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Imprisoned Border Agent Did Report Shooting

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Here is more news about the border agents that were sent to jail for shooting at the drug dealer.

WND has obtained a Department of Homeland Security memo indicating Border Patrol agent Jose Compean made a complete, in-person verbal report to his supervisor at the scene immediately following the shooting incident for which he and colleague Ignacio Ramos are now in prison.

The May 15, 2005, report filed by DHS Special Agent Christopher Sanchez documents a conversation between Compean and his supervisor that explains the decision by all nine Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the scene not to file written reports.

As reported by WND yesterday, a DHS memo filed by Sanchez April 12, 2005, shows seven agents and two supervisors were present at the Feb. 17, 2005 incident also decided not to file written reports.

The April 12, 2005, DHS memo stated that all the agents present at the incident were equally guilty for not filing a written report.

These memos directly contradict the repeated statements of the prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, that agents Ramos and Compean filed false reports about the incident.

As far as WND can determine, no written reports were filed by any of the Border Patrol agents or supervisors on the field.

Moreover, the record of the May 15, 2005, memo indicates Compean was truthful in reporting verbally to the most senior supervisor present at the incident.

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Government Admits Lying about Jailed Border Agents

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

OK, now this should be in the MSM. I wonder why it’s not.

A Department of Homeland Security official admitted today the agency misled Congress when it contended it possessed investigative reports proving Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean confessed guilt and declared they “wanted to shoot some Mexicans” prior to the incident that led to their imprisonment.

The admission came during the testimony of DHS Inspector General Richard L. Skinner before the Homeland Security Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, according to Michael Green, press secretary for Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas.

Culberson was questioning Skinner about a meeting DHS officials had Sept. 26 with him and three other Republican congressman from Texas, Reps. Ted Poe, Michael McCaul and Kenny Marchant.

WND previously reported that at that meeting the DHS Inspector General’s office asserted it had documentary evidence Ramos and Compean:

1. confessed to knowingly shooting at an unarmed suspect;

2. stated during the interrogation they did not believe the suspect was a threat to them at the time of the shooting;

3. stated that day they “wanted to shoot a Mexican”;

4. were belligerent to investigators;

5. destroyed evidence and lied to investigators.

Under questioning by Culberson, Skinner admitted DHS did not in fact have investigative reports to back up the claims: “The person who told you that misinformed you,” Skinner reportedly replied.

This prompted a startled and angry response from Culberson, who charged Skinner’s office with lying to the Texas congressmen and painting Ramos and Compean as dirty cops.

Ramos and Compean began prison sentences last month after their actions in the shooting of a drug smuggler who was granted immunity to testify against them.

Responding to Skinner’s testimony yesterday, Poe said it “explains why DHS has been stonewalling Congress.”

“DHS didn’t turn over the reports to us to back up their September 26 accusations for one simple reason – the reports never existed,” the Texas congressman said.

“Why did it take DHS four months to admit their error?” he asked. “I wonder how much more has DHS told the public and Congress about Ramos and Compean that simply isn’t true?”

Poe said he’s determined to get to the bottom of DHS’s claim.

“I expect this new revelation will lead to a lot more questions before we’re done,” he said.

Andy Ramirez, who has been involved with the case as chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol, told WND the DHS’s actions “represent obstruction of justice, and they should be held in contempt of Congress, and, if possible, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

“This admission today is yet more proof of how they are willing to distort the facts, as I have charged all along, in order to ensure a conviction,” he said.

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US Urged to Stop Supporting Terrorist Abbas

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

(Sigh) We just don’t learn, do we? Supporting slimy pali terrorist, no matter what label we hang on them (like “moderate”), only gets more innocent people, mostly Israeli women and children, killed.

Jerusalem ( – Attempts by the Bush administration and Israel’s Olmert government to bolster Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction are causing deepening concern, particularly given Fatah’s continuing role in terrorism and Abbas’ recent calls for supporters to turn their guns on Israel.

