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Re-Post: “The Theater of Jihad” by Michelle Malkin

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Welcome to the marquee performance of “Qana: The Fraud and the Furious,” brought to you by the Acting Guild of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.
The drama unfolded over the weekend with mob scenes across the Muslim world, ostensibly – ostensibly – in response to civilian deaths in Qana, Lebanon. Angry Muslims from Beirut to Gaza to Lahore set fire to American and Israeli flags. They burned effigies of Western leaders. They raised their voices in chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”
The nervous Nellies sitting in the world’s balcony seats exclaimed that the tragedy in Qana will make the Muslims hate us more. But if the uproar over the accident in Qana – an Israeli exception to the Hezbollah rule – sounds like a tired old rerun to you, well, it is.
This ongoing production utilizes the same talented field of Jew-haters and West-haters and flag-burners and machete-wielders who brought you worldwide months of manufactured rage over the Muhammad cartoons, crazed riots in Nigeria over the Miss World pageant, Shariah-approved murders in Somalia of World Cup soccer fans, the fictional Jenin “massacre,” the fable of Muhammad al-Dura, and ululating protests over the corrupting influences of “The Satanic Verses,” Theo van Gogh, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s, the sacrilegious Burger King ice-cream swirl, Valentine’s Day and Piglet from “Winnie the Pooh.”
The truth about Muslim outrage over Qana is that it’s not really about the tragic deaths at Qana – just like the Muhammad cartoon jihad was not really about the cartoons. It’s a pretext for much grander goals to defeat the infidels – be they Israeli, Danish, Dutch or American.
Remember: Muslim riots over the Muhammad cartoons printed by the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper last fall were manufactured amid attempts to bully Denmark over the International Atomic Energy Agency’s decision to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council for continuing with its nuclear research program. Iran blamed Israel for the cartoons in a speech marking the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
Now, the Qana jihad, gleefully stoked by Iran, is unfolding amid mounting U.N. Security Council pressure on Tehran to suspend its nuclear program. What better way to distract from Hezbollah’s atrocities and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s annihilate-the-Jews plans than to start screaming about Israel’s “war crimes” and Western crimes against humanity?
As we watch Hezbollah’s horrible parade of dead children in Qana replay endlessly on television, here is a suggestion for all the intrepid American journalists gallivanting with Hezbollah’s handlers in the region: Perhaps you could put down the figurative hookah pipes, take off your sympathy hajibs and find out the identity of the green-helmeted guy holding up baby corpses in Qana as props for your sensational, Page One pictures.
Is he just an ordinary bystander? A rescuer who just happened to be in the same place 10 years ago, traipsing around with dead children’s bodies to exploit an accidental Israeli bombing prompted by terrorists hiding behind civilians?
A civilian volunteer or a propaganda producer?
To his credit, MSNBC reporter Richard Engel picked up on a question the blogosphere has been asking since the toddler-corpse paraders in Qana took center stage: Where were all the men? His reporting underscores Hezbollah’s evil MO – embedding themselves in civilian populations to force exactly the kind of tragic error from Israel that appears to have occurred at Qana. “[W]e went house to house in trying to figure out where all the young men were. It seems that some of them were fighters, some of them were Hezbollah members that were out – this according to Hezbollah people who didn’t want to be interviewed, but we convinced them to talk to us.”
To the photographer-stenographers who were herded to the scene eight hours after the strike, why is it that the bodies of the children were already in a state of rigor mortis? How to explain the sparkling clean pacifier clipped onto a dust-covered toddler carried around by the friendly corpse-parader? And why were the women and children kept in the building for so long? Questions abound. Answers are as scarce as men in that Qana building.
“All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare wrote. The journalists of our age have chosen their costumes: court jesters in the Theater of Jihad.

More Rantings From Iran

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

I look forward to seeing what the latest rant is from Iran.

