated to top 100,000 civilians. Neither Hiroshima or Nagasaki had any more military value than did London, Coventry or Dresden. Why did all sides expend millions of tons of high explosive ordnance on targets that had no military value?

The answer is simple.

To break the will of the civilian population and destroy their will to fight in the hope that domestic pressure would force the government to surrender. That’s why Hitler bombed London. It is why Dresden and Tokyo were firebombed, and why America dropped the Bomb on Japan.

Militarily, the Germans could have fought on for years, had the will of the people not been broken. So could the Japanese. Both sides could have engaged in guerilla war against the Allies, even after the surrender.

But they didn’t, because their will to fight had been broken. Their losses were too great to sustain. They surrendered unconditionally.

Returning to the question of how America ‘lost’ the war in Iraq, assuming Senator Reid’s assessment is accurate, the answer must be the same. The terrorists have broken America’s will to fight. The enemy has won. But it wasn’t the terrorists who defeated America. It was Harry Reid and Company.

And it wasn’t the carnage inflicted on Americans that defeated America. It was the political ambitions of the Left and its hatred of George Bush and the ‘neocons’. The distinctions between right and wrong have been blurred by the differences between Right and Left.

If Harry Reid is correct, al Qaeda wins. And all our losses and all the sacrifices made by our troops were for nothing. All the post-9/11 yellow ribbons, all the American flags, all the rhetoric and bravado were just a sham.

And all the claims of supporting our troops in harm’s way? A lie. So, if Harry Reid is correct, al Qaeda wins. And may God have mercy on America.

Because al Qaeda won’t.

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Egyptian Blogger, Sandmonkey, Shuts Down on Fears of Arrest

Monday, April 30th, 2007

I’ve been watching this Egyptian blogger for some time now, and like what he has to say. I’m sorry to have to report that due to security concerns, he is going to have to stop blogging.
Unlike here in the U.S. saying things against Islam in Egypt is against the law. One can be thrown in jail for a very long time for criticizing Islam, and that’s one of the nicer thing they do to people there.
Here at this blog, we utilize a certain amount of anonymity for safety reasons. With people randomly killing people at universities and malls, it is not much of stretch to realize that some crazy, who doesn’t like what we say here might want to add us his “hit list”. Maybe we’re being paranoid or even believe ourselves to be more “important” then we really are. None the less, we do try to keep our families safe, if nothing else.


Today is going to be the day that I’ve been dreading for quite sometime now. Today is the day I walk away from this blog. Done. Finished.

There are many reasons, each would take a post to list, and I just do not have the energy to list them. As anyone who has been reading this blog for the past month, I think it is apparent that things are not the same with me. There are reasons for that:

One of the chief reasons is the fact that there has been too much heat around me lately. I no longer believe that my anonymity is kept, especially with State Secuirty agents lurking around my street and asking questions about me since that day. I ignore that, the same way I ignored all the clicking noises that my phones started to exhibit all of a sudden, or the law suit filed by Judge Mourad on my friends, and instead grew bolder and more reckless at a time where everybody else started being more cautious. It took me a while to take note of the fear that has been gripping our little blogsphere and comprehend what it really means. The prospects for improvment, to put it slightly, look pretty grim. I was the model of caution, and believing in my invincipility by managing not to get arrested for the past 2 and a half years, I’ve grown reckless. Stupid Monkey. Stupid!

And speaking of the state of the egyptian blogsphere, it has been pretty depressing in its own right. One has to wonder at some point the futulity of being a keyboard warrior in a country where nothing seems to matter to its people anymore. At the same time, there has been those amongst us who have loved the fame and the attention, and are now becoming the egyptian blogsphere’s equivelant of Paris Hilton: They are famous for being famous, peddling the same stories and not really presenting anything of value to the debate. And then there is the fact that we are entering the “Iconogrphy” phase : We are becoming Icons. Too much Media attention, too many american organizations claiming to champion our causes while they are cashing out in donation from people gullible enough to believe them, too much hype generated by us and others, so many of us tooting our own horns and even crying wolf at times has made Icons of us. We now have young bloggers who come up to many of us “Old Guard” and tell us how they are such great fans of ours, and how we are their role models and heroes and how they are starting to blog because of our “courageous example”. And there are those of us who are buying into it, taking in undertsudies to placate our big heads, hooking up with groupies to feed our egos, acting as if we are the warriors for change we are made up to be and forgetting why we started blogging to begin with. It seems that we are entering a state of transformation, and we should either 1) evolve, take the next step whatever it is, 2) stay the way we are and risk becoming carricatures of ourselves or 3) quit. Not knowing what the next step is, and needing time and space to figure it out, I chose the only other option that made sense: I quit!

