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Florida teen’s massacre called ‘gift from Allah’

Monday, May 15th, 2006

“Terror leaders threaten Americans, hope boy, 16, ‘goes directly to hell'”

What else could we expect from a slimy, pali terrorist, holy land occupier?

TEL AVIV – The death yesterday of Daniel Wultz, a Florida teenager critically injured last month in a suicide bombing at an Israeli restaurant, is a “gift from Allah” and revenge against American Jewish support for Israel, Abu Nasser, a leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one of the groups responsible for the deadly blast, told WorldNetDaily.
Abu Amin, a leader of the Islamic Jihad, which also took responsibility for the April 17 bombing in which Wultz was injured, told WND last night his terror group may target Americans in the near future.
Wultz, 16, was one of over 60 people injured in the attack in which a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded section of Tel Aviv as Israelis celebrated the fifth day of the Passover holiday. The blast ripped through a falafel restaurant just outside the city’s old central bus station, killing nine. The same restaurant was hit by a suicide attack in January, wounding 20. A tenth Israeli victim passed away this weekend. Wultz’s demise yesterday brought to 11 the total number of deaths from the suicide blast so far.
Wultz was a resident of Weston, Fla. He was on Passover vacation in Israel along with his family. The teenager was seated with his father, Yekutiel, at an outside table of the targeted restaurant when the bomb was detonated.
Described as an avid basketball player, Wultz lost his spleen, a leg and a kidney in the attack. Doctors at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital had reportedly been fighting to save his other leg, which was suffering from severely reduced blood flow. Wultz’s father suffered a fractured leg in the attack.
Wultz had been lying in a coma in the intensive care unit since the bombing, though he briefly was aroused last month.
His story had generated extensive international media coverage and had prompted a flurry of e-mails across the Internet asking people worldwide to pray for the young terror victim.
Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Brigades, the declared military wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party, claimed responsibility for the bombing.
In a WND exclusive interview yesterday, Abu Nasser, a senior leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank, rejoiced in Wultz’s death. Abu Nasser is part of the Brigades leadership in the Balata refugee camp suspected of plotting the attack.
“This is a gift from Allah. We wish this young dog will go directly with no transit to hell,” Abu Nasser said.
“[Wultz] was part of the American support machine that helps our enemy. All these young American Jews come here to support the occupation, they build and live in the settlements … . I imagine him as one of these Nazis who live here [in the settlements.] There is no difference between him and them.”
Regarding U.S. policy in the Middle East, Abu Nasser commented, “I say to the Americans if you will not change than we wish you more Daniel Wultzes and more pain and sorrow because it seems that this is the only thing you deserve.”
Abu Nasser went on to pledge more suicide bombings inside Israel.
“We will hit whenever we will think it is suitable and do not expect that I give details but we can hit everywhere,” he said.
Also speaking to WND, Islamic Jihad senior leader in the northern West Bank Abu Amin called Wultz’s death a “message from Allah to the unbelievers that he will always be at the side of those who believe and fight for him.”
Comparing Wultz to the suicide bomber who killed the Florida teenager, Abu Amin said, “Our hero believed in Allah and died while fighting for Allah but your pig was killed in a restaurant in an area full of prostitution.”
He said Wultz’s death should demonstrate to Americans “that even if you live in the U.S. the hand of Allah and the sword of the Jihad fighters will reach you and you will find the same end [as Wultz].”
Asked if his group would specifically target Americans in Israel, Abu Amin replied, “Concerning the Americans we do not target them but I will not be surprise if the resistance organizations would reconsider this matter. America is a full partner of the enemy in the siege against our people.
“If we know there are Americans in a place we plan to attack, we will not cancel the operation. On the contrary this would be a sign from Allah that this is a more blessed operation. Killing Americans and Jews in one operation – it can be great.”

‘$100 per barrel if U.S. hits Iran’

Monday, May 15th, 2006

I sure wish y’all had listened to us oil people years ago when we asked to be allowed to increase domestic drilling and construct new refineries.