Iran’s Supreme Leader warns U.S. of impending jihad

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 02 – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blasted United States policy in the Middle East and warned of an impending Muslim “jihad”, or holy war, against the West.
“Today, it is clear for everyone that the aggression against Lebanon was a premeditated U.S.-Zionist action as a key step in the path of dominating the Middle East and the Islamic world”, Khamenei said. His comments were reported in the official news agency IRNA and aired in part on state television on Wednesday.
“Today, Muslim nations more than ever despise the U.S.”, he said.
“With its support of the Zionists crimes and criminals and its blatant aggression against the rights of Muslim nations, the U.S. regime must be prepared for a hard slap and a destructive punch by Muslims”, Khamenei said.
“The U.S. is following a policy of creating insecurity, crisis, and war in the region”, he said, adding, “It must know that the more it expands insecurity, the more it will arouse the anger of nations against it and make the world insecure for itself”.
Khamenei praised the Lebanese militia Hezbollah for taking part in a “jihad” against the “enemies of Islam”, stating that the group was on the “frontline” of the defence of Muslims.
“The aggressive actions and nature of the U.S. and Israel will revive the spirit of resistance in the Islamic world and will make the value of jihad more prevalent for it”, Khamenei added.
“Islamic Iran believes resistance against American bullying and aggression and mischief by Israel to be its duty and will stand alongside all oppressed nations, especially the dear people of Lebanon and the combatant Palestinian nation”, he added.

‘Israel’s destruction is the solution’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday the solution to the Middle East crisis was to destroy Israel, state-media reported.
In a speech during an emergency meeting of Muslim leaders in Malaysia, Ahmadinejad also called for an immediate cease-fire to end the fighting between Israel and the Iranian-backed group Hizbullah.
“Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented,” Ahmadinejad said, according to state-run television in a report posted on its Web site Thursday.
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev accused Ahmadinejad of trying to rally the region to support Iranian-backed Hizbullah.
“Our operation in Lebanon is designed to neutralize one of the long arms of Iran, Hezbollah,” Regev said. “Hizbullah is their proxy, being used as an instrument of Teheran to advance their extremist agenda and the blow to Hezbollah is a blow to Iranian interests and a blow to all extremist Jihadist forces in the region.
Ahmadinejad called on all Muslim states to “cut their open and secret political and economic ties with the fake and outlawed Zionist regime” in response to its attacks against Lebanon.
He also urged Muslim states to “isolate” the United States and Britain for supporting Israel’s military attacks against Lebanon.
Ahmadinejad also rejected deploying international forces on the Israeli-Lebanese border.
“Peace and security in Lebanon and its borders has to be preserved by the Lebanese government and people. Deployment of foreign forces is not acceptable in any shape unless it is just, based on UN rules and preserves the unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon,” he said.

Temple Mount Controversy Brewing

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

It amazes me that Israel, who not only has a Biblical right to Temple Mount, but actually holds the real estate, won’t even let it’s own faithful worship there, except when told they can by the islamic Temple Mount occupiers. But, I must admit, that every little event pushes us closer to Jesus’ return. Read your Bibles people.

A decision by Israel’s highest court has triggered fears of a “third intifada.”
On Tuesday, the Israel Supreme Court upheld a request by far-right Jewish activists that they be allowed on Thursday to enter Islam’s third holiest shrine, the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, which is also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount.
The decision to allow the controversial visit to the east Jerusalem mosque compound was taken despite police warnings that it could spark riots in Israel and the occupied territories.
The small Temple Mount Faithul group requested to visit the compound, where according to Jewish tradition Herod’s Temple stood, to mark the Jewish day of mourning for its destruction in 70 A.D.
But despite its controversial decision, the court ordered the group’s leader, Gershon Salomon, to stay clear from the area of the Temple Mount or the adjacent Western Wall.
The court also ruled that the far-right group, which counts only a few dozen members, should “not be allowed to carry placards or act in a provocative manner.”
Arab Knesset Member Talab El-Sana warned that the permit will ignite a “third Intifada,” reported.
Israeli Arab MP Mohammed Barakeh agreed, telling Agence France-Presse that allowing the activists to enter the compound would lead to a flare-up.
“The decision is petrol in the hands of declared pyromaniacs and could lead to further violence,” he said.
A similar court decision in July 2001 sparked bloody clashes in Jerusalem in which 15 Israeli policemen and 18 Palestinians were wounded.

