Empire State Building To Honor Muslim Holiday

October 11th, 2007 by Beth

I wonder how long it will be before the US is called a Muslim nation.

New York’s iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan, officials said.

“This is the first time that the Empire State Building will be illuminated for Eid, and the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah,” according to a statement.

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month, is expected to be celebrated in New York from Friday, depending on when the new moon is sighted, and the city’s tallest skyscraper will remain green until Sunday.

Built in the early 1930s, the 443-meter-tall (1,454-feet-tall) Empire State Building was first lit up with colored lighting in 1976, when red, white and blue lights were used to mark the American Bicentennial.

An estimated seven million Muslims live in the United States.

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Clergy Being Briefed on Free Speech for Election ‘08

October 11th, 2007 by Steve

Church pastors and religious groups all too commonly find themselves targets of IRS lawsuits, or threats of lawsuits, after speaking out on social issues of the day and the policy records of politicians and political candidates. But a coalition of groups has decided to take a proactive approach to that issue as election time nears, issuing a letter titled “Constitutional Protections for Pastors: Your Freedom to Speak Biblical Truth on the Moral Issues of the Day.” The October 1 letter [PDF] was issued jointly by Concerned Women for America (CWA), Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), Focus on the Family, James Madison Center for Free Speech, and Family Research Council.

CWA’s Wendy Wright says the letter is intended to assure clergy members of their free-speech rights without having to worry about losing their church’s tax-exempt status. Wright says clergy would be remiss if they could not train their church members on what the Bible says concerning the most controversial issues of the day, especially when many of those issues will be the focus of the 2008 elections.

According to Wright, “America faces a moral free-fall, and some would hurry it along with the threat of government sanctions against Christians who dare to speak out on critical issues. But the First Amendment protects the freedom of religion, not government restriction of religion. Religion and morality are foundational to America’s success and Christian leaders would neglect their duty if they allow themselves to be silenced by empty threats.”

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We have a copy of the letter here.

California Public Cchool District Sued Over Community Service Policy

October 11th, 2007 by Steve

California school systems are still trying to relegate Christians into second class citizens.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the Long Beach Unified School District over a community service policy that some say is unconstitutional.

Starting with the class of 2007, the district required all high school students to complete 40 hours of community service to qualify for their high school diploma. Chris Rand, 15, completed more than 80 hours of community service through a local church. He assisted with arts and crafts projects, helped to store equipment, and performed other duties at the Long Beach Alliance Church. But school officials refused to give Rand credit for his work because it was associated with a church.

“Obviously, the school is saying that in order to graduate community service is required — but only it’s going to be accepted if you do it to secular venues, not to religious ones. That particular discrimination I think offends the First Amendment,” he (Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver) says. “And I think it is blatantly discriminatory to say that churches or other religious communities that engage in a lot of community service are simply off limits solely because of their religious nature.”

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Premiere Webcast: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis Weekly Torah Class

October 10th, 2007 by Steve

Our good friend and frequent contributor, Fern Sidman, sent me an email that our Jewish readers (and our Gentile readers too) will want to know. Take a moment to learn something new about the Torah.

Premiere Webcast:

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Weekly Torah Class

October 11, 2007 @ 8:30pm NY EST


Live Webcast of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis’ Riveting, Life Transforming, Weekly Torah Class

Thursday, 8:30pm NYT

Participate in this Seminar broadcast from the beautiful Hineni Heritage Center in Manhattan

Be Part of History

We are finalizing the technology and you can help us. A limited number of spots are available until this project is launched globally.

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time: 8:30 pm NYT

Place: Your Home

To be invited: Please click here, hineni@hineni.org and forward your name.

We will send you a confirmation and instructions to that you may be a part of this historic world event

This innovative and exciting web initiative is being developed with our partner SINAI LIVE.

“What Are We Doing To Ourselves?” By Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

October 10th, 2007 by Steve

There are a pile of e-mails and letters on my desk. For the most part, they are questions concerning relationships, and they run the gamut from shidduch problems — finding your soul mate, shalom bayis (harmony in the home) and raising children, to caring for elderly, infirm parents. Ours is a generation beset by problems – nevertheless, this time, I have decided to respond to these questions privately, for I feel that I must write about the unconscionable outrageous situation vis- a-vis Israel that is unfolding before our very eyes.