The price of a barrel of oil could surge to triple figures if the United States were to attack Iran in order to halt that country’s nuclear program.
That’s the claim of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who said the Iranians would have no choice but to cut off their supply of fuel.
“If the United States attacks Iran … oil could reach $100 a barrel or more,” Chavez told a meeting today hosted by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, according to Reuters. “The English middle classes would have to stop using their cars.”
“If they attack Iran, the Iranians will cut off their supply of oil. We would do the same if we were attacked. We would cut off our oil,” Chavez told some 1,000 leftists and trade unionists. “Moreover, Iran has said it would attack Israel, and I know they have the wherewithal to do so.”
In recent years, the price of oil has gushed to about $70 a barrel, meaning billions of dollars for the economy of Venezuela and fueling Chavez’s self-styled socialist Bolivarian revolution.
“If they attack Iran I think it will be far worse than the situation is in Iraq,” Chavez added, calling Iraq “the Vietnam of the 21st century.”
Chavez got a warm welcome to London by Livingstone, who commenced the meeting by claiming President Bush was running “a gangster regime.”
“We salute you Mr. President,” Livingstone told Chavez. “Londoners stand with you, not with the oil companies and the oligarchs.”

“Gangster Regime” huh? Guess it takes one to know one.

Ted Kennedy’s Plane Hit by Lightning

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Do you think God’s trying to tell the senator something??
OK, just joking. I’m glad Senator Kennedy is OK. But this guy seriously needs to retire.

BOSTON – A plane carrying U.S Sen. Edward M. Kennedy across Massachusetts was struck by lightning and had to be diverted to New Haven, Conn., his spokeswoman said. The plane lost all electrical power and the pilot had to fly the plane manually, according to spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner. No one was hurt.
The Democrat had just delivered the commencement address at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams and was on his way his Cape Cod home when the plane was struck at about 2:45 p.m., she said.
Kennedy planned to stay in Connecticut overnight because he was scheduled to deliver another commencement address at Springfield College on Sunday, she said.
The incident was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration, Wagoner said.
The FAA did not immediately return a call.

Orlando Ministry Says It Helps Heal ‘Unwanted Homosexuality’

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Wait a minute! The homosexuals are teaching our kids that being homosexual is as normal as being right handed or left handed. They say it’s a genetic trait that cannot be changed. So how is it possible that people are able to leave homosexuality?
Could it be that homosexuals are not telling you and your kids the whole story? (Yes).
Could it be that it is a lifestyle choice (a dangerous choice at that) ? (Yes).
Maybe it would be good to get all the facts? (Yes).

