“…Neither Do I Condemn You”

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But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

“No one, sir,” she said.
“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

John 8:1-11 (New International Version)

‘B.C.’ Cartoonist Johnny Hart Dead at 76

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I meant to blog about this on Monday and got sidetracked. Cartoonist Johnny Hart, the creator of the hit cartoon B.C. and the Wizard of Id, died over the weekend.
Mr. Hart never seemed to have any problem introducing his Christian faith into his cartoons, something very much lacking in today’s entertainment industry. Christians have been practically forced to abandon their shows of faith in the public square.
The lost of Mr. Hart is a great loss to the Christian community.

Johnny Hart Tribute

Cartoon Original Link.

ALBANY, N.Y. — For millions of comic strip readers, the prehistoric era was a hoot: Cavemen played baseball, ants went to school, birds rode on the back of turtles and snakes made quips.

All of it was thanks to cartoonist Johnny Hart, who died Saturday at age 76 while working at his home in the nearby hamlet of Nineveh. “He had a stroke,” his wife, Bobby, said Sunday. “He died at his storyboard.”

Hart’s “B.C.” strip was launched in 1958 and eventually appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers with an audience of 100 million, according to Creators Syndicate Inc., which distributes it.

“He was generally regarded as one of the best cartoonists we’ve ever had,” Hart’s friend Mel Lazarus, creator of the “Momma” and “Miss Peach” comic strips, said from his California home. “He was totally original. ‘B.C’ broke ground and led the way for a number of imitators, none of which ever came close.”

Hart, who also co-created “The Wizard of Id,” won numerous awards for his work, including the National Cartoonist Society’s prestigious Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year and an award from the International Congress of Comics.

Richard Newcombe, founder and president of Creators Syndicate said “B.C.” and “Wizard of Id” would continue. Family members have been helping produce the strips for years, and they have an extensive computer archive of Hart’s drawings to work with, he said.


Later in his career, some of Hart’s cartoons had religious themes, a reflection of his own Christian faith. That sometimes led to controversy.

A strip published on Easter in 2001 drew protests from Jewish groups and led several newspapers to drop the strip. The cartoon depicted a menorah transforming into a cross, with accompanying text quoting some of Jesus Christ’s dying words. Critics said it implied that Christianity supersedes Judaism.

Hart said he intended the strip as a tribute to both faiths. “He had such an emphasis on kindness, generosity, and patience,” Newcombe said.

“B.C.” was filled with puns and sly digs at modern society. One recent strip showed an ant teacher asking her class, “Who can tell me what secondhand smoke is?” One pupil raised his hand with an answer: “A political speech made by a vice presidential candidate.”

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Radical Homosexual Agenda Pursued in CA Despite Opposition from Voters and Governor

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So here is yet another example of the tactics being used by the homosexual activist to circumvent the will of the majority of people.

Lawmakers in California are pursuing their homosexual marriage agenda despite opposition from voters and the governor alike, with a 7-3 vote in the state Assembly’s Judiciary Committee in favor of such a plan, according to critics who battled the same proposal last year.

“Shame on the Democrat politicians for attacking and redefining marriage,” said Randy Thomasson, president of the Campaign for Children and Families, a nonpartisan organization that defends traditional marriage and the family.

“This is an attack upon the voters and our system of government as much as it is an attack on marriage,” he said after testifying before the committee against AB 43. “AB 43 shamelessly violates the California Constitution, which expressly prohibits the Legislature from repealing voter-approved ballot initiatives. This is political arrogance in the extreme…”

The vote included seven Democrats for the so-called “same-sex marriages” and all the Republicans against.

Thomasson had accused AB 43 author Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, of violating his oath of office to defend the California Constitution, which says, “The Legislature may amend or repeal referendum statutes. It may amend or repeal an initiative statute by another statute that becomes effective only when approved by the electors unless the initiative statute permits amendment or repeal without their approval.”

Proposition 22, through which nearly two-thirds of all California voters decided in 2000 to limit marriage to one man and one woman, did not do that, Thomasson said.

Even the California courts have ruled that while the Legislature has control of the subject of marriage, that is subject “to initiatives passed by the voters and constitutional restrictions.”