The fact that there is an escalation of global anti-Semitism is not new. Sadly, this hatred is an international condition that transcends the centuries. So yes, there is nothing new about that. But what I find beyond belief is that many of our own people - most specifically, our leadership in Israel, have learned nothing from our past. How many times do we have to make the same mistake? How many times must we entangle ourselves in the same web? How many times must G-d intervene to save us from ourselves? Was it only seven short years ago that, at Camp David, the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak offered a suicidal deal to the terrorist thug, Yassar Arafat? Barak was prepared to give away most of Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), prepared to destroy the beautiful villages, homes, orchards, and communities that our people built there through their blood and sacrifice…prepared to hand over on a silver platter parts of Jerusalem, our holy city, and prepared to give over sovereignty to Har Habayit – our Temple Mount.. Miraculously, G-d saved us from our own Prime Minister’s misbegotten proposal, and Arafat turned down this sweetheart deal. But just in case Barak didn’t get the message….just in case he didn’t perceive G-d’s open intervention, he was given a reminder that he couldn’t possibly have missed. During the tense negotiations, he popped a nut into his mouth and promptly choked on it! It took fast action and the Heimlich maneuver to save his life.

This incident occurred just before Rosh Hashana, when, traditionally, we refrain from eating nuts for the gematria (numerological value) of the Hebrew word “nut” is the same as the word “sin”. I wrote an article at that time, telling the Prime Minister that his choking on the nut was a reminder from Hashem that that which he planned to do was a sin. The land of Israel is the G-d given heritage of the Jewish people, and no individual Jew has the right to give it away. Yerushalayim, our holy eternal capital; Yehuda and Shomron, the resting places of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, have been given to us as a sacred trust by G-d Himself, and we can not and dare not barter it.

But people understand only that which they want to understand, so Barak didn’t get it, and Arafat launched the first Intifada - a war of terror which, over the years, his heirs have accelerated and intensified. From 2000 to 2007, the Islamists inflicted one murderous attack after another, one bloodbath after another, and there is no end in sight, for they vowed not to stop until every inch of Eretz Yisrael is in their hands. Having experienced these acts of terror and slaughter, one might have expected that the Israeli government would wise up and seize the moment to tell the world that, as a result of continuous murderous acts by the Arabs, Barak’s suicidal offer was no longer on the table. Not only was such a declaration not forthcoming, but incredibly, the morally and spiritually bankrupt Olmert government has chosen to resurrect it. This time, Abbas, the inept, impotent disciple of Arafat is being offered the deal, and instead of Bill Clinton, it is Condoleza Rice who is the broker for a meeting scheduled in November. It is truly astonishing that nothing seems to wake up Olmert and his cohorts. Surely, they are well aware of the tragedy that ensued as a result of the perfidy perpetrated at Gush Katif…. Surely, they are well aware that that beautiful community, whose soil was redeemed with tears, love and sacrifice, was converted into yet another launching pad for terrorism…. Surely, they are well aware of the terrible injustice they perpetrated when they ejected Jewish people from Jewish land, many of whom are still homeless and suffering. Surely, one might have expected Olmert and his followers to have learned a lesson – But alas, nothing deters them from their suicidal course.

They chose to ignore reality; they chose to ignore the fact that Abbas is totally incompetent; that his army handed victory to Hamas without so much as putting up a fight and allowed American supplied weapons to fall into their hands. And they chose to ignore the fact that the only reason why Abbas’ Fatah still has a foothold, is because the IDF is there to maintain order. But once the IDF pulls out - it is not difficult to envision who will take over.

No. You don’t need too much of an imagination to foresee the consequences of Israel sacrificing Yehuda and Shomron. Just take a good look at Shederot – where kassam rockets terrorize, maim and kill without surcease. Is that the future that the Olmert government is offering our people?

And I haven’t even mentioned the consequences of a divided Jerusalem. What would terrorists in such close proximity do to our people? As it is, even now, with our present borders, the IDF daily intercepts killers who are on their way to slaughter Jews. What will prevent them from infiltrating our Jewish neighborhoods?


Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was born in Hungary. She came to the United States after surviving the Nazi’s Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Determined to devote her life to fighting the spiritual holocaust among Jews in the U.S. and around the world, the Rebbetzin founded Hineni. She writes a weekly column for the Jewish Press, the largest Anglo-Jewish paper in the world, teaches Torah on TV and over the Internet, and has authored two best selling books, “Jewish Soul of Fire” and “The Committed Life.” The Rebbetzin lectures across the globe, has been featured in numerous publications, and has been given formal recognition for her accomplishments by major religious and civic organizations in the U.S. and Israel.

Read the rest of the article here.

