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Are We There Yet…??

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Those of us with small children can relate…

X-rated ‘children’s’ books outrage students’ parents

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

I cannot believe how low (or liberal, which is the same thing) our school systems are willing to go in order to push the “new world”, “gay”, “if it feels good, do it” agenda on our children. This is going way too far. What happened to classis literature? It sounds like the child rapist teachers we keep hearing about, are also on the board of education of many school districts. When are parents going to wake up and take an interest in what their kids learn?

Parents across the nation are taking action against both school districts and libraries that feature books, some of them required reading, that include sexual issues and obscenity many believe are inappropriate for school children.
In Overland Park, Kan., parents have organized to protest the inclusion of obscene books on children’s assigned reading lists in the Blue Valley School District. The parents took action after a few of them researched the books kids were being asked to read.
“[My son] is a 14-year-old freshman boy, and [the book] had references to oral sex and homosexuality. … I thought it was a mistake!” Janet Harmon, one of the Blue Valley parents, told activist group Concerned Women for America.
The Kansas parents eventually started a website,, designed to inform parents about the contents of their children’s reading material and about how to get involved to make changes.
The site includes pages with explicit examples of narrative bestiality and oral sex, citing the school board-approved books from which the excerpts come.
Says “The state should not have open season on when, where and how to indoctrinate and form children’s sexual attitudes, but rather … the parents should have the primary role in values education and overall worldview, particularly in the area of sexual values, for their own children.”
The site lists books on the high-school reading list along with their level of reading score as determined by the Lexile grade-level system.
Books assigned to 11th and 12th grade Blue Valley students, such as “Song of Solomon” (not the biblical book) and “Beloved,” are given fifth and sixth grade levels of difficulty by the Lexile system.
“The books, therefore, are not only vulgar but provide little intellectual challenge for high-school students,” Concerned Women for America points out.
“Beloved,” by Toni Morrison, was assigned to 12th-graders but has a sixth-grade reading level.
“‘Beloved’ contains oral sex, incest, rape, pedophilia, graphic sex, extreme violence, sexual abuse, physical/emotional abuse, infanticide, and an extensive amount of profanity,” states the website. “The first two chapters contain five references to sex with cows in addition to other types of sex.”
The Kansas parents wonder why classics such as Charles Dickens’ “David Copperfield” and Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” don’t top the reading list.
Elsewhere, parents have battled public libraries, which are increasingly stocking so-called young-adult novels that include vulgarity and overt sexuality.
Said a Texas homeschooling grandmother who contacted WND: “The ‘Young Adult Novel’ is a growing genre in ‘literature.’ The problem is, the books are foul and vile, filled with sexuality, homosexuality, terrible profanity and various other kinds of perversity. And the American Library Association works hard at keeping them available to our children. Any attempt to remove any of these books is labeled censorship by the ALA. They fight tooth and nail.”
A website sponsored by Parents Against Bad Books in School includes an extensive list of typical young-adult novels along with obscene excerpts from each one.
Stated PABBIS in a recent statement about the American Library Association: “The un-American ALA has taken the American constitutional right of freedom of speech and has perverted it into their right to push graphic and explicit smut on children. ALA and ALA affiliate brown boot bullies are constantly working to implement their weird social Marxist agenda. What started, purportedly, as a professional union-like organization for librarians has morphed into a powerful, dangerous, leftist, extremist organization.”
“The ALA believes ‘anything goes at any age’ and that there is no difference between children and adults,” continued PABBIS. “ALA and ALA affiliates decide what books your children should read. They push smut in both public and school libraries. They decide what is read in English class. Their vision of what is best for your child doesn’t include traditional classic literature. Smut-filled, ‘culturally diverse,’ easy-reading books are being pushed instead.”
The ALA’s “Freedom to Read Statement” says: “The freedom to read is essential to our democracy. It is continuously under attack. Private groups and public authorities in various parts of the country are working to remove or limit access to reading materials, to censor content in schools, to label ‘controversial’ views, to distribute lists of ‘objectionable’ books or authors, and to purge libraries. These actions apparently rise from a view that our national tradition of free expression is no longer valid; that censorship and suppression are needed to counter threats to safety or national security, as well as to avoid the subversion of politics and the corruption of morals. …”
The organization believes “ordinary individual, by exercising critical judgment, will select the good and reject the bad.” Each year it sponsors “Banned Books Week” to highlight attempts by Americans to challenge the inclusion of controversial books in school and neighborhood libraries.
The AFA stated last week that the most challenged book across the nation in 2005 was “It’s Perfectly Normal,” by Robie H. Harris, which is designed for children from the third to sixth grade and includes drawings of people having sex, a woman examining her genitals with a mirror and a teenage boy masturbating.
Last year, parents in Fayetteville, Ark., waged a protest against “It’s Perfectly Normal.” The school board initially removed the book and several others deemed objectionable to a parents-only section of the school library, but later returned them to the general circulation area.

Feds Lift Ban on HIV-Positive Travelers for Chicago’s ‘Gay Games’

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

This defies common sense at all levels.

