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PA TV Star: Mother Upset Her Daughter Failed as Suicide Bomber

Monday, February 27th, 2006

How do the Israelis think they can actually have peace with people like these? See my emphasis highlights as you read the article.

Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled television is still broadcasting human interest pieces highlighting parents’ support for their children’s decisions to become suicide bombers.
In spite of PA pledges not to incite, an interview broadcast last week featured the mother of Wafa Al-Bas, the 21-year-old Arab woman from Gaza who was arrested at the Erez Crossing in June 2005 wearing a 20-pound (9 kg) bomb under her clothes.

The PA TV interview with Al-Bas’ parents, which aired on February 20th, features her mother saying the event was hard for her – not because her daughter was on a suicide mission, but because she was arrested on her way to carry it out.
Al-Bas intended to bomb Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Hospital outpatient clinic, where she had been receiving regular treatments for serious burns on 45 percent of her body resulting from a gas stove explosion in her home.
The failed bomber later told Israeli television that her greatest wish was to kill 30 to 50 Israelis, including children. The hospital attack would likely have killed or maimed the very Israeli doctor who had saved her life.
Al-Bas’ mother said in the PA TV interview that she knew that her daughter had wanted to be a martyr since she was a little girl, but had not encouraged her – not because she opposed the idea of suicide bombing, but because Wafa was female. “If it was a boy, I would have supported, but since she is a girl I discouraged,” she said.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Hamas immoderation

Monday, February 27th, 2006

An interesting opinion piece from The Jerusalem Post.

Everyone knew it was coming; Hamas, following its surprise victory, would attempt to appear moderate in order to retain the flow of Western financial assistance. If there is a surprise now, it is that Hamas’s nod toward moderation is so imperceptible that it barely qualifies as a “charm offensive.”
In an interview with the Washington Post on Saturday, Hamas prime minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh was repeatedly asked whether Hamas would abide by the Quartet’s conditions, such as recognizing Israel, renouncing terrorism, and accepting previous agreements. “Which borders and which Israel?” was the best he could manage. “Israel has to recognize first the Palestinian state and its borders and then we will know what we are talking about.”
According to the Washington Post, when pressed, Haniyeh added, “If Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages.”
But Haniyeh on Sunday distanced himself from even such purported relative moderation, the kind that might signal that Hamas has limited demands which might be fulfilled and still leave room for Israel to exist. “I did not say anything about recognizing Israel,” he stressed. He had been misunderstood. And he had not spoken about peace, either, only a “political truce” with a host of pre-conditions.
In fact, Hamas is not trying particularly hard to give those who want to believe in its potential moderate credentials enough to hang their hat on. And its leaders are also happy to explain in Arabic to Arab audiences precisely what its stands for strategically.
On February 14, Al Jazeera broadcast an interview in Sudan with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal – the one who recently met with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Teheran. “We say to the Islamic nation: You want neither to pay charity nor to wage jihad?… How are we supposed to liberate Palestine? How are we supposed to regain the Al-Aqsa Mosque? How are we supposed to be a great nation facing the world? By Allah, we have no choice but to sacrifice our property and our souls… There is no other way.”
In another interview in Arabic on Dream TV 2 (Egypt, February 13), senior Hamas leader, Moussa Abu Marzouk, also didn’t mince words, stating “We say that all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, belongs to the Palestinians.”
The interviewer then pointed out, “That’s the voice directed at your own people, while the voice directed outside speaks about 1967.”
Abu Marzouk responded: “We use one voice in all forums. But we also say that we are dealing realistically with the current phase – an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty over the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. That is what we presented to our people in our election platform.”
Probing further, the interviewer asked, “Is this a partial or phased solution?”
Abu Marzouk confirmed, “Yes, it is a temporary and phased solution. This is not the permanent solution.” (All translations by
In other words, Hamas is happy to play along to a minimal degree with the West’s desire to support the Palestinians, on the assumption that the Palestinians have sincerely accepted a two-state solution that includes Israel. But Hamas leaders continue to explain, to anyone who is willing to listen, that their talk of the 1967 borders has nothing to do with an intention to live in peace with Israel.

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Muslim Preacher on Temple Mount: Restore Worldwide Islamic Rule

Monday, February 27th, 2006

For those who are still in doubt of islam’s goals, this iman spells it out very plainly.