ORLANDO, Fla. — Matthew Walker was always teased as a kid for being small, awkward and different. He felt different, too, but wasn’t sure exactly why.
He must’ve been about 7 or 8 years old when he pointed toward a bouncer at a country music festival in Branson, Mo., telling his brother something like, “You know, if I was a girl I would date him.”
By the time he got to Oklahoma State University, Walker was dating guys. But now, at age 34, he has been out of homosexuality for more than seven years.
He’s one of thousands of former homosexuals who enlisted the help of an Orlando-based Christian group called Exodus International, an organization with 135 member ministries in the United States that works to “heal” gays and lesbians through prayer, counseling and group therapy.
The ministry is at the forefront of an increasingly high-profile “ex-gay” movement that claims it’s possible to leave homosexuality behind, and estimates it has successfully treated tens of thousands of people since it began three decades ago in San Francisco.
It has also drawn sharp criticism from gay rights advocates who say it’s not any more possible to change a person’s sexuality than it is their ethnicity – and trying to “treat” homosexuality can cause alienation, depression or worse.
“It promotes treatment for people who do not need to be treated, promotes idea that homosexuality is a mental illness,” said Roberta Sklar, spokeswoman for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. “It promotes things that are very deleterious to families – the idea you should be scrutinizing your 5-year-old to catch them before their sexual orientation is marred.”
Walker always knew homosexuality didn’t cohere with his devout Christian upbringing, but says he did it to fill a void in his life for male attention. He did it because his father paid more attention to his brother and because he always felt more comfortable around girls.
He lived a gay life for nine years before he saw his world falling apart.
He was $25,000 in debt, his mother was sick and he returned to Oklahoma to help care for her. There, he made a decision to leave homosexuality behind.
“I grew up knowing that God thought this was wrong, but at the same time battling with the fact that there was no point in my life that I felt like homosexuality was inserted into my life. It was always there,” Walker said.
“I no longer believe that I was born gay. I can look at my early life experiences and influences and see each one directed me down a path towards homosexuality,” he says.
Exodus president Alan Chambers says the group fields about 400,000 inquiries a year, up dramatically from about 250,000 calls in 2002. Some, like Walker, are homosexuals who want to change; some are parents and relatives worried about a gay or lesbian loved one. Others are youth pastors or other church leaders who want to learn how to get involved.
Most gays and lesbians who seek help are Christians, Chambers says, but not all.
Besides Chambers, there are just 11 people who work at the ministry’s national headquarters in Orlando – on the second floor of a two-story, yellow and brick rectangle building that bears no sign.
The group might draw protesters if it advertised too much, says Chambers, himself an ex-gay who now has a wife and child. (Back in 1996, a group called the Lesbian Avengers dropped 1,500 crickets into the office, then based in San Francisco, to simulate a plague of locusts.)
The office itself is just a reference, with no therapy or counseling. All of that happens around Exodus’ affiliate ministries, where at any given time Chambers estimates about 1,000 people are going through a program.
Only about three or four of them are residential, he says. There is no way to generalize them entirely, but most, like the one Walker attended, consist of regular monthly meetings where attendees share their trials – much like Alcoholics Anonymous.
Like AA, Chambers estimates, Exodus has about a one-third immediate success rate. Another third decide they were happy being gay in the first place, while the remaining third are still floating somewhere in between.
Chambers is quick to point out that Exodus isn’t about “curing” anyone or “turning people straight.” In fact, many who go through the program might never have a heterosexual relationship, he says.
Instead, it’s about refraining from activities that violate their beliefs – in God or anything else – and addressing “unwanted homosexuality.”
“These are people who have identified that they struggle with same-sex attractions and are conflicted about that, and they want to find some sort of level of support and ability to overcome those feelings, move beyond them or live with them in conjunction with their Christianity,” Chambers said.
Interestingly, Exodus keeps a somewhat peculiar place in the canon of Christian conversation about how homosexuality develops. For them, it’s more complicated than being simply a choice, lifestyle or abomination – and could involve biological causes, though Chambers doubts there is a “gay gene.”
“There is no quick answer or one thing that causes homosexuality,” Chambers says. “It’s a combination of factors that play in someone’s life that lead them to deal with that issue.”
Chambers says the most prevailing theme is a “a deficit in their same-sex relationships, starting with their same sex parent and going into their peer relationships” – a deficit like Matthew Walker felt.
Still, their comparatively open explanation hasn’t stopped criticism from gay rights groups who say Exodus and other ex-gay organizations dangerously ignore the American Psychological Association position that homosexuality is neither treatable nor a disorder.
In a report released last month, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute questioned whether the therapies are ethical or effective and said state and federal authorities should provide greater oversight when they involve youth.
It mentions several cases in which parents allegedly forced their children to enter programs, including one who was driven to the facility in handcuffs.
“They’re given this trust that people who don’t normally associate themselves with religious faith are not given, and they end up misleading parents and families,” study author Jason Cianciotto said.
Cianciotto also cited reports that reparative sexual therapy can cause low self-esteem, alienation and depression leading up to suicide. He said groups like Exodus send a dangerous message that parents should watch their children for signs of homosexuality and kids somehow need to be “cured.”
“It feeds into that general stigma and fear about gay and lesbian people that’s raised so much money and made them so prominent,” he said. “The notion that you can somehow become gay, or that gay and lesbian organizations are somehow recruiting.”
Chambers says he and other ex-gays are living proof the programs can work.
“If someone doesn’t want to be gay, why tell them that they don’t have an alternative when they do?”

Clinton Pushed RU-486 in First Official Act, Report Shows

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Two things surprised me about this article:
1) Bill Clinton was stupid enough to leave documents like this in his library.
2) Y’all were so enthralled with this man that you re-elected him for a second term.
What is kind of funny is that you can’t find anyone, these days, who will admit to voting for Bill Clinton.