Center Honoring U.S. Freedoms Restricts Message Against Abortion

October 10th, 2007 by Steve

The duplicity of our government is incredible.

A street preacher whose annual fall campaign often includes a stop in Philadelphia, the self-described “Birthplace of Liberty,” has been arrested for speaking against abortion on public property outside the building housing the Liberty Bell.

The arrest of Michael Marcavage, chief of the Repent America ministry, was documented on video now available on YouTube.

Marcavage told WND he’s awaiting information from the National Park Service authorities who arrested him on an appearance date in federal court.

The video shows Marcavage preaching to a crowd outside the Liberty Bell Center, which houses the Liberty Bell, the artifact from American history that rang to announce the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence and is inscribed with “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof,” a biblical quotation from Leviticus 25:10.

“This is where we have been on a number of other occasions,” Marcavage told WND. “This time we were ministering to people waiting in line to see the Liberty Bell, speaking on the message on the Bell, which has ‘Proclaim liberty throughout the Land.’”

But he said in the birthplace of freedom in the United States, where Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell exist as representations of the highest ideals of freedom, speech now is restricted.

The rangers approached Marcavage several times, to say that the rules had been changed and he was not allowed to preach on the sidewalk. Then one ranger consulted a supervisor, and repeated the orders.

“I was very patient,” Marcavage said. “I listened to what he had to say, and encouraged him to speak to our legal counsel. I said it was sad that in the birthplace of freedom they were attempting to establish ‘free speech zones.’”

Those are areas, which have been defeated in other court challenges, where officials say they want street preachers or protesters to remain, usually ostensibly to “avoid conflict.”

The ranger on duty then said he was granting Marcavage a “verbal permit” for the free speech zone, then arrested him and cited him for violating the provisions of that permit.

“It was so absurd,” Marcavage said. “We didn’t want the permit. We have the First Amendment.”

He noted that while he was discussing the situation with rangers, a team of marchers promoting the awareness of breast cancer, passed by with no comment from the rangers.

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“Failing to See the Threat” by Michael G. Mickey

October 10th, 2007 by Steve

For two consecutive days now I’ve commented on political matters that have both moral and spiritual implications for us a nation. Yesterday, I wrote of Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy and friends tying hate crimes legislation to an Iraq war funding bill that could threaten our freedom of religious expression if the bill is passed into law but place our soldiers fighting the war on terror in greater peril than they’re already in if vetoed.

In today’s world, in spite of the warnings of God-fearing people like me, many fail to see the threat posed by hate crimes legislation such as that I wrote of yesterday becoming law in the United States of America. Sadly, this is even true of Christians at times.

Because the above is true, building on what I wrote yesterday, I want to demonstrate why those presently failing to see the threat posed by hate crimes legislation such as that Senator Kennedy says is necessary to fight “the war on terrorism at home” he and his special interest group goonies want us to believe is being waged against homosexuals in America need to open their eyes!

The headline of a Daily Mail article written concerning hate crimes legislation recently passed in the United Kingdom is a glimpse into the Church’s future in the United States if we don’t get motivated to fight Senator Kennedy and the homosexual agenda: New law means anti-gay comments could lead to seven years in jail.

That’s right, folks! Seven years of imprisonment for merely making a comment deemed offensive to a homosexual! That is more than the average sentence a rapist is handed in the United Kingdom!

Are we beginning to see the threat posed to the teaching of God’s Word by legislation of this nature yet? If not, wait until the spiritual powers behind it attain their ultimate goal!

The following are excerpts from the Daily Mail article:

The announcement widened the rift between opposing supporters of freedom of speech and gay rights.

Christian groups condemned it as “a law to allow Christians to be locked up for what they believe”.

But the gay pressure group Stonewall said those who disapprove of homosexuals would have nothing to fear from the law if they express their views in a manner that is “temperate” and “polite”.

And there’s this (emphasis added mine):

The new law aims to catch those who do not explicitly call for attacks or discrimination against homosexuals, as this is covered by existing incitement laws.

Instead, police will be allowed to pursue those who create an “atmosphere or climate” in which hatred or bullying can be fostered. Officials said it would not prohibit criticism of gay, lesbian and bisexual people or joke-telling.

The final decision over who has “crossed the line” will rest with the police.

Did you catch what this law is designed to do? It is designed specifically to make it permissible for someone to be prosecuted based on what another person merely perceives they have said, as opposed to what they actually said or even meant!