So here comes my apology to those of you who read me: I am sorry. I really can’t continue to do this. You guys have been the best readers anyone could hope for, altough there are some of you who made me come close to shutting down the comments section many many times. I love you all for everything you have done for me, for all of the egyptian blogsphere. When I asked for your help, you gave us more than a helping hand. You cared. You gave a damn about a bunch of egyptians who had a dream to be free and stood by us in our houres of need. For that you are my heroes, and I can not possibly thank you enough.

May the day comes when I rant once again….

Love you all,

The Sandmonkey

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Planned Parenthood Says They Are Committing More Abortions Than Ever

Monday, April 30th, 2007

It’s all about the money. Anyone who says that Planned Parenthood has the best interest of the mother and child at heart is a fool. Money is the motivation for these murders.

WASHINGTON, April 30 /Christian Newswire/ — Planned Parenthood operates the most proficient killing machine in the United States,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). “Planned Parenthood claims to prevent the ‘need’ for abortion while simultaneously working to increase its share of the lucrative abortion market.”

“In 2005 alone, Planned Parenthood accepted money to put a ‘hit’ on 264,943 preborn human beings,” Scott said. “And just like other paid killers, a failure to slay the intended victim would have been considered ‘a complication.’” The 2005 figure represents an increase of 3.9 percent over 2004.

Planned Parenthood has confessed to having sold 1,245,506 “emergency” birth control kits in 2005 (nearly 26.6 percent more than in 2004). Every Planned Parenthood “clinic” dispenses “emergency” birth control. Most prescribe it over the phone and accept orders over the Internet, without conducting an examination. In the vast majority of cases, “emergency” birth control causes an abortion.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is expected to release its 2005-2006 Annual Report within the next few months. “One can be sure that in addition to killing more human beings that ever before, Planned Parenthood will have taken in more money than ever before,” Scott said. PPFA’s income is rapidly approaching the $1 billion mark. “One can also be sure that Planned Parenthood will end up with tens of millions of dollars in ‘excess revenue over expenses,’ which is known to most people as ‘profit.’”

“Planned Parenthood is in the death business and nobody does it better,” Scott said. “Unfortunately for preborn children, abortion seems to be the only part of Planned Parenthood’s business that can be called ‘provably successful.’ Unfortunately for the whole world, abortion is also the most atrocious part of the goliath’s business.” Planned Parenthood generated an estimated $100 million from committing abortions in 2005 alone.

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PBS to Air Documentary Exposing Mormonism

Monday, April 30th, 2007

I think mainstream America will be shocked to learn the beliefs of the Mormon church. America has a “Donnie and Marie Osmond” view of the Mormons that makes them out to be a church for the “wholesome and morally elite”. I think this documentary may change that perception.

Imagine a four-hour documentary on the Mormon church that skips its most prominent member in the country today, Mitt Romney.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts “The Mormons,” a collaboration between PBS powerhouse series ” Frontline ” and ” American Experience, ” is that show. Yet its mere airing may finally force the former governor to explain publicly his faith and its influence on him as a politician, much as John Kennedy did with his Catholicism in 1960. What it will surely do is complicate his run for the White House.

The Romney candidacy notwithstanding, it’s high time that Americans separate fact from fiction about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as it is officially called. The timing is excellent for veteran documentarian Helen Whitney, whose fascinating look at the Mormons airs Monday and Tuesday on WGBH.

Many church members will chafe at Whitney’s spotlight, while countless non-Mormons will be shocked by church history and practices. They will be put off by its secrecy and authoritarian structure. By the absence of black men as full members until 1978. By its early embrace of polygamy.

They will find risible the notion that the Garden of Eden was located in what is now Jackson County, Mo., or that ancient Israelites came to America more than 2 , 000 years ago. The early Christian church looked loony to a lot of people, too, yet it has had 2,000 years to polish its myths. The Mormon church is less than 180 years old.