( – Before being sworn in as president, Democrat Bill Clinton was told that he should “start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of the country.” Clinton received the advice in a letter from an advocate for the abortion drug regimen RU-486, which the president promoted during his first official act in the White House, according to a new report.
New attention is being paid to RU-486 as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) debates whether to ban the drug combination because of a spate of incidents in which women allegedly died or were injured from its effects.
“The Clinton RU-486 Files”, released by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, contains recently uncovered documents that shed new light on the Clinton administration’s legal, political and press strategy for bringing RU-486 into the American marketplace — despite the manufacturer’s earlier decision not to market the drug in the United States.
According to the documents obtained last February from the National Archives at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark., Clinton ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FDA to coordinate the marketing of RU-486. He did so in his first official act three days after moving into the White House in January 1993.
Clinton had received advice concerning the abortion regimen in a letter from Ron Weddington, whose wife, Sarah, had advocated for the legal right to abortion as an attorney in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.
In urging the legalization of RU-486, Ron Weddington wrote in a Jan. 6, 1992, letter to Clinton. “Something’s got to be done very quickly. Twenty-six million food stamp recipients is (sic) more than the economy can stand.”
The “president-to-be” should “start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of the country,” Weddington added.
“Our survival depends upon our developing a population where everyone contributes,” he wrote. “We don’t need more cannon fodder. We don’t need more parishioners. We don’t need more cheap labor. We don’t need more babies.”
“Weddington’s ravings were not relegated to a file for unsolicited constituent correspondence,” the Judicial Watch report notes. “On the contrary, the Weddington letter is, chronologically and philosophically, the foundation document for the Clinton RU-486 files.”
Within a month of Clinton’s first directive, FDA Commissioner David Kessler met with the RU-486 manufacturer, the French pharmaceutical company Roussel Uclaf. After that, official political, economic and diplomatic pressure from the U.S. government was exercised to make the drug available in the United States, the Judicial Watch report states.
In one confidential memo, former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala claimed that she and Kessler had personally changed the positions of the makers of RU-486 to market the pill in the U.S.
The documents also indicate that Roussel Uclaf offered to give the patent for the abortion drug regimen to the U.S. government for free so the French company would not be liable for damages if anything went wrong.
“Accepting the patent gift should be touted as a reproductive rights victory for American women and another example of the Clinton administration’s commitment to deliver on its promises,” Kevin Thurm, a deputy secretary with HHS, wrote in 1994.
Still, Thurm noted that Shalala should accept the patent on behalf of the government rather than Clinton “for purposes of insulating the White House” from any political consequences.
The documents also show that while Clinton administration officials were concerned rejecting the patent would alienate abortion “rights” groups, the White House turned down the offer anyway, and the company gave the rights to the non-profit Population Council.
However, the drugmaker’s board would only agree to the arrangement if it received an official letter from the president of the United States requesting RU-486 on behalf of the women of the country.
Clinton’s letter was dated May 16, 1994, and it stated that women of the United States needed “safe and effective medical treatment.” The president concluded his missive by writing: “On behalf of the government of the United States and for the women of America, I thank you for your work.”