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I found these articles after I posted this and they also shed some significant light on the issue.

Islamic Movement: Prevent Jewish groups from visiting Temple Mount on Thursday

The Islamic Movement warned Wednesday against the possibility that Jewish groups would try to reach the Temple Mount on Thursday (The Ninth of Av) and damage the Al Aqsa Mosque.
The group’s warning follows a Supreme Court decision made earlier this week, ordering police to allow whoever wants to visit the Temple Mount during regular visiting hours on the Ninth of Av.
Two MKs from the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur (Ra’am-Ta’al) and Sheikh Abbas Zkoor (Ra’am-Ta’al) sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, requesting that the government prevent members of the Temple Mount Faithful from reaching the area outside the Al Aqsa Mosque.
“Extremist Jewish groups may damage the Al Aqsa Mosque. If this were to happen, heaven forbid, it would inflame the region,” the MKs wrote.
The Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch also warned of what could take place Thursday in the vicinity of the Temple Mount. The head of the movement, Sheikh Raed Selah, said in a radio interview that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to rule on the matter.
According to Selah, “The Supreme Court isn’t worthy of deciding on matters pertaining to the Al Aqsa Mosque, because Israel does not have sovereignty over it. Selah called on Islamic Movement supporters to reach the Al Aqsa Mosque on Thursday.

Prayers to Rebuild the Temple

Today is Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of Av, commemorating many of the worst tragedies befalling the Jewish People over the past 3,300 years. Jews the world over are praying for the Temple’s rebuilding.
Among the calamities that occurred on this day were the refusal of the Jewish People to ignore the report of the Scouts and agree to go with Moses to the Promised Land; the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples in Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians and Romans, respectively; the failure of the Bar Kokhba uprising in the second century; the deadline by which all of Spanish Jewry was to be expelled from the country in 1492; the beginning of World War I in 1917; and the end of legal Jewish residence in Gush Katif, in 2005.
As on every Tisha B’Av since the liberation of the Western Wall in 1967, tens of thousands of Jews frequented the Wall last night and today, praying for the rebuilding of the Temple just behind it. Though pleasure trips and joyous get-togethers are forbidden on Tisha B’Av, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed – Rabbi of Har Bracha in the Shomron, head of Yeshivat Shavei Shomron, and author of several Halakhic [Jewish Legal] works – has written,
“It is clear that one need not refrain from going to the Western Wall [on Tisha B’Av] for fear of meeting friends and being happy. My father and teacher [Rabbi Zalman Melamed] has said that there is no greater rectification [Hebrew: tikun] for Tisha B’Av than to go to the Wall, the remnant of the destruction, and to pray for the Holy Temple to be speedily rebuilt in our days. On the contrary: The fact that many people go there enhances the power of the prayer, and increases Divine honor.”
Rabbi Melamed the son added that when one meets friends there, “he should not greet them, but is permitted to grasp their hands with love and pray with them for the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash.”
The police have restricted entry to the Temple Mount: No Jews at all, no tourists, and for Moslems – only females or 45-year-old-and-over residents of Israel.
The Supreme Court had originally permitted members of the Temple Mount Faithful organization to enter, together with other Jews, as long as they would not wear special clothing, act provocatively, or stand out in any way or form. The police, however, pre-empted the decision by forbidding all Jews to enter, for fear of Arab violence against them. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky supported the police decision.
The Chief Rabbinate, which held a meeting in Sderot this week, issued a ruling forbidding soldiers at war from fasting on Tisha B’Av this year. The ruling states that fasting could affect their combat ability and “is liable to cause danger to their lives and to others around them, and therefore they must eat and drink as much as they need in order to be as fit for combat as possible and to carry out this holy mission of fighting and winning.”
The rabbis also called upon “all our brothers in the House of Israel wherever they dwell, including those who normally do not fast on this day, to make a special effort to strengthen the Nation of Israel and its unity, and to keep the fast of Tisha B’Av. All of Israel is responsible for one another, and this power obligates us to lend a hand and take part in the sorrow of those who are suffering because of this war.”