If Mary Lou, a lesbian, hears a pastor condemn homosexuality as an abomination from his pulpit, as it is referred to by God in Scripture, she could call the police upon completion of the service and say the pastor created an atmosphere in his church that fostered the hatred of homosexuality.

It would make no difference whatsoever, in an environment where a law like that is in place, what the pastor’s intent was in quoting the Scripture if a police officer, upon receiving a complaint from Mary Lou, determined that probable cause existed that the pastor “crossed the line” and fostered the hatred of homosexuals. And, believe me, if this legislation becomes law in the United States of America, there are going to be lawsuits galore filed by homosexuals against law enforcement agencies who don’t see things their way - so many I would predict that government officials will quickly begin urging their police departments to make arrests in almost every instance possible to prevent them! After all, what is government more worried about? Doing what is morally correct or the almighty dollar? Trust me when I tell you it is the latter in almost every instance, especially where the appeasement of special interest groups is concerned.

If hate crimes legislation of the sort Senator Kennedy is leading the effort to get passed becomes the law of the land, one of the first things I would strongly encourage pastors and all those who plan to express disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle on religious grounds to do would be to consult an organization like Liberty Council or the Alliance Defense Fund to get their assistance in writing a disclaimer to be attached to any Christian writing or sermon outline wherein the topic of homosexuality is to be addressed in an effort to thwart what I guarantee you is going to come if America’s liberals get their way.

Keep looking up, Christians! The ride is getting rougher by the minute and that can only mean one thing! Our redemption draweth nigh!

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Ahmadinejad Says Ground Zero and Holocaust False Idols

October 10th, 2007 by Beth

Ahmadinejad, the nut, is showing just how ignorant he is - AGAIN. When he visited New York recently, he asked to visit ground zero to ‘pay his repsects’ to the casualties (that his people killed). Respect? Really? Now he says he also wanted to visit there to raise questions and give his opinions on why the incident happened (we already know why it happened - Muslims are taught to hate/kill all non-Muslims). He also wants to make sure that ground zero, like the Holocaust, does not become a false idol. False idol? Ummmm……..okay, whatever.
I find it somewhat amusing that he denies the Holocaust given the historical record and the footage of actual Nazi camps. I suppose he believes that if you tell people something long enough they will eventually believe it (whether it is true or not).

The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks already have been used as the reason to attack and kill “hundreds of thousands” of people, according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who said he worries the attack will become another “false idol” like the Holocaust.

The comments came in a video statement on Iran’s television news channel on Sept. 20, and were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute’s program to monitor television transmissions.

Ahmadinejad a year ago had been unable to visit the site where about 3,000 innocent Americans died when Islamic terrorists flew hijacked jets into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

So during his recent visit to the United States to address the United Nations and accept a speaking invitation to Columbia University he asked for permission to visit the site of the terrorist attacks in 2001, but was denied permission.

Then Ahmadinejad, who has proclaimed the Holocaust a hoax in the past, was asked by the television interview: “You were supposed to visit the site of the Twin Towers, but this aroused controversy and many objections in their media. What do you think of this?”
“I decided to visit there this year to pay my respect to the casualties and convey my sympathy to the families,” Ahmadinejad said.

“I also wanted to raise several questions and express my views. I wanted to say that in my opinion, this incident is the result of the mismanagement of the world, and the result of the inhuman management of the world. Why did such an incident take place? We need to get to the root causes,” he said.

Iran’s president said, “We don’t want them to turn this incident, in 20 years’ time, into another false idol like the Holocaust, which they would use as a pretext to kill peoples, and to prevent anybody from opening this box and examining what really happened in this incident

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Former Mexico President Says Amero Coming Soon

October 10th, 2007 by Beth

My prediction is that Americans will sit on their hands and allow our country to be united with Canada and Mexico. I truly hope I am wrong.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox confirmed the existence of a plan conceived with President Bush to create a new regional currency in the Americas, in an interview last night on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

It possibly was the first time a leader of Mexico, Canada or the U.S. openly confirmed a plan for a regional currency. Fox explained the current regional trade agreement that encompasses the Western Hemisphere is intended to evolve into other previously hidden aspects of integration.

According to a transcript published by CNN, King, near the end of the broadcast, asked Fox a question e-mailed from a listener, a Ms. Gonzalez from Elizabeth, N.J.: “Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?”

Fox answered in the affirmative, indicating it was a long-term plan. He admitted he and President Bush had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas – a free-trade zone extending throughout the Western Hemisphere, suggesting part of the plan was to institute eventually a regional currency.