In 2005, the California Court of Appeals concluded, “The plain language of Proposition 22 and its initiative statute, section 308.5, reaffirms the definition of marriage in section 300, by stating that only marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid and recognized in California. This limitation ensures that California will not legitimize or recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions, as it otherwise would be required to do pursuant to section 308, and that California will not permit same-sex partners to validly marry within the state.”

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Two-Thirds of Illegal Immigrants Cost Americans $22,449 Per Year

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And yet the president want to expand the number of illegal immigrants in this country.

WASHINGTON – Someone has finally fixed an approximate taxpayer cost of between 12 million and 15 million illegal aliens residing in the U.S.

A new study by the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector found a household headed by an individual without a high school education, including about two-thirds of illegal aliens, costs U.S. taxpayers more than $32,000 in federal, state and local benefits. That same family contributes an average of $9,000 a year in taxes, resulting in a net tax burden of $22,449 each year.

Over the course of the household’s lifetime that tax burden translates to $1.1 million.

If the lower figure of 12 million illegal aliens is used for estimation purposes, the total tax burden translates to $2.2 trillion.

“Would any of us buy shares in a company that we knew would produce a loss of a million dollars a share,” asks Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, in response to the study. “Cheap labor is not cheap at the cost of over a million dollars per head of household.”

Rector’s study, “The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Households to the U.S. Taxpayer,” examines the economics of the 17.7 million American households made up of people without a high-school degree. Using numbers from the Census Bureau, the Congressional Research Service, the Bureau of Labor Standards and other government agencies, Rector determined what they earn, what they spend and what they receive in government services.

About half of the 17.7 million households studied are illegal aliens. About two-thirds of illegal alien households are headed by someone without a high school degree. Only 10 percent of native-born Americans fit into that category.

“Over the next ten years the total cost of low-skill households to the taxpayer (immediate benefits minus taxes paid) is likely to be at least $3.9 trillion,” Rector writes. “This number would go up significantly if changes in immigration policy lead to substantial increases in the number of low-skill immigrants entering the country and receiving services.”

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Morocco Police Hunt for More Bombers

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Al-Reuters outdoes themselves this time in their attempt to keep from calling terrorist “terrorist”. Check this out:
“Three suspected bombers detonated their explosive belts, killing themselves and at least one police officer and wounding more than 20 people in a police raid on a safe house in which a fourth was shot dead, police sources said.”
“Three suspected bombers detonated their explosive belts…” Suspected?? When was the last time a non-potential bomber wore an explosive belt?
No media bias here…Yeah Right!!

The four were killed a day before a series of bombings in Algiers, capital of neighboring Algeria where Al Qaeda seeks to bring together radical groups in the region.

Among the four dead suspects, police named Ayoub Raidy, brother of Abdellatif Raidy who killed himself at an Internet cafe on March 11 in the Sidi Moumen slum to avoid arrest.

The government says Abdellatif Raidy, a 23-year-unemployed, was leader of a ring of more than 50 radical Islamists that included an unknown number of suspected bombers. Security forces have detained more than 40 suspects since Raidy blew himself up.

Analysts questioned government’s assertions that such Islamist Jihadists were “home-grown” and posed no serious threat to security because they lacked leadership and experience.

“I think there are links abroad,” said Moroccan analyst Mohamed Darif. “The authorities will have to correct their interpretation after yesterday’s events.”

He said he doubted Raydi’s ability to build a network and amass complex weapons and explosives expertise on his own and while under government surveillance.

And what was known of the group fitted with what observers know of Al Qaeda’s tactics, he said.

“For reasons of secrecy, you must indoctrinate someone and bring them to die for God without letting them know they are members of a bigger organization.”

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PBS Caves to PC, Drops Film on Radical Islam

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I have to agree with Hugh Hewitt on this one: What is PBS doing using our money to produce a show and then dropping it because may not be as politically correct as they might want?

The producer of a tax-financed documentary on Islamic extremism claims his film has been dropped for political reasons from a television series that airs next week on more than 300 PBS stations nationwide.

Key portions of the documentary focus on Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser of Phoenix and his American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a non-profit organization of Muslim Americans who advocate patriotism, constitutional democracy and a separation of church and state.

