Divorce Your Spouse Online?

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The bible tells us that God hates divorce and holds marriage in high regard. Marriage is a covenant between two people that is sacred in the eyes of a Holy God. I believe that divorce is not the ‘unpardonable sin’ (the unpardonable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit). I believe that divorce is a sin that Jesus died for just like all other sins, but I do not believe that it is something to be so flippant about. Our society has made it so simple to break the marriage convenant that people now can file for divorce online. The divorce rate in America is staggering and this type of ‘easy out’ is only going to make it worse.

Broward County residents now can file for a divorce without leaving the house, or at least get the paperwork rolling.

The Broward County Clerk of Courts launched an online service this month that steers citizens through the application process for filing divorce actions, small claims lawsuits and tenant evictions.

“It kind of guides you through, it asks questions. Once it knows your name, it will put it in every space it should go,” said Kris Mazzeo, director of the circuit/civil family division of the clerk of courts.
The self-service system is intended for people who can’t afford an attorney or don’t want to spend the money on one. Each section provides legal definitions and asks questions to determine which forms need to be filled out. The completed forms can be printed at home and mailed to the clerk’s office. Some paperwork requires a notary signature.

Mazzeo says the new service will save residents hours of hassle.

“People come downtown and it’s expensive to park. If we can keep them from making extra trips to the courthouse, it would be great for them,” she said.

The clerk of courts adopted the program following the lead of Palm Beach County and others. Soon, Mazzeo hopes to expand the service to offer help with other matters, such as name changes and paternity matters.

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Order “The Nativity” from Bible Story Murals

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The Nativity

It’s not too late to get “The Nativity” from Bible Story Murals in time for Christmas.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.
Luke 2:7 (King James Version)

If your church is looking for a unique way to bring the Word of God to it’s children and young people, take a look at Doug Westbrook’s Bible Story Murals. Each mural is based on the hand painted originals Mr. Westbrook painted at Central Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and represents a different well known Bible story.
They are available on durable vinyl wallpaper for easy installation.

Bible Story Murals

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“Total Collapse of Prophetic Discernment” by Todd Strandberg

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Several years back, I wrote an article that detailed how the field of apologetics has collapsed. This type of ministry defends the faith against error. Right now, there are very few apologists left. They have been forced off of Christian radio and TV, and have been replaced by people who promote a feel-good message.

I am now seeing a much larger collapse that goes far beyond apologetics. Prophetic discernment is a crucial factor in knowing where we are on God’s time line, and it has gone into a stunning free fall. We live in an age when even the most dire warning signs fail to draw people’s attention.

I’m amazed at how oil has skyrocketed to historic levels, and we hear very little concern about the future availability of this dwindling resource. The lack of reaction makes me wonder if everyone in America is a multi-millionaire, and the only part of the pump Americans look at is where they insert their credit card.

Economists have been stunned over how consumers have largely ignored the rising price of oil-based products. They been predicted a recession would happen once oil hit $80 per barrel.

Potential sources of calamity cannot be ignored forever. What will make the coming year interesting for Bible prophecy is the sheer number of potential sources for trouble. So many land mines are hidden under the road ahead of us that, unless they are defused, we will eventually hit one of them. Here are just a few from this week:

Russian Cold War Action – The Russian parliament voted unanimously to suspend a key arms treaty limiting conventional forces in Europe, saying the United States and NATO were using the pact to undermine Russia’s defenses. The suspension is part of a wave of increasingly aggressive Russian moves against the West.

China Bubble –The stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong have surged to dizzying heights. The mainland market is looking much like the tech bubble of 2000. PetroChina’s is a probably the best example of one of these bubble stocks. Even though it only has growth at 1.4 percent, it trades at 57 time earnings. The Chinese are new to a capitalistic economy, so they’ve poured their life savings into a market that they’ve only known to go straight up.

The Dollar – French President Nicolas Sarkozy told a joint session of the U.S. Congress the Bush administration must stem the dollar’s plunge or risk triggering a trade war. A senior Chinese political figure caused the dollar to plunge in value when he said China should diversify its $1.43 trillion foreign exchange reserves into the euro and other strong currencies.

Target Israel – Hezbollah militants in Lebanon now have long-range rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv and have tripled their arsenal of land-to-sea missiles since last summer’s war. To have rockets raining down on Israel ’s largest city would trigger a massive response by its military.

American Debt – The U.S. national debt has hit $9 trillion for the first time. When President George W. Bush took office in January 2001, the national debt stood at $5 trillion.

Pakistan in Political Crisis — Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule, prompting protests and arrests. The West is very worried about Pakistan because it is has dozens of nuclear weapons and Islamic terrorists are trying to take over that nation.