‘Culture of corruption’
The Judicial Watch report also claims that pressure from the Clinton administration led the FDA to circumvent the standard requirements for certifying a drug as “safe and effective” in order to rush the abortion regimen to market.
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.), who is mentioned in a May 11, 1994, status memo by Thurm “as one of six Republicans who cosponsored a bill ‘to prohibit federal funds from being used for clinical studies of RU-486 as an abortifacient,'” said that the expedited procedure used to approve RU-486 was “totally inappropriate.”
That process is “used for drugs that treat disease by providing some hope for life where there isn’t any,” Bartlett told Cybercast News Service. “Clearly, RU-486 is not that kind of drug.”
“These new documents prove the RU-486 approval process was infected by raw politics,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Accordingly, Congress and other authorities should launch appropriate investigations.
“At least six women and 560,000 unborn children have lost their lives due to the Clinton administration’s reckless drive to bring RU-486 to America,” Fitton added. “This dangerous abortion pill needs to be pulled off the market immediately.”
“All of the Clinton administration’s actions on this issue were based on the science and what was best for American women,” Jay Carson, a current spokesman for the former president, said in a statement to the Associated Press on May 9.
But, Joe Giganti, spokesman for the National Pro-Life Action Center (NPLAC), told Cybercast News Service that the report exposes a “culture of corruption” at the FDA.
The problem is so severe that the agency is “no longer acting in the best interests of their own mandate, which is to look out for the public health and safety,” he added. “They approved a drug that is dangerous to every baby and has been proven dangerous to most of the women who are taking it,” Giganti said.
Lannier Swann, director of government relations for the conservative organization Concerned Women for America (CWA), added that “it is now the duty of Congress to conduct a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of the unethical actions performed under Clinton’s watch,” she stated.
“Both Clinton and the FDA should be held accountable for their careless disregard for women and failure to put the American people’s interests above their own,” Swann added.
As Cybercast News Service previously reported, the FDA issued a health warning in July 2005 because five American women died after using RU-486.
Several months later, Republican lawmakers urged Congress to suspend the availability of the abortion drug, calling it a “baby pesticide” that is also harmful to women.
This past March, more deaths were linked to RU-486, and CWA called on the FDA to pull the drug.
House Republicans demanded quick action on proposed legislation to force the FDA to withdraw approval of the abortion drug combination. The bill is called Holly’s Law and is named after 18-year-old Holly Patterson of California, who died of an infection in 2003 after taking RU-486.

Inside Edition: Apocalypse or silliness??

Monday, May 15th, 2006

I don’t normally give these types of shows the time of day, but this headline caught my eye. If anyone can catch it and let me know what the “tone” of the article was, I’d appreciate it. It’s showing this afternoon. I’m figuring that they will do whatever they can to make us Christians look like psycho, religious nuts.

The date is near, and dire predictions are everywhere! See what some pregnant woman due close to 6/6/06 are going to do! Apocalypse or silliness??

By the way, having read the book of The Revelations, I can tell you that the Mark of the Beast “666” has nothing to do with a date, a telephone number, an address, or stadium seat number. It is the “mark” representing the beast, that people will have to have on either their forehead or hand, in order to buy and sell, during the tribulation period. It will be taken completely voluntarily. Remember that by that time, the church has already been raptured from the earth by Jesus.
Take a moment and read the Book of The Revelation sometime. I’d suggest reading it BEFORE Jesus comes back…which could be at any time.

Fewer Americans Than Thought Going to Church, Says Study

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Well, I disagree with this. Our little church is adding, on average, a family per week. At least here in the Bible Belt, churches are seeing a lot of growth.

(AgapePress) – A new study concludes the number of Americans attending church every Sunday is a whole lot less than what has been reported. One of the researchers suggests that the success of mega-churches across the country could be one reason for the misperception about how many Americans actually spend Sunday morning in a worship service.
Christianity Today notes that for years, Gallup pollsters have reported that 40 percent of Americans — roughly 118 million people — attend a church every Sunday. But a new study done by an Episcopal Church researcher, Kirk Hadaway, and Penny Marler of Samford University concludes the actual number is much less than that.
They did a “count-based” estimate of church attendance — in other words, actual attendance figures — and concluded that only about 20 percent of Americans go to a church on Sunday. That lower figure, says Hadaway, may come as a surprise to many. But he believes part of the problem may be that people see or hear about the big crowds attending the mega-churches and get the impression that church attendance overall is increasing.
“You have Joel Osteen’s church with 20,000 or 30,000 people worshipping on an average weekend, and it just seems like religion is going great guns,” the researcher says. Other mega-churches like Saddleback Church (Orange County, California), Willow Creek Community Church (near Chicago), Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, Kentucky), and Prestonwood Baptist Church (Plano, Texas) report attendance well over 10,000 on a typical Sunday.
“I think it is creating a false impression of what is happening in the church,” Hadaway says of the huge numbers being attributed to such congregations. “There are more giant churches now than there used to be — but at the same time, the average church is quite small.”
He adds that a decline in the number of small congregations has resulted in the “death” of a lot of churches. “The have declining numbers and rising costs — insurance rates, pastors’ salaries, utilities — making it really tough for many churches across America,” he says.
The National Congregations Study in 2000 estimated there were more than 330,000 churches in the United States — yet only 10 percent of those churches have more than 350 regular participants. As CT points out, that means those 10 percent compose nearly half of those attending religious services in America.