(AgapePress) – The executive director of an Illinois pro-family group is calling on President Bush to reinstate HIV travel restrictions for those wanting to enter the U.S. for the “Gay Games” in Chicago this summer.
The seventh installment of “Gay Games Sports and Culture Festival,” scheduled for July 15-22 in the Windy City, has achieved federal recognition as a “Designated Event Status” — as well as a federal blanket waiver that permits non-U.S. citizens with HIV/AIDS to enter the United States to participate or attend Gay Games 2006. Those travelers are eligible to apply for single-entry B-2 travel visa that is valid from a week before the quadrennial event until six days after the closing date.
At least one family advocate in the state is concerned about the possible arrival of thousands of HIV-infected people in his state. According to Peter LaBarbera with the Illinois Family Institute, the Gay Games’ website is already promoting numerous “extracurricular” activities that he says are dangerous.
“On their website, they are already promoting highly dangerous homosexual behavior,” says LaBarbera. The IFI leader is definitely concerned about that. “We really believe this waiver of the HIV ban is going to lead to more people being infected with HIV here in the Chicago area and possibly all across the nation and the world.”
LaBarbera says the Gay Games claim to be a show of amateur athleticism — but asserts that it is really about promoting homosexuality.
“There are two 24-7 bathhouses on the website of the Gay Games,” he says, explaining that a bathhouse is “a place where men with a homosexual problem go for anonymous sexual activity. And so it’s very, very dangerous activity that’s going on behind closed doors — and two of them are actually sponsoring, are listed as official sponsors, of the Gay Games.” Other sponsors of the event include Walgreens as the “Official HIV/AIDS Prevention Sponsor,” and Lexiva, a medication for treating HIV infection.
LaBarbera says the dangerous nature of the homosexual lifestyle and inviting thousands of HIV-infected people to Chicago is simply a public health concern. Among those who pressed the federal government to allow HIV-positive people to enter the country for the event was Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. LaBarbera says President Bush should be concerned because, obviously, Mayor Daley is not.

Hindu Radicals Wage Severe Persecution Campaign Against Hopegivers

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Please join me in praying for the Christians overseas who are constantly undergoing persecution for spreading the Word of God.

(AgapePress) – Work continues at a Christian ministry to orphans and needy children in India, despite intimidation tactics and attacks by Hindu terrorists. The extremists, incensed over the publication of a banned booklet that unfavorably compares Hinduism with Christianity, have apparently blamed Hopegivers International and declared all-out war on the ministry.
The current trouble began last month for orphanages and hospitals in the state of Rajasthan, India, after Hindu terrorists became enraged over a booklet entitled “Haquikatt” and accused Hopegivers of printing and distributing the prohibited literature. Meanwhile, the Hindu extremists, who have burned Hopegivers schools and orphanages and incited violence against Christian workers, appear to have the help of the police.
Bill Bray, director of communication for Hopegivers, says although the ministry had nothing whatsoever to do with the writing or publishing of the banned book, local government and law enforcement authorities are doing nothing to stop the violence. “They seem to be aiding and abetting the terrorists,” he says.
“The state authorities in Rajasthan are a Hindu political party,” Bray explains. Rather than preventing or containing the violence, he says, the police “seem to be behind it and promoting [it], looking the other way and allowing the local authorities to neglect the safety of the children.”
The violence is increasing, the Hopegivers International spokesman continues, with the heaviest attacks targeting the ministry’s headquarters in Kota. “The police have surrounded the facility,” he says, “and as a result the local police force and administration have been politicized by these militant activists, and they’ve suspended the licenses to operate our schools and hospital.”
Hopegivers believes what is happening to the ministry’s facilities in India is all part of a “well-orchestrated campaign of terror” that has been launched against the Christian group’s outreaches, affecting every church, clinic, hospital, orphanage and school in Rajasthan. The all-out assault includes false arrests of key leaders, planned newspaper propaganda, organized demonstrations and riots, threats of violence, and intimidation.

‘We Cannot Abandon the Work or Our People’
Several of the ministry’s workers have been arrested and held without bond, Bray adds. Also, he notes, Hindu terrorists have called for the beheading of Hopegivers’ president, Dr. Samuel Thomas. Both he and his father, Hopegivers founder Dr. M.A. Thomas, have been forced to remain out of sight, even as they urge Christian workers and supporters in India to “stand firm and resist.”
An emergency appeal dictated by Dr. Samuel Thomas notes that, under the current circumstances, escape by air, train, or bus is “impossible and unthinkable” to the ministry leaders. “We cannot abandon the work or our people,” the ministry president says.
“Never in our 46-year history has such extreme persecution been so well organized and carefully directed at our ministries on a statewide basis,” Thomas contends. “Yet,” he adds, “we are not discouraged! We are not disheartened! We live today because He lives! We are trusting in the Lord for our protection!”
Despite the terror campaign being waged against them, Bray says Hopegivers International’s personnel are moving forward in faith, and the work continues at the Christian organization’s schools, orphanages, and other outreaches. Nevertheless, the ministry’s leaders say it is operating in “severe crisis mode,” and they are calling for prayer and financial aid.
Hopegivers International’s U.S. office in Columbus, Georgia, has been asked to set up two emergency relief funds for soliciting contributions to help meet the ministry’s two greatest needs. One is a “Legal Defense Emergency Fund,” the proceeds of which will be used for bail money to get ministry personnel released from jail and to pay for legal representation and other legal expenses. The other fund is an “Orphan and School Children Fund,” necessitated by the official seizure of the Christian ministry’s accounts in Rajasthan.
Without operating funds, Hopegivers’ schools, orphanages and hospitals will quickly run out of food, clean clothing and basic supplies for the children. The Orphan and School Children Fund is needed to supply emergency funds for the ministry’s outreach facilities while the Hindu terrorists’ campaign of targeted persecution and intimidation continues.