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Ben’s Dad Back in the Hospital

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

I received an email from Ben Rast concerning his dad. Ben and his wife, Jennifer, run the Contender Ministires web site and are good friends of ours. About 2 weeks ago, Ben’s dad had very heart attack. He is back in the hospital now. Please continue to pray for his recovery and for comfort for his family. Here is part of Ben’s email:

Dad is essentially still undergoing a “controlled” heart attack. His left ventrical, which pumps blood to most of the body, was damaged in the first heart attack and is essentially dead. His right ventrical which normally just pumps blood to the lungs is having to try to take up the slack, and is struggling. The hospital was able to get the fluid drained that was accumulating in his lungs and gave him medication to breath easier. They weren’t hopeful that he would make it through the night, but is doing a little better today. The doctors can’t fix what’s wrong, but they’re just trying to keep things somewhat controlled with medication. The cardiologist said he has never seen anyone survive a heart attack this severe, so the fact that he’s still alive is an answer to prayer. Nobody is certain how long the right side of Dad’s heart can keep up. It could be months, it could be less. His faith in God is quite strong, and he had three pastors in praying with him this morning. We’re trusting in God to do the right thing, but also understand that only God knows what the right thing is. I still ask for your prayers for my dad and our family, especially my mom. Thanks for the prayers already sent up, and the kind words sent to our family. God bless!

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