“Long term, very long term,” he said. “What we proposed together, President Bush and myself, it’s ALCA, which is a trade union for all the Americas.”

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Comments on Attempts to Overturn the SCHIP Veto

October 10th, 2007 by Steve

Michelle Malkin makes this very interesting point concerning the Democrats underhanded strategies in their attempt to overturn the SCHIP veto.

A few weeks ago, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lured two young children to the public spotlight to help him pass a massive expansion of government health insurance. Gemma and Graeme Frost, 9 and 12 years old respectively, were severely injured in a car accident three years ago. Their parents obtained government health care through the non-meansassets-tested Children’s Health Insurance Program in Maryland. President Bush’s veto doesn’t change that. And there’s the rub.

Because liberal lawmakers cannot honestly defend their expansion plans as bona fide aid to the needy, they have surrounded themselves with the Frosts and other kiddie human shields to deflect any tough scrutiny. As they push for an override of the president’s veto, scheduled for Oct. 18, the desperate Dems will shamelessly invoke the Absolute Moral Authority kiddie card to attack their critics for “attacking the children.”

After 12-year-old Graeme Frost delivered the Democrat radio address last week, which was penned for him by Senate staffers, conservatives on the FreeRepublic.com forum and across the Internet asked the questions the mainstream media wouldn’t ask about the family’s financial situation. The couple claims an annual combined annual income of about $45,000. Neither the Democrats nor the Baltimore Sun indicate how they verified that assertion before circulating it.

What is verifiable: The Frosts own a home in Baltimore purchased for $55,000 sixteen years ago–and now worth an estimated $300,000. That’s a lot of equity. In addition, the children’s father, Halsey Frost, owns commercial real estate and his own small business, but chose not to buy health insurance for himself and his wife, whom he hired as an employee. She now apparently works freelance at a medical publishing firm, which also reportedly doesn’t offer insurance. Gemma and Graeme both attend expensive private schools; the Frosts have two other school-age children. Reid’s staff says Gemma and Graeme receive tuition breaks. But it’s not clear when those scholarships were instituted and/or whether the other two receive tuition aid as well. Moreover, Frost’s family comes from considerable means. The children’s maternal grandfather was an engineering executive. Their paternal grandparents hail from affluent Bronxville, New York, where the grandfather is a prominent facilities management consultant and chairman of the municipal planning board.

In other words: The public trough is not Halsey Frost’s last and only resort.

The accident was horrible. The children deserve much sympathy and compassion. But this family made choices. Choices have consequences. Taxpayers of lesser means should not be forced to subsidize them.

The Frosts claim it would cost them more per month than their mortgage, reportedly $1,200 a month, to buy private insurance. But insurance bloggers quickly found available plans for a family of six with premiums as low as $452/month.

“That’s almost a third of the price quoted in the [Baltimore Sun] article,” wrote Bob Vineyard at InsureBlog. “Doesn’t anyone bother to check the facts?”

When in comes to Democrat health care poster children, the answer is “No, they don’t.” Graeme and Gemma Frost are not the first political symbols to be exploited by the socialized health care pushers of the Left:

In 1996, Hillary Clinton propped up young Jennifer Bush, a seven-year-old with mystery ailments whose mother coached her to lobby for universal health care Jennifer was trotted out to present the Clintons a lucky silver dollar “to bring you good luck so everyone can have good insurance.” Jennifer’s mother was later convicted of aggravated child abuse and welfare fraud for misrepresenting $60,000 in assets on Medicaid forms.

In 2000, Al Gore propped up elderly widow Winifred Skinner to lambaste high drug prices. Gore repeated her claim that she had to pick up cans on the side of the road to pay for medicine. Dan Rather bemoaned: “She’s no child, but she belongs on a poster about high drug costs.” One problem: Winifred’s own well-to-do son, businessman Earl King, debunked those claims.

In 2004, John Kerry propped up Mary Ann Knowles, a breast cancer patient who he claimed “had to keep working day after day right through her chemotherapy, no matter how sick she felt, because she was terrified of losing her family’s health insurance?” The conservative Manchester Union Leader editorial page reported: “Knowles chose to work through most, but not all, of her chemotherapy because her husband was out of a job…She and husband John did not want to take the pay cut that would have come with disability leave, so Mary Ann kept working.”

The Democrats sorely resent that they can no longer peddle their Big Nanny propaganda unchallenged. Harry Reid is already throwing tantrums and attacking the messengers who expose their health-care poster child abuse.

Here’s a free prescription for our stunted politicians: Grow up.

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