The United States is sending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to strengthen Abbas and Fatah against Hamas, its longtime ally and recent rival. The two factions have been locked in an increasingly violent power struggle since Hamas won a majority in legislative elections last year, and street battles between the factions have claimed dozens of Palestinian lives.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered a number of concessions to Abbas, and the White House confirmed last week that the administration has asked Congress to release $86 million to build and train Abbas’ security forces.

According to U.S. government documents cited by Reuters this week, the U.S. will provide training and non-lethal equipment to as many as 13,500 Palestinian military personnel “in an effort to improve public order and fight terror in the West Bank and Gaza.”

The White House confirmation came just a day after the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility – jointly with another group, Islamic Jihad — for a suicide bombing in the southern city of Eilat. Three Israelis were killed in the attack, carried out by a Palestinian from Gaza.

An Al-Aqsa spokesman told the Palestinian news agency Ma’an that the joint operation was one of a series — and “a sign that coordination between the military wings in the different factions can be fruitful.”

The Bush administration characterizes Abbas as a “moderate” and a counterweight to Hamas, which has close ties to Iran.

Yet at least twice in less than a month, Abbas has told Palestinians to stop fighting each other and to target Israel instead in their attacks.

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Affirmative Action Helps Immigrants Above Slave Descendants, Study Finds

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

This is no surprise at all.

( – A new study suggests that black immigrants benefit from affirmative action policies in the U.S. more than descendents of slaves or African-Americans who suffered under Jim Crow laws.

The findings, published in the American Journal of Education, suggest that the original goal of affirmative action policies – to right past wrongs and provide opportunities to disadvantaged groups – is not being met because the policies focus on race instead of heritage.

Written by researchers from Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania, the study found that while first- or second-generation immigrants make up only 13 percent of the 18- to 19-year-old black population, they comprise 27 percent of black freshmen entering 28 top colleges and universities.

The difference was most startling at the Ivy League level, where immigrant blacks comprise more than 40 percent of the incoming black population.

“If the goal of affirmative action is to help the descendents of American slaves and … the descendents of people who went through Jim Crow, then it’s not doing as effective a job as it could,” study co-author Dr. Douglas Massey told Cybercast News Service.

“If your goal is to represent the diversity of America as it is now, then it’s not doing such a bad job.”

The study cites President Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 commencement address at Howard University, in which he pledged to address the “devastating heritage of long years of slavery, and a century of oppression, hatred and injustice.”

But since affirmative action admissions policies began to take hold in the late 1960s, the debate has shifted from its original focus on making up for past wrongs to promoting ethnic diversity.

“Ultimately it’s a moral argument and a political argument, and there’s no right or wrong answer,” Massey said. “It depends on what your goals are and what you want to achieve.”

If the goal of affirmative action admissions policies is still to address injustices committed against slaves and the victims of the Jim Crow era, he added, the system should be adjusted to look at more than skin color.

“I think there was an over-emphasis on race as a master category in admissions, and it’s important to look at a broader picture looking at race, class, heritage, as well as simply skin color,” Massey said.

Repeated attempts to obtain reaction from various groups that support current affirmative action policies, including the Leadership Council on Civil Rights, the American Association for Affirmative Action and the NAACP, were unsuccessful.

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“ACLU: Rendition Flights = Beheading” by Dylan Kissane

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Another day, another serving of crazy from Al Jazeera International. The cable news channel that has previously presented serial liar Robert Fisk as a credible source tonight served up Steven Watt of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on the Riz Khan Show.

Steven Watt is Senior Human Rights Advisor and ACLU Attorney on the El-Masri v. Tenet lawsuit, the suit through which the ACLU is challenging the process of extraordinary rendition flights by the US. You can see Watt in this YouTube video uploaded by the ACLU on the El-Masri case and read all about his case here at the ACLU.