Congressman Asks Bush to Help Save San Diego Cross

Monday, May 15th, 2006

What has always amazed me is the ability of a court to completely overlook the will of the people it’s supposed to be serving. I have said for some time now that the judicial system needs an overhaul. It’s time to start holding judges accountable to the people of this country. Since we no longer have judges who have character and morals, we can no longer count on them not to legislate from the bench. It’s time to make them accountable.

SAN DIEGO, CA (AgapePress) – The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is asking President Bush to help save a 29-foot cross standing on San Diego city property from being removed by court order.
California Congressman Duncan Hunter is calling on the president to exercise his power of eminent domain and take over the half-acre cross site atop Mt. Soledad. In personal correspondence to the White House, the Republican lawmaker on Thursday (May 11) urged Bush to “protect the [Mt. Soledad] Memorial for future generations of veterans and San Diego visitors and residents” by using his “authority found in 40 U.S.C. 3113 to begin immediate condemnation proceedings and [to] bring the [Mt. Soledad] National Veterans’ Memorial into the federal park system.”
By designating his Interior Secretary to sign an executive order, President Bush and the federal government can effectively complete the land-transfer initiative that began in November 2004 — and was approved by voters the following summer — allowing the Mt. Soledad site to fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government.
A federal judge last week ordered San Diego to take down the cross within 90 days or face fines of $5,000 dollars a day. The injunction was the latest twist in a 17-year battle waged by an atheist against the cross, which was raised in 1954 in memorial of Korean War veterans. Congressman Hunter says, “The federal government has lots of memorials with crosses on it,” including Arlington Cemetery.
Hunter and others, including San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, believe the action is necessary considering the long legal battle the city has endured against an atheist and his lawyer, James McElory. According to Congressman Hunter, the memorial “has been under siege by a single individual and his team of lawyers who have ignored the broader historical context and community support ….”
A certified copy of Hunter’s letter [PDF] to the president was given to Mayor Sanders. Faced with a court-imposed order to remove the cross, Sanders said that “some battles are worth fighting for.” The mayor explained during a press conference at the memorial site on Thursday that he is unsure whether the majority of San Diego’s council members will support an effort to continue to contest the case legally.
However, Sanders did indicate that he is in support of exploring every legal option in order to retain the cross at its present location. Apparently the mayor feels compelled to listen to the 197,000 voters who, in July 2005, requested transfer of the land where the cross is located to the federal park system. Hunter’s amendment to a defense appropriation bill in December 2004 allowed for this transfer. But Judge Patricia Cowett, who has been involved in a local non-profit organization with attorney McElroy, threw out the transfer authorization that was approved by San Diego voters last summer. (See related story)

Support Coming Alongside
Meanwhile, the Thomas More Law Center has launched an online national petition drive that dovetails with Hunter’s request. The petition requests that Bush direct the Secretary of the Interior to “immediately begin legal proceedings” to take the land by eminent domain. The Law Center says the petition will be sent directly to President Bush.
Various Christian groups have decided to join the Law Center in their effort to keep the cross at its present location in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla. Late last week the American Family Association sent out 2.9 million e-mails to its supporters encouraging them to send a communication to the president regarding Hunter’s request. AFA founder Don Wildmon, retired House Speaker Newt Gingrich, American Center for Law & Justice founder Jay Sekulow, Liberty University founder Rev. Jerry Falwell, and Coral Ridge Ministries’ Dr. Gary Cass have all expressed interest in contacting the White House regarding this matter.
Local clergy who joined Mayor Sanders at Thursday’s press conference included Pastor Leo Giovinetti (Mission Valley Christian Fellowship) and Bishop George McKinney of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ.