Still, the Mormons have spooked America since the church’s creation. Joseph Smith was called a fraud when he founded the church in 1830, and despite its best efforts to inject itself into the American cultural mainstream, the church is still viewed with suspicion in some quarters. Polls show that a substantial number of Americans would not vote for a Mormon for president. Catholic and Protestant denominations alike have challenged the inclusion of the church in historic Christianity.

Are the Mormons victims of home-grown bigotry? That is certainly at play. And, notes Yale professor Harold Bloom, America’s Yoda on all things spiritual, “All religion depends on revelation. All revelation is supernatural. If you wish to be a rock hard empiricist, then you should not entertain any religious doctrine whatsoever.”

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Here is a link that describes a small portion of what Mormons believe.

Link to Mormon Article

Evangelist Challenges Atheists to Bible-less Debate

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Kirk Cameron (Christian actor) and Ray Comfort, author of “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists”, has challenged the creators of the Blasphemy Challenge to a debate that is to be sponsored by ABC. During this debate, Comfort and Cameron will not use the Bible nor will they address their faith in Jesus Christ.
The debate will take place on May 5th in New York City and will eventually be shown on ABC’s Nightline. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have an awesome evangelical ministry. They teach a somewhat revolutionary, yet very effective method of sharing the Gospel. You can see more from them at

NEW YORK – A prominent Christian best-selling author is asserting that he can prove the existence of God without using the Bible, and has challenged two atheists to a debate.

“Most people equate atheism with intellectualism,” explained Comfort in a statement, “but it’s actually an intellectual embarrassment. I am amazed at how many people think that God’s existence is a matter of faith. It’s not, and I will prove it at the debate – once and for all. This is not a joke. I will present undeniable scientific proof that God exists.”

The debate is in reaction to the “Blasphemy Challenge” that started late in 2006. The two creators of the movement encouraged all people to tape themselves with a short message that will “damn themselves to hell.” Participants must recite the line “I deny the Holy Spirit,” and then upload their video onto YouTube.

Comfort and Cameron felt that these two would be some of the most difficult people to convince that God does indeed exist, so contacted them about having a discussion.

ABC has said that they will film the debate, which will take place on May 5 in New York City, and will stream it live on their website as well as use footage for their program Nightline. Martin Bashir, co-anchor of Nightline, will moderate the event.

Cameron will use the event to also speak out against evolution, which he thinks is not credible and a major contributor to the growth in atheism.

“Evolution is unscientific. In reality, it is a blind faith that’s preached with religious zeal as the gospel truth. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was once a naïve believer in the theory,” said the former television star in a statement. “Atheism has become very popular in universities – where it’s taught that we evolved from animals and that there are no moral absolutes. So we shouldn’t be surprised when there are school shootings.”

Comfort felt impelled to hold the debate, because he is worried about the state of Christianity around the world, especially in Europe. According to a Zukerman study, in Sweden as many as 85 percent of the population are non-believers; Japan has 65 percent; France with 54 percent; and 44 percent of British citizens do not believe in God.

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Iran Bans Western Haircuts, Eyebrow Plucking for Men

Monday, April 30th, 2007

These people have way too much time on their hands.

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) — Iranian police have warned barbers against offering Western-style hair cuts or plucking the eyebrows of their male customers, Iranian media said Sunday.

The report by a reformist daily, later confirmed by an Iranian news agency, appeared to be another sign of authorities cracking down on clothing and other fashion deemed to be against Islamic values.

“Western hairstyles … have been banned,” the newspaper Etemad said in a front-page headline.

It came a week after police launched a crackdown against the growing number of young women testing the limits of the law with shorter, brighter and skimpier clothing ahead of the summer months.

Under Iran’s Islamic Sharia law, imposed after the 1979 revolution, women are obligated to cover their hair and wear long, loose-fitting clothes to disguise their figures.

Violators can receive lashes, fines and imprisonment.

The student news agency ISNA quoted a police statement as saying: “In an official order to barbershops, they have been warned to avoid using Western hair styles and doing men’s eyebrows.”

Iranian young men have in recent years started paying more attention to the way they look and dress, especially in affluent parts of the capital Tehran. Spiked up hair, by using gel, is known as the Khorusi (Rooster) style and some also use make-up.

Several hairdressers for men in Tehran offer cuts in the style of Hollywood movie stars and other Western celebrities. Clients can also have their eyebrows plucked.

The head of the barbers’ union, Mohammad Eftekharifard, said police had instructed it to “exercise specific regulations in barbershops that work under its supervision.”