Reading the background fact sheets the ACLU has put together makes one thing clear: Steven Watt and his colleagues do not like extraordinary rendition. How much they don’t like it was made clear by Watt on the Riz Khan Show tonight. The show, described by Al Jazeera International as one which

…allows viewers from around the world to question world leaders, newsmakers and celebrities directly via phone, email, SMS, video-mail and fax

…took a call from a viewer who asked the question: what is the worse human rights violation – extraordinary rendition or terrorists beheadings? Watt fumbled for a moment – I imagine he was thinking “will anyone be watching Al Jazeera International in the US?” – before answering that

Both are equally dispicable.

Equally dispicable? That’s right: according to Steven Watt and the ACLU extraordinary rendition is so horrible that it is equivalent to having your head sawn off as terrorists chant ‘God is Great’.

Watt’s ‘victim’ of extraordinary rendition is alive and seemingly well enough to file suit against the US government and take questions on the courthouse steps. The victims of muderous Islamic beheadings are not so lucky.

Something is very, very wrong in the ACLU when a high-profile representative cannot find anything to distinguish between cold blooded killing and extraordinary rendition.

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“What Goes Around” by Cox & Forkum

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

What Goes Around

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

We are living in dangerous times. The scourge of terrorism crouches outside our doorways as does the dramatic escalation of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment. A madman in Iran threatens Israel and the free world with his expanding nuclear arsenal, while ex-presidents write books excoriating Israel for attempting to defend herself. There is no question that it is open season on Jews, and that little strip of land in the Middle East called Israel. While the world remains silent in the face of blatant and overt Jew hatred, we can only draw a frightening parallel to Europe of 1938.

While we are concerned for our survival as Jews and for the future of Israel, we now turn our attentions to one person. One Jew, who was victimized by betrayal and deceit. As Jews, we are enjoined by our G-d and our Torah to value and cherish human life and to hold it sacrosanct for all eternity. We are commanded to join together in unity to fulfill the holy precept of redeeming the imprisoned. While the world may at times exert efforts for the collective good, while dismissing the individual, it is the obligation and duty of the Jew, even in dangerous times to save just one life. For each life is an entire world and it stands as a solitary reminder of our future as a people and a nation.

Today, the plight of Jewish prisoner, Jonathan Pollard compels us to take action and to review the facts of his case. It all began in 1983 when Jonathan Pollard was employed as a civilian American Naval intelligence analyst based in Washington, DC. Pollard discovered that information vital to Israel’s security was being deliberately withheld by certain elements within the US national security establishment. Israel was legally entitled to this vital security information according to a 1983 Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries. The information being withheld from Israel included Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan and Iranian nuclear, chemical and biological warfare capabilities – being developed for use against Israel. It also included information on ballistic missile development by these countries and information on planned terrorist attacks against Israeli civilian targets.

When Pollard questioned his superiors as to why this information was not being disclosed to Israel as had been promised he was told to mind his business. Subsequently, he learned that the objective of suppressing this information to Israel was to severely curtail Israel’s ability to act independently in defense of her own enemies. Pollard did everything in his power to have the legal flow of information to Israel restored. When his efforts met no success, he began to give the information to Israel directly. Pollard was an ideologue, not a mercenary. The FBI concluded after nine months of polygraphing that Pollard acted for ideological reasons only, not for profit. This fact was recognized by the sentencing judge who declined to fine Pollard.

In 1985, Jonathan Pollard was arrested by the FBI. Pollard never had a trial. At the request of both the US and Israeli governments, he entered into a plea agreement, which spared both governments a long, difficult, expensive and potentially embarrassing trial. And this is where the betrayal began. Pollard fulfilled his end of the plea agreement, cooperating fully with the prosecution. Nevertheless, Pollard received a life sentence and a recommendation that he never be paroled – in complete violation of the plea agreement he had reached with the government. Pollard was never indicted for harming the United States, nor was he indicted for compromising codes, agents or war plans and he was never charged with treason. He was indicted on only one charge which was one count of passing classified information to an ally without intent to harm the United States.

