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FDA Eases Limits on Morning After Pill

Friday, August 25th, 2006

The FDA has made the Morning After pill available over the counter to women age 18 and older. Pro-Life groups are crying foul, saying that there is no way to effectively enforce the age restrictions. This is a license for women to have premarital or extramarital sex without worrying about pregnancy. I predict the repercussions of this pill will be immeasurable. I forsee the rate of STD’s rising considerably, because, let’s face it, young women worry more about pregnancy than gonorrhea. I can also see the number of teens having sex rising tremendously. Peer pressure is a dangerous thing and when you take the threat of pregnancy out of the equation, sex will become even more prevalent among teens. The OTC approval of this pill is a great thing for child molesters as well. Now they can molest young girls without fear of them getting pregnant.
I feel that the OTC approval of this pill is just the first step down a steep slope to making abortion (even late-term abortion) commonplace. The liberals will not stop until they make sure that there is no sanctity to any human’s life. The FDA has made a grave error in approving Plan B and I pray that they rethink the decision before too many people are hurt.

AgapePress) – The FDA has taken what pro-life groups consider an ill-advised step by approving Plan B — also referred to as the “morning-after” pill — for over-the-counter access for women 18 and older. At least one of those groups contends the federal agency has overstepped its authority in the decision, and that the non-prescription availability of the emergency contraception will have a “detrimental effect” on women and parents.

Plan B, manufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals, contains the same ingredient used in prescription birth-control pills, only in higher dosage. Today’s decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration makes the drug available without prescription to women over the age of 18; it remains available as a prescription-only product for women 17 and younger. Those opposed to the change have pointed out that the FDA has no authority to enforce the age restriction, and that Barr has no intention to do so. Perhaps in response to that criticism, Barr has stated it will implement a “rigorous labeling, packaging, education, distribution, and monitoring program” for Plan B.

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‘Ahmadinejad Would Sacrifice Half Of Iran To Wipe Out Israel’

Friday, August 25th, 2006

More anti Israel rants from the mad leader of Iran. You remember Mahmoud “the Zionist Entity (Israel) shold be wiped off the mad” Ahmadinejad, don’t ya? You know, the mad leader of Iran, whom the world is handing nukes to on a silver platter? The one who sees it as his duty to start World War 3? Does anyone else in the world have a problem with any of this, or is it just me?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, if he ever became the supreme decision maker in his country, would “sacrifice half of Iran for the sake of eliminating Israel,” Giora Eiland, Israel’s former national security adviser, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
At present, Eiland stressed, the ultimate decision maker in Iran was Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 67, whom he said was “more reasonable.” But, Eiland went on, “if Ahmadinejad were to succeed him – and he has a reasonable chance of doing so – then we’d be in a highly dangerous situation.”
The 49-year-old Iranian president, he said, “has a religious conviction that Israel’s demise is essential to the restoration of Muslim glory, that the Zionist thorn in the heart of the Islamic nations must be removed. And he will pay almost any price to right the perceived historic wrong. If he becomes the supreme leader and has a nuclear capability, that’s a real threat.”
In facing up to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Eiland said the United States had three possible courses of action, “all of them bad,” and that a decision could not be postponed for too long, “since delay, too, is a decision of sorts.”

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The persecution of Lina Joy

Friday, August 25th, 2006

We in the U.S. hardly have a true idea of what is like to truly be persecuted for being a Christian. Several months ago, an Afghan man, Abdul Rahman, was under a death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity (see my previous posts about that situation here).

Now in Malaysia, a young woman, Lina Joy, is in court in order to get permission to marry a Malaysian Christian man.
What is most disturbing about this situation is that she has had to go into hiding because of the death threats against her and her lawyer as well as this comment from the Malaysian Prime Minister:

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s prime minister urged the country’s states on Monday to enforce laws that bar the preaching of other faiths to Muslims, or to frame such laws if they did not have them already.
“Why are they still not doing it?” state news agency Bernama quoted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, an Islamic scholar, as saying. “To those states that have not (legislated such laws), they should consider. Take whatever actions are needed.”
Islam, which is followed by some 60 percent of a population of about 26 million, is Malaysia’s official state religion, although the constitution provides for limited religious freedom.
The constitution also defines Malays, who number more than half the population, as Muslim.
Among Malaysia’s other races are ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indians, who practise such beliefs as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism and other Chinese religions.
Proselytising to Muslims, while not illegal under federal law, is outlawed in most Malaysian states.

So once again, we see a complete lack of tolerance from the religion (Islam) that professes to be the poster child of tolerance.