Barbers who do not follow these rules might be closed down for a month and even lose their permits to operate, Etemad quoted him as saying.

“Currently some barbershops apply make-up and use (hair) styles that are in line with those in European countries and America,” Eftekharifard said.

He added: “An official order has been sent to the union … not to apply make-up on men’s faces (or) do eyebrows … and hence the barbers are not allowed to do these things.”

Since hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the presidency in 2005 on a promise of returning to the values of the revolution, hardliners have pressed for tighter controls on what they consider immoral behavior.

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“Look - I’m Kosher!” by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Monday, April 30th, 2007
Our Torah teaches that the distinguishing signs of a kosher animal are chewing of the cud and the cloven hoof. The chazir – pig, does not chew its cud, but does have a cloven hoof, and when at rest, it habitually holds up its hooves as if to say, “Look, I’m kosher!” Hence the Yiddish expression – “a chazir feesel – someone who pretends to be that which he is not – a hypocrite.” Today, we see these “chazir feesels – hypocrites” all about us, on the national as well as on the international scene. Consider Germany – Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Israel and Arab countries. Sanctimoniously, she mouths pronouncements about peace and denounces Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust scheme to wipe Israel off the map. But at the same time, Mme. Chancellor and her government generously support Iran’s economy which helps finance Teheran’s jihad and nuclear program.

And it’s not only Germany – to one extent or another, all members of the European Union fall into this same category. When the 15 British sailors were abducted, members of the European Union should have come forth, and at the very least, placed heavy economic sanctions on Iran. But none of that happened, and this, despite the fact that Iran’s behavior constituted an act of war against the European Union of which England is a charter member. But then again, why should they have responded, if England herself, whose sailors were abducted, remained passive? Ahmadinejad must have been laughing up his sleeve as the members of the valiant Royal Navy bowed down to him in homage!

In addition to being humiliated, what price did the Free World pay for the release of these sailors? Washington released Jaled Shirafi, one of the most vicious members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who had been working under cover as the Second Secretary at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad and was responsible for some of the most brutal terrorist acts. The message came through loud and clear – it’s easy to make the West back down. But more tragically, there was yet another message that the radical Islamists received – when push comes to shove, no one will come to Israel’s aid – no one will act to prevent Ahmadinejad from pushing that lethal button.

Was it only yesterday that Chamberlain assured the world that he had negotiated “Peace in our Time,” asserting that one need only enter into dialogue with Hitler? Today we find Nancy Pelosi traveling to Syria to meet with that rogue terrorist dictator Assad to choreograph her own version of “Peace in our Time.” And make no mistake about it. It is not only Nancy Pelosi – there’s a whole array of “Chamberlain wanna-be’s” out there who are prepared to dialogue with Ahmadinejad, the Hitler of today. And just like the chazir, Ahmandinejad holds up his hooves and proclaims, “Look, I’m kosher! My nuclear enrichment program is being developed strictly for peaceful purposes” and there is an entire international chorus willing to believe him.

But the hypocrisy does not end there. It has penetrated every segment of our society – our very culture is saturated with it. Just consider recent events in our own United States; the lives of three students at Duke University were shattered. These boys were accused of a heinous crime of which they were innocent. Their prosecutor cried for justice for a “poor black woman,” whom he insisted, was attacked by these boys. The fact that there was no corroborating evidence to substantiate his accusations was irrelevant, and the media, including the vaunted New York Times, joined him in this despicable lynching. Just like the chazir, Nifong and company pretended to bekosher saying that what they were doing was all in the name of justice!

But what must give every thinking man pause is that this happened in a free democratic society in which the judicial system and the courts are sworn to protect the rights of every individual. So let us ask in whom and in what can the American people place their trust.

Before we even had time to recover from the Duke scandal, Don Imus hit the headlines. To be candid, I had never heard of Don Imus, nor did I understand the meaning of the slur for which he was excoriated and then fired. That sort of vocabulary is alien to me. But without ever having heard those words, every Torah-minded Jew knows that tragically, our entire American culture is saturated with language that is despicable and degrading, and ironically, the very people who complain of being insulted by Imus are those who gave birth to much of this decadent language and culture. Consider only Hip-hop and rap music, the gutter language spoken on the streets – they all testify to this shameful reality.

But it is not only music – it is our entire society - a society that adulates the likes of Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and a host of others. A society that awards Grammy Awards to so-called “artists” who promulgate language and behavior that is far more degrading than that of Imus; a society that, in the name of free speech, countenances calling the president of the United States an idiot, a moron and much worse.

