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Israeli strike changes rules of battle: militants

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

The armed wing of Palestinian governing movement Hamas has vowed a “painful and strong” reaction to Israel’s fatal bombing of a house belonging to one of its leaders.
At least six Palestinians were killed, including two children, when an F-16 jet demolished Nabil Abu Salenyeh’s house in Sheikh Redwan, north of Gaza City.
Around 30 people were wounded in the attack, with reports saying one or several Hamas political or military leaders were in the house at the time.
“Our reaction to this massacre will be painful and strong for the Zionists and we will make the enemy leadership sorry for their crime,” the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement.
“This new crime is a changing point in the rules of the battle.
“We will choose the rules of the game in the coming period.
“Our message to the Zionists is that your leaders are leading you to violence from which no one will be safe and when they target civilians, they decided for you to be the target of our resistance.”
A Qassam Brigades spokesman denies Hamas’s supreme military leader, Mohammed Deif, was wounded in the strike, as claimed by an Israeli military spokeswoman and a Palestinian medic.
The Israeli military says Deif has been on Israel’s wanted list for a decade.
It says the militant was taking part in a meeting with at least three other senior Hamas military commanders.
The overnight air strike has come as part of a three-week Israeli offensive aimed at retrieving a captured soldier, who was snatched on June 25 by militants, including members of the Hamas armed wing, and ending rocket fire on Israel.

OK, now let me get this straight.
The slimy pali terrorist shoot missiles ever closer to Israel’s civilian population centers.
The Israelis respond by shooting missiles and artillery into the areas the pali missiles came from and sending in troops to stop the slimy pali terrorist from killing Israeli civilians.
The slimy pali terrorist respond by shooting at Israeli soldiers from inside of their host country of Lebanon.
The Israelis respond by bombing the camps of the slimy pali terrorist shooting at them from Lebanon.
Now the slimy pali terrorist are saying that Israel’s aggression will be met with more violence against innocent Israeli women and children.
Does anyone else find the actions of the slimy pali terrorist crazy, or am I the only sane person left on the earth?
Rules of Battle? Oh yeah, that must the rules that say slimy pali terrorist can kill innocent Israeli women and children while Israel is made to show restraint and not retaliate.

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War in the Middle East?

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

The news is full of articles about the escalation of violence in the Middle East. I’m going to post a list of headlines and the links.

‘West Bank Rocket War’
Terror leader announces start of barrage nearing Israel’s main population centers.

PM Olmert declares Hizbullah attack ‘act of war’ by Lebanon
Seven IDF soldiers were killed Wednesday in a Hizbullah attack on IDF forces patrolling the Lebanese border, the army has confirmed.

Hamas Leader Will Bring Destruction on Middle East, Egypt Says
Jerusalem ( – Egypt has warned Syria that it should expel the Damascus-based Hamas leadership or risk the destruction of the Syrian regime.

Israelis kill 6 in attack on Hamas meeting
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli aircraft blasted a house and killed at least six people in Gaza City early Wednesday during a high-level meeting of Hamas commanders, and Israel said the man who has topped its wanted list for a decade was wounded.

Report: Abbas threatens to resign
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to resign, dismantle the Authority and leave the Territories, the London-based A Sharq al Awsat reported Wednesday.

Shalom sends warning to government in Damascus
Likud MK Silvan Shalom responded to events in the north by Saying Wednesday that, “We can’t have a situation in Lebanon where there is peace and quiet on one side and our soldiers are living in bunkers on the other. We have to disarm Hizbullah. All the weapons that are being used come through Damascus. Damascus must know that we cannot tolerate this.

Bombs hit trains in Mumbai, at least 135 dead

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

And yet another act of peace, love and tolerance from the religion of peace, love and tolerance, aka islam…NOT!!
I know what yer gonna say, but trust me, I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard how they are persecuted the world over, how their religion of peace has been “hijacked” by violent extremist. Yeah right. Islamic terrorist would disappear overnight if they weren’t supported. If they had no countries to live in, and no money in their bank accounts, they would cease to exist. But you see, islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of death, destruction, hate and intolerance. It always has been and it always will be. Therefore, as long as the world has islam, the world will also have terrorist. QED.
And terrorist, being slimy, cowardly terrorist, will always attack innocent women and children.

MUMBAI (Reuters) – At least 135 people were killed and hundreds injured in seven bomb explosions on packed commuter trains and stations during rush hour on Tuesday in Mumbai, India’s financial hub, officials said.
City police chief A.N. Roy told Reuters 135 people were killed while Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, the top elected official in the state, said 300 people were injured.
“It is a bomb blast. We are not sure if it is RDX or not,” Roy said, referring to the possible use of high-powered plastic explosives.
Commuters fled suburban rail stations in panic after the explosions and mobile phone lines were jammed. Television pictures showed twisted rail carriages and people in bloodstained clothes carrying dead and wounded on stretchers.
“The blasts happened when the trains were most crowded,” D.K Shankaran, chief secretary of the state of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, told Reuters.
“At least 40 people have died. Casualties probably will go up. Ambulances and hospitals are on stand-by.”
There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But suspicion turned to Muslim militants fighting New Delhi’s rule in disputed Kashmir, who have been blamed for several bomb attacks in the country in the past.
The blasts occurred throughout Mumbai’s western suburbs, which are linked to the downtown office and business areas mainly by the train network.
“We have doused the flames at all the blast sites and now we are taking the injured to hospitals,” A. Jhandwal, Mumbai’s fire services chief told Reuters.

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Fox News is reporting a death toll of at least 200 with 700 injured.