Michelle Malkin says it well on her blog:

An Islamic scholar explains why Muslims must not be allowed to leave:
“If Islam were to grant permission for Muslims to change religion at will, it would imply it has no dignity, no self-esteem,” said Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad, senior fellow at Malaysia’s Institute of Islamic Understanding.
“And people may then question its completeness, truthfulness and perfection.”
Got that? It’s a Religion of Peace for those who submit, and a Religion of Pieces for those who even dare think of leaving.
Yoo-hoo, American feminists. Have you nothing to say about this case? Perhaps if Lina Joy were clamoring for the right to marry an atheist woman instead of a Christian man, you’d be all over it, huh?

Good question, Michelle. I’m guessing we will only hear silence from these so-called Feminists “Advocates”.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 19 — From the scant personal details that can be pieced together about Lina Joy, she converted from Islam to Christianity eight years ago and since then has endured extraordinary hurdles in her desire to marry the man in her life.
Her name is a household word in this majority Muslim country. But she is now in hiding after death threats from Islamic extremists, who accuse her of being an apostate.
Five years ago she started proceedings in the civil courts to seek the right to marry her Christian fiancé and have children. Because she had renounced her Muslim faith, Ms. Joy, 42, argued, Malaysia’s Islamic Shariah courts, which control such matters as marriage, property and divorce, did not have jurisdiction over her.
In a series of decisions, the civil courts ruled against her. Then, last month, her lawyer, Benjamin Dawson, appeared before Malaysia’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, to argue that Ms. Joy’s conversion be considered a right protected under the Constitution, not a religious matter for the Shariah courts.
“She’s trying to live her life with someone she loves,” Mr. Dawson said in an interview.
Threats against Ms. Joy had become so insistent, and the passions over her conversion so inflamed, he had concluded there was no room for her and her fiancé in Malaysia. The most likely solution, he said, was for her to emigrate.
For Malaysia, which considers itself a moderate and modern Muslim country with a tolerance for its multiple religions and ethnic groups of Malays, Indians and Chinese, the case has kicked up a firestorm that goes to the very heart of who is a Malay, and what is Malaysia.
Her case has heightened a searing battle that has included street protests and death threats between groups advocating a secular interpretation of the Constitution, and Islamic groups that contend the Shariah courts should have supremacy in many matters.
Some see the rulings against Ms. Joy as a sign of increasing Islamization, and of the pressures felt by the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi as it tries to respond to the opposition Islamic party, Parti Islam Semalaysia.
About 60 percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people are Muslim, 20 percent are Buddhist, nearly 10 percent are Christian and 6 percent Hindu.
Malaysia has powerful Islamic Affairs Departments in its 13 states and in the capital district around Kuala Lumpur. The departments, a kind of parallel bureaucracy to the state apparatus that were strengthened during the 22-year rule of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, run the Shariah courts.
“Malaysia is at a crossroads,” Mr. Dawson said. “Do we go down the Islamic road, or do we maintain the secular character of the federal constitution that has been eroding in the last 10 years?”
In rulings in her case, civil courts said Malays could not renounce Islam because the Constitution defined Malays to be Muslims.
They also ruled that a request to change her identity card from Muslim to Christian had to be decided by the Shariah courts. There she would be considered an apostate, and if she did not repent she surely would be sentenced to several years in an Islamic center for rehabilitation.
(emphasis mine -ed.)

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Many feel threatened by Islam: poll

Friday, August 25th, 2006

To any Muslims who might read this post:
Listen, I know that there are millions of Muslim people who are just trying to make a living, raise their families and just have a normal life.
Don’t you think it’s time to eliminate this radical presence within your midst?
I can assure you, that as a Christian, if I heard of a fellow Christian planning to blow up an abortion clinic (and I do believe that abortion clinics are very evil), you can rest assured that I would be calling the authorities so quickly that my phone would smoke.
Therefore, I call on all Muslims, everywhere, to do what is right, and turn these terrorist in to the authorities. Stop them before they make your so called “religion of peace” more radical.
If you fail to do so, then I must believe that you are one with them in ideals. It now makes you a radical Muslim. It now makes you part of the problem.

Most people in the UK feel threatened by Islam, a poll has revealed, after the Government launched a bid to tackle inter-faith tensions.
The YouGov survey for the Daily Telegraph found 53% were concerned about the impact of the religion – not just fundamentalist elements – up 21% from 2001.
There had also been a near doubling of the number agreeing that “a large proportion of British Muslims feel no sense of loyalty to this country and are prepared to condone or even carry out acts of terrorism”.
A total of 18% backed the statement – compared with just one in 10 in the wake of the terrorist bombings in London last July.
And there was a seven point slump – to 16% – in those believing “practically all British Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who deplore terrorist acts as much as anyone else”.

“Mass murder attacks by Muslim groups using the Koran as justification, successful and otherwise, proliferating almost daily, might tend to produce that result. I’m just sayin’.”
-Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs.

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