Martyn Burke says that the Public Broadcasting Service and project managers at station WETA in Washington, D.C., excluded his documentary, Islam vs. Islamists, from the series America at a Crossroads after he refused to fire two co-producers affiliated with a conservative think tank.

“I was ordered to fire my two partners (who brought me into this project) on political grounds,” Burke said in a complaint letter to PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supplied funds for the films.

Burke wrote that his documentary depicts the plight of moderate Muslims who are silenced by Islamic extremists, adding, “Now it appears to be PBS and CPB who are silencing them.”

A Jan. 30 news release by the corporation listed Islam vs. Islamists as one of eight films to be presented in the opening series.

Mary Stewart, vice president of external affairs at WETA, said Burke’s documentary was not completed on time to be among 11 documentaries that will be aired beginning Sunday. Stewart said the picture may be broadcast by PBS at a later date.

“The film is a strong film,” Stewart said. “I’m still hoping to see this in the Crossroads initiative.”

Jeff Bieber, WETA’s executive producer for Crossroads, gave a substantially different explanation. He said Burke’s film had “serious structural problems (and) . . . was irresponsible because the writing was alarmist, and it wasn’t fair.”

“They’re crying foul, and there was no foul ball,” Bieber added. “The problem is in their film.”


The controversy involves a collection of documentaries financed with $20 million in federal grants from the corporation, which conceived Crossroads in 2004 to enhance public understanding of terrorism, homeland security and other crucial issues in the post-9/11 era. Independent filmmakers submitted 430 proposals. Full production grants were given to 21 of those, including Islam vs. Islamists, which received $700,000.

Subtitled Voices From the Muslim Center, Burke says his film “attempts to answer the question: ‘Where are the moderate Muslims?’ The answer is, ‘Wherever they are, they are reviled and sometimes attacked’ ” by extremists.

Michael Levy, a spokesman for CPB, said the corporation set up the Crossroads project and provided funding, but turned over management and content control to PBS and WETA 13 months ago.

After that, Burke says in his Feb. 23 complaint letter, he “consistently encountered actions by the PBS series producers that violate the basic tenets of journalism in America.”


In the making of Islam vs. Islamists, Burke’s co-producers were Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, and Alex Alexiev, the non-profit organization’s vice president. Both men are neo-conservatives who have written on the threat of “Islamofascism” to the free world.

Before filming began last year, Burke says, Bieber asked him, “Don’t you check into the politics of the people you work with?”

Bieber said PBS was concerned that the Center for Security Policy is an advocacy group, so its leaders could not produce an objective picture. Because of that, he suggested that Gaffney be demoted to adviser.

Burke, who did not honor the recommendation, says that funding was delayed and WETA began to interfere with his film until it was “expelled” from Crossroads.

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Duplicity From the Black Leadership

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As some of you may be aware, radio personality (term used loosely) Don Imus, made racist and disparaging remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. He has since been suspended for two weeks and will be meeting with the basketball team to apologize in person, both rightly so.
Imus has both apologized on his own radio show as well as the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show. Rev. Jesse Jackson staged a protest outside of the building housing Imus’ studio.
What I have to wonder about is the apparent duplicity from the black community’s leadership.
The terms Imus used (which I will not repeat here), to refer to the Rutgers women’s basketball team, were most certainly inappropriate. But what confuses me, is that these same terms are used every day in the song lyrics of the top six “songs” listed on Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart.
Imus was wrong to do what he did. But when is the black leadership going to come out and consistently condemn the members of their own community who do the same thing that Imus did and worse?
Michelle Malkin does an in depth look at the “songs” and the lyrics on her site (language warning).

Let’s stipulate: I have no love for Don Imus, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson. I repeat: A pox on all their race-baiting houses.

Let’s also stipulate: The Rutgers women’s basketball team didn’t deserve to be disrespected as “nappy-headed ***.” No woman deserves that. I agree with the athletes that Imus’s misogynist mockery was “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable.” And as I noted on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor this week, I believe top public officials and journalists who have appeared on Imus’s show should take responsibility for enabling Imus—and should disavow his longstanding invective.

But let’s take a breath now and look around. Is the Sharpton & Jackson Circus truly committed to cleaning up cultural pollution that demeans women and perpetuates racial epithets? Have you seen the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart this week?

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