Urge Senators to Support the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA)

Monday, May 15th, 2006

On June 6th (ironic that it would be on D-Day, the day troops invaded Europe in 1944) the senate will be voting on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA). If you have not already done so, take a moment to contact your senator and let them know that you support this Amendment.

U.S. Senate To Vote On Homosexual Marriage June 6
The most important vote in the Senate this year! The future of our children is at stake.

Dear Steve,
On June 6, the U.S. Senate will vote on the constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
Time is short! It is critical that you contact your senators and ask them to vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA).
Once homosexual marriage is legal, our religious liberties will be stripped away. Even pro-homosexual marriage advocates agree with that statement. To understand how this will happen, please take time read Dr. Maggie Gallagher’s very detailed and accurate article by clicking here. Print it out and give a copy to your pastor!
We expect Democratic senators to vote to kill the MPA. The public is not aware that the Democratic National Committee has given thousands of dollars to homosexual groups to help promote homosexual marriage.
The groups supporting homosexual marriage have activist judges waiting to make homosexual marriage legal. It is expected that the Washington state Supreme Court will rule homosexual marriage legal as soon as the elections are over. Some feel the ruling has already been made, but they will not release it until after the November elections. They don’t want to hurt the pro-homosexual liberal nominees in the elections.
Only a constitutional amendment will stop homosexual marriage from becoming the law of the land.
Take Action
It is extremely important that you email your senators today, and get as many others as possible to do the same. Please, please forward this to your family and friends!
If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.
Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Official: Bush to Call On National Guard for Border Control

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Well, it’s a start. Maybe Bush has decided to listen to his base. I’ve said for quite some time that securing our border is the only way to control illegal immigration and homeland security.