Make no mistake about it – evil language never ends with words. Language is not just language – it is culture, it is reality. It is not for naught that one of the reasons our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt was that they retained their own unique language. But if license is given to indulge in decadent, immoral words, then acting upon them is only a heartbeat away. When Hitler labeled us vermin, he gave license to our extermination. Similarly, all the sick, violent, perverted talk that has become vogue gives license to wallow in immorality and violence. The moral pollution in our world is such that its noxious fumes have penetrated every nook and cranny.

But even as all this is unfolding, we can take a measure of comfort in the knowledge that what we are witnessing has all been predicted thousands of years ago when our prophets proclaimed that before the coming of Messiah, all of the icons in which people placed their trust will collapse, and we will come to the realization that we have no one on whom to rely but Avinu ShebaShamayim – our Father in Heaven. Only by clinging to His Torah can we survive the madness that man has created. We live in a world that has run amok. This is a time when we must hold firm and find a safe haven for ourselves and for our children in Torah – inHashem’s shelter. Let us remember the words of the Psalmist, “G-d will hide me in His Shelter on that day of evil” (Psalm 27).

Teachers Asked to Tell Youngsters That Being Gay is Good

Monday, April 30th, 2007

A gay advocacy group has produced a ‘training’ video that instructs teachers to teach young children that being gay is normal and healthy regardless of what they are taught at home. Normal and healthy? I could go on for days about this, but let me just say that it is not the job of the public school system to educate our kids on sexuality (especially not homosexuality).

A nationally distributed training video produced by a “gay” advocacy group – which claims it’s been shown on more than 100 public television stations – advises teachers to promote homosexuality as normal and healthy to children as young as kindergarten age, regardless of what values the child has been taught at home.

“We are asking kids to believe this [homosexuality] is right. Not as a matter of moral principle, but as a matter of, we’re educating them and this is part of what we consider to be a healthy education,” one unidentified teacher said during the videotaped meeting of educators preparing to teach – or as their critics charge, “brainwash” – their students.

That particular response was to a question from another teacher who wondered how to approach homosexual advocacy when a student comes from a background of biblical teaching, that is, that homosexuality is a sin.

“I don’t know what to do about this but, as a school are we saying that kids have to support this? I guess that’s what it sounds like to me that we’re saying. If a child comes from a background that says homosexuality is not correct, are we telling that child that they’re supposed to, this is what you are supposed to do?” asked the teacher.

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University of Kentucky Okays Benefits for Sexual Partners

Friday, April 27th, 2007

We know that traditional marriage is under attack here in America. Seems that (as would be expected) higher education is helping the breakdown of the family.

A Kentucky pro-family group says a decision by the University of Kentucky to give health benefits to the unmarried sexual partners of its employees undermines marriage formation and tramples the state constitution.

The University of Kentucky has approved a plan to provide healthcare benefits to the live-in sexual partners of its staff and faculty. It is the second university in the state to institute a “domestic partner” benefits policy. The University of Louisville voted last summer to do the same thing.

Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst with the Family Foundation of Kentucky, says the school caved in to pressure from left-wing groups on campus. He points out the policy flatly disregards a 2004 voter-approved marriage amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman and bars the state from recognizing a legal status similar to marriage.

According to Cothran, individuals must sign an affidavit in order to qualify as a domestic partner. Those affidavits, he says, contain what he calls “marriage language.”

“And those affidavits have to be legally recognized in order to be effective at all,” he adds. “So they’re establishing legal status similar to marriage, and [in doing so] they’re in violation of our state constitution.”

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Extremely Violent Gang Found in 42 States

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Yet another reason to close our borders to illegals.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Cliques of the ultra-violent Latin American MS-13 gang have been identified in 42 U.S. states, according to the director of an FBI task force, speaking at a conference here.

Another violent group, the 18th Street Gang, is in 37 states, said Brian Truchon, director of the FBI MS-13 National Gang Task Force, or NGTF.

As WND reported, Truchon spoke at the Third Gang Enforcement Conference 2007 conference, which is focusing on MS-13.

“One thing we figured out with the on-going cases was that Los Angeles is our starting point,” Truchon stressed. “When the gang migrates throughout the U.S., there is always a road back to L.A. From L.A., there is always a road back to Central America.”

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