Sheikh Ismail Nawahda, preaching to Moslem masses on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Friday, has brought it out into the open: the call to restore the Moslem Khalifate, or, “Genuine Islamic Rule.”
A plan for the “Return of the Khalifate” was published secretly in 2002 by a group called “The Guiding Helper Foundation.” The group explained that it wished to “give direction to the educated Muslim populace in its increasing interest in the establishment of Islam as a practical system of rule.”
This past Friday, Feb. 24, however, the plan went public. Sheikh Nawahda called publicly for the renewal of the Islamic Khalifate, which would “unite all the Moslems in the world against the infidels.”
The Khalifate system features a leader, known as a Khalif, who heads worldwide Islam. Assisted by a ten-man council, his decisions are totally binding on all Moslems.
According to the Foundation’s vision of the Khalifate, significant punishment can only be meted out for 14 crimes, including “accusing a chaste person of fornication,” “not performing the formal prayer,” and “not fasting during Ramadan.”
The Foundation recommends working to restore the Moslem dictatorship using a system of small groups around the world. The purpose is so that the “enemies of Islam” who “will definitely try to stop us” will have a “much harder task, if not impossible, if they are faced with a myriad of small groups of differing locations, ethnicities,” etc. This method also “ensures that if one group… is found and cut off, other similar groups will remain undetected.”
Sheikh Nawahda reminded his Temple Mount audience that the first step taken by Muhammed in stabilizing his rule was to form the nucleus of the first Islamic country in the city of Medina. Nawahda also said that the status of Moslems around the world has dropped drastically ever since the collapse of the last Khalifate in 1924, after Turkey became a democratic republic.
Nawahda called upon the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority to rise above their personal and party interests, and said that Moslems must return to Islam and join forces in the struggle against the West. He praised the worldwide protests against the anti-Muhammed cartoons, and encouraged the Moslem public to continue such activities. He implied that those who insulted Muhammed are liable for death. The Sheikh designated the Moslem masses as a strong point that can be utilized in the fight against the West.

Bikers Guard US Military Funerals Against Protesters

Monday, February 27th, 2006

I’m going to address two topics with this post. First, my admiration for the veterans and the work this biker group is doing to assist families during their grieving period. Second, I want to point out just how wrong this Topeka “pastor” and his congregation are.

I admire all veterans and the sacrifice they have made for our country. Even if they have never fought in a war, or even left the shores of our country, I still appreciate the time and service they have rendered to our country. They are to be respected and honored. And for those who fell during that service, there is no honor high enough for them. May God bless them and their families.

As for the so called “Rev.” Fred Phelps Sr., I wish for everyone to understand that he does not speak for me or for the majority of Christians in this country. His teachings are distorting the Word of God. I rebuke him for his non-Christian views.
Let me explain further.
The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. As with any sin, Christians should dislike the sin, but love the sinner. Through God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, all sinners (that’s all of us) can be restored to a loving relationship with God. In God’s eyes, homosexuality is no worse of a sin than any others. He sees them all as equal, all sin is enough to separate us from God. Only through belief in Jesus as our Lord and Savior can we be cleansed of sin.
Rev. Phelps’ teaching of “The church teaches that anyone who does not vocally oppose homosexuality and preach God’s hatred for homosexuals is damned to hell” is not in my Bible. As I said, homosexuality is a sin, but no worse than any other. All “unsaved” (for lack of a better word) people are going to end up in hell. God never said that anyone who didn’t actively oppose homosexuality is going to hell. According to Phelps’ very loose interpretation, even other Christians who don’t sign on to his version of things are going to hell. NOT TRUE. Also, and this is a very major point, God does not hate homosexuals. God “hates” sin. Any and all sin.
The Rev. Phelps is out of line. Completely. I rebuke him for this non-Biblical stance. He should be ministering to the needs of all sinners in a loving manner, in line with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles. Dislike the sin, but love the sinner. Welcome them with open arms. Show them the loving grace of Jesus.
Now some might call me a hypocrite because of some of the post I have had on this blog. Let me state quite clearly what my biggest dislike is concerning the homosexual community.
The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. I believe the Bible in it’s entirety and believe in Biblical Truth (all things the Bible says are true). I am not allowed to “pick and choose” what parts of the Bible I can accept. It’s all or nothing. Either one believes it or not. I also believe in Moral Absolutes. This means that I do not buy into the “free sex; anything, with anyone goes, as long as it feels good” society we live in. The Bible is very wise in matters of sex. Many of today’s problems could be avoided if we just follow what the Bible teaches. But I digress…
Not only does the Bible teach that homosexuality is a sin, but the Center for Disease Control has published several reports stating that many of today’s worse “social” disease are more prevalent and easier for people living the homosexual lifestyle to catch. Some of these, such as AIDS, are very deadly.
If homosexuals are going to push their lifestyle on everyone, at least present the whole story, not just the half-truths, and “glamorous” side which seem to be the only information that make it into the public spotlight.
On to the article:

( – A group of motorcycle riders who attend U.S. soldiers’ funerals to protect them from anti-homosexual protestors is quickly approaching the 10,000-member mark.

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) escort families of fallen soldiers to funeral services and stand between the funeral proceedings and protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church, who picket the ceremonies with anti-American and anti-homosexuality slogans.

The Westboro Baptist Church, according to its website, believes that God uses improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq to avenge the August 1995 bombing of the church headquarters in Topeka, Kan. Church founder Fred Phelps Sr. believes the 1995 bomb was a government attempt to silence his group. Topeka police ruled it a random attack that was part of a string of bombings in the area.
Members of Phelps’ church stand outside funeral services holding signs that say, “God Hates Fags,” and “God Hates the USA.” They also sing songs with anti-homosexual messages. Patriot Group Riders stand between church members and funerals, usually using American flags to obstruct the protestors’ view.

The “rides,” as PGR members call their events, began in August 2005 when members of the American Legion rode motorcycles to funerals as a response to Westboro’s protests. PGR spokesman Kurt Mayer said the group has seen “an explosion of growth” since it went nationwide in November and opened chapters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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