No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally – only Jonathan Pollard. The median sentence for this offense is two to four years. Even agents who have committed far more serious offenses on behalf of hostile nations have not received such a harsh sentence.

Since 1995, within the context of the peace process, the US has repeatedly exploited the plight of Jonathan Pollard to extract heavy concessions from Israel. Despite express promises made by the United States to Israel, Pollard remains in jail. Although President Clinton promised late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin that he would release Pollard as part of a Middle East peace settlement, Clinton refused to honor his promise after Rabin was assassinated. The Wye Plantation summit is a prime example of US exploitation of Jonathan Pollard. Both before and again during the Wye summit negotiations in the fall of 1998, President Clinton promised to release Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was the deal-maker at Wye which enabled the accords to be completed. At the last minute, as the Wye Accords signing ceremony was about to take place in Washington, Clinton reneged on Pollard’s release, creating a storm of negative publicity for Israel.

The facts speak for themselves. Jonathan Pollard is a man betrayed by his country. Jonathan Pollard is man who has languished in the federal prison system for 22 years and is in failing health. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us, to raise high the banner of freedom for Jonathan Pollard. It is time to express our outrage and indignation at this travesty of justice. It is time to come together, to unite to save one life, one person, one Jew who has been scapegoated by the world.

The first and most important step that we can take is to beseech the Almighty G-d of Israel on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. We can storm the gates of Heaven with our heartfelt prayers for our brother, Jonathan. We can organize Tehillim groups in the name of Yohanatan ben Malka. We can shed our tears and ask G-d for mercy and compassion for Jonathan and for his speedy release. Above all, we must remain cognizant of the fact that it only through the hand of Hashem will we see true justice.

Additionally, we can also devote our time to participating in a wide variety of activities that will bring the spotlight on Jonathan Pollard’s case. According to an Arutz Sheva news service report of February 6, 2007, it states, “American Jewish organizations have organized a massive nationwide campaign to call the White House every afternoon for the next two months and request/demand freedom for Pollard. The campaign is to last, if it does not succeed in attaining its goal beforehand, until after Passover, the holiday of freedom. The campaign, spearheaded by the National Council of Young Israel, is predicated on the fact that the White House tallies all incoming calls, “and so every single phone call makes a difference.” A statement issued by Young Israel Executive Vice President Rabbi Pesach Lerner asks citizens concerned by Pollard’s plight to “call daily between the hours of 11-2 pm EST, and encourage their family members and friends to do the same. Callers are reminded to expect the lines to be busy and to keep calling until they get through.” The White House phone number is 1-202-456-1414.”

Moreover, the report goes on to say that, “the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel of America (the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah), Agudath Israel’s Rabbinic Presidium, and nearly 100 members of its Conference of Synagogue Rabbis have issued a declaration calling on “all caring Jews… to convey the message to President Bush that Mr. Pollard has served long enough, and that the time has come to free him.” Agudath Israel states that Pollard’s plight “demands our urgent attention. [His] life sentence – a penalty far more severe than that imposed upon others who committed similar or even more serious crimes – is difficult to comprehend… At this time, it appears that all legal avenues through the judicial system have been shut off.”

“Only the President of the United States, by granting Mr. Pollard executive clemency, can save him from spending the rest of his life behind bars,” Agudath Israel pleads.

Other groups are planning worldwide simultaneous demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience on Thursday, February 8th. Before it is too late, get involved now. Contact your local synagogue and ask the Rabbi to speak of Jonathan’s plight during his sermon. Work towards educating young people about Jonathan Pollard and assist in galvanizing them to participate in demonstrations. Make phone calls, write letters to your elected officials, but above all, do not be silent. We are taught that there are sins of commission and sins of omission in this world. Let us not be guilty of doing nothing, when we had every opportunity to do something significant and potent on behalf of a brother, on behalf of our brother Jonathan. In the merit of our actions and prayers may the Almighty G-d of Israel have mercy on Jonathan Pollard and upon His people, Israel.


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are pleased to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.