Iran’s Nuclear Program – Iran has said it now has 3,000 working uranium-enriching centrifuges. Military sources in Washington said that the existence of such a large number could be a “tipping point” triggering an Israeli air strike. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added to the concern by saying the country is more than ever in need of the culture of martyrdom, self-sacrifice and appreciation of martyrs.

The Iranian nuclear land mine is one we are guaranteed to hit at some point. I have total confidence that Israel will stay true to its vow of never allowing Iran to gain nuclear weapons. Within the next year, I expect to wake up to news that Israel has launched an attack against Iran ’s nuclear facilities. Of course, that won’t be the only possible news of that day. Oil would be soaring, the dollar would plunge, and Iran’s buddies Hezbollah and Syria would likely join in a counter attack against the Jewish state.

I am not surprised at all by the lack of awareness that is so pervasive in the Church and the world today. Jesus repeatedly warned that apathy would be the calling card of His return.

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (Mat. 24:44).

There is a natural conflict with having all the signs of the tribulation coming together while awareness is waning. The rapture is only real reason there is apathy. Because the two are linked, they need to be resolved before we can move forward. This is why I believe the rapture is very near.

— Todd

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Clinton Plants Questions At Town Hall Meeting

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Considering the fact that the Clintons are proven liars and accused murderers (I said “Accused” I didnt not say “Convicted” – no need for ugly liberal comments here), why should we be surprised that Hillary would plant people to ask particular questions in a town hall meeting? Where I come from we call that cheating.
The truth is most of us are not surprised by any tactics the Clintons would use in order to win (ask Kathleen Wiley).

Major Garrett of Fox News broke a story on the 9th that revealed that the Hillary Clinton campaign had admitted to planting questions at a Newton, Iowa town hall meeting. Garrett reported that the Clinton campaign promised that planted questions would not happen again, but this isn’t something new for the Clinton campaign. Hillary has controlled the media with an iron fist yet few from the media have complained about it. And now, only a few MSM sources seem interested in this tale. Why is this story being ignored by the major media outlets? Worse, why do they allow Clinton to hamstring their ability to cover her without complaint? And, remembering how they reacted in 2005 when they thought the Bush administration planted questions, why are they letting Hillary slip by untouched?

Shouldn’t it be big news that a candidate refuses to allow candid questioning on the campaign trail? Of the incident, Garrett says, “In a state where the caucus is held sacred and the impromptu and candid style of the town hall meeting is held dear, Clinton’s planted question may come as a great offense to Iowans.” But, Iowans shouldn’t be the only ones who should find Clinton’s actions disturbing.

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Full Human Clones Coming To A Town Near You

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Is it just me or is this world becoming more “sci-fi” by the minute?

Unless the world bans human cloning it may be just a matter of time until we share the Earth with exact copies. This is according to a major UN policy analysis released this morning.

The report’s authors propose outlawing human reproductive cloning while allowing restricted therapeutic cloning as the most viable “compromise” option for the international community to adopt.

South Africa’s proposed regulations on cloning are in line with this compromise: permitting the use of human eggs to create stem cells for therapeutic and research purposes — but still prohibiting reproductive cloning.

Professor Jacquie Greenberg, the associate professor with the Human Genetics Research Group at UCT, says: “The guidelines are specifically for stem cell use which is what the debate pivots around.”

The Health Department is expected to finalise its regulations on therapeutic cloning, which are governed by the National Health Act, by the end of this year.

A deadlock over cloning at a UN General Assembly in 2005 blocked the adoption of an international convention and resulted instead in the non-binding UN Declaration on Cloning.

One of the report’s authors, Brendan Tobin from the Irish Centre for Human Rights, says: “The failure to adopt an international convention on therapeutic cloning means that reproductive cloning is inadequately controlled … and it is inevitable. There are maverick scientists who are continuing with experimentation.”

He adds that they can move across borders if they run into national restrictions, given the lack of global control.

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Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis’ Live Web Casts To Be Broadcast Around The World

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Fern Sidman gives us a head’s up about the Rebbetzin Jungreis’ Torah studies. They are now available via Web Cast.

NEW YORK – (November 11) – Hineni, the international Torah outreach organization is proud to announce that for the first time ever, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis’ weekly Torah classes can now be viewed LIVE, every Thursday evening at 8:30 pm, eastern time on the internet. The webcast is being produced by Sinai Live (www.sinailive.com), a Jewish multimedia company. Rebbetzin Jungreis’ world renowned weekly Torah classes can now be watched and listened to by viewers around the world. This is all part of a joint effort with Sinai Live to provide easy access to Rebbetzin Jungreis’ inspiring teachings through the web, video and audio downloads . Additionally, a soon to be released DVD of