WASHINGTON – President Bush will use a prime time speech Monday night to call for thousands of National Guard troops to be deployed along the Mexican border to help back up the U.S. Border Patrol.
The remarks come as the Senate tries to pass a guest worker proposal that opponents say doesn’t do enough to stem the influx of illegals passing over the southern border each day. Senators begin debate anew Monday on an immigration reform package that aims to allow the estimated 11 million to 12 million illegals in the United States look for a way to stay here.
The president supports a guest worker plan, but also must answer to many in his base who say border security is step one in dealing with the flood of illegal immigrants.
As a result, Bush is also being forced to walk a diplomatic tightrope with Mexican President Vicente Fox, who called Bush on Sunday to discuss efforts to improve border security. Bush emphasized to Fox that any move to put military units at the southern U.S. border was not an intimidation tactic aimed at his government, White House spokeswoman Maria Tamburri told FOX News.
Watch President Bush’s primetime address Monday night at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX News Channel.
“Mexican President Vicente Fox reached out to President Bush this morning to relay his concerns about consideration of a plan by the United States to deploy National Guard forces to the border region. President Bush made clear that the United States considers Mexico a friend and that what is being considered is not a militarization of the border, but support of Border Patrol capabilities, on a temporary basis, by National Guard personnel,” Tamburri said.
“The president reiterated to President Fox his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform,” she added. Fox’s office also released a statement saying Bush assured the Mexican president that any military support would be administrative and logistical and would come from the National Guard and not the Army.
White House aides were working Sunday night on the details of the president’s proposal to deploy National Guardsmen along the border and how to address the concerns of critics, including Govs. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Bill Richardson of New Mexico, among others, who say using Guardsmen to man the border would further burden an overextended military. Domestically, governors traditionally are the ones with the authority to redeploy National Guard troops within their states.
“What in the world are we talking about here? Sending a National Guard (for whom) we may not have any capacity to send down to protect the borders? That’s not their role,” said Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., on ABC’s “This Week.”
“We have stretched these men and women so thin, so thin, because of the bad mistakes done by the civilians in the military here, that I wonder how they’re going to be able to do it,” added Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.
Hagel said he helped write a bill under debate in the Senate that would double the 12,000-strong Border Patrol force over the next five years.
“That’s the way to fix it, not further stretching the National Guard,” he said.
On Sunday, the president’s national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, would not say how many troops the president wanted to use, but he did say the purpose would be to support, not replace, Border Patrol.
“Safeguarding the border is for the Border Patrol. And they have a huge task. And one of the issues is: do they need help on an interim basis so that they could do the full function? It’s the support function we’re talking about,” Hadley told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”
A White House official said Sunday evening that Bush will propose using troops as a temporary measure while the Border Patrol builds up its resources. The troops would play a supportive role to Border Patrol agents, who would maintain primary responsibility for physically guarding the border.
The official, speaking on a condition of anonymity ahead of the address, would not give an exact number for how many troops Bush wanted to use, except that it would be in the thousands. The official said the number will be less than an estimate of 10,000 that was being discussed at the Pentagon.
About 100 National Guard troops are serving on the border to assist with counter-drug operations, heavy equipment support and other functions.
“I think what it would be is simply expanding the kind of thing that has already been done in the past in order to provide a bit of a stopgap as the Border Patrol build up their capacity to deal with this challenge,” Hadley said.
But Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., a border security proponent and backer of the Minuteman groups shoring up the border with volunteer “spotters,” wrote in an editorial Sunday in Human Events Online that Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano already tried to redeploy 170 National Guardsmen on the troops and it didn’t do much because the numbers were too small and their role was to help Border Patrol with cargo screening, not guarding the unprotected areas along the border.
Norwood said the truth in Bush’s commitment to border security “will lie in the proposed numbers, and whether the plan is for a short-term demonstration project or a long-term strategy for truly securing our southern border.”
He added that research data done by the House Immigration Reform Caucus shows that “the southern border can be virtually closed except at legal points of entry within a one-month period- at the longest. … It will initially take 36,000 troops.
“At the start, they should be National Guard personnel drawn nationally. There isn’t enough National Guard in the border states alone to do the job without hindering combat readiness, so the forces will need to be pulled from other states as well under current National Guard Bureau assistance regulations,” Norwood said.
That’s the position favored by the Minuteman Project, whose leader Jim Gilchrist told FOX News he thinks the president’s proposal will just be a “head fake.”
“Apparently, they just do not get the message and 5,000 National Guardsmen is not enough. You need 25,000 Guardsmen … to supplement the Border Patrol until they can find another 25,000 agents and train them. That will take several years,” Gilchrist said.
Senators will be listening closely to the president as they negotiate an immigration bill that will likely take up to two weeks to pass. The measure in the Senate is heavy on a guest worker plan, though Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., has repeatedly called for tightening the borders.
“We’ve got to secure our borders,” Frist said on a cable news network on Sunday. “We hear it from the American people. We’ve got millions of people coming across that border. First and foremost, secure the border, whatever it takes. Everything else we’ve done has failed. We’ve got to face that. And so we need to bring in, I believe, the National Guard.”
He added that any lawmakers who have doubts about the National Guard – well trained after years in Iraq and Gulf Coast duty following Hurricane Katrina last year – are “whining” and “moaning.”
Bush will deliver his speech from the Oval Office, where he is expected to place equal emphasis on protecting the border and accommodating many of the millions of illegal immigrants already in this country.
Specifically, he is likely to argue that many of the illegal immigrants in the United States now should be allowed to pursue a path to citizenship that would include learning English and paying back taxes and fines, all elements of the Senate bill.
But the Senate bill is a long way from the House version of immigration reform passed last December. That measure does not address the guest worker issue but increases penalties for illegal immigration activities and funds a 700-mile border fence.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said if Bush can push through an immigration reform bill that avoids amnesty but tightens the borders, it could go a long way toward improving the president’s sagging poll numbers.
“I think that the president, by doing the things that resonate with the American people, could rebound very quickly. I’ve seen presidents come back dramatically when people say they go the message, now they’re doing the things I want,” Gingrich told FOX News.
One million or more supporters of the guest worker plan demonstrated in April in support of a Senate compromise. But Gilchrist said many more Americans won’t stand for compromise.
“We want results. Show us the results and then you’ll get our support. Until we see absolute results and the enforcement of our immigration laws, you’ll get no support from tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of Americans. What the Democrats and Republicans are doing is opening up the doorway for a third party to reside in the White House as early as 2008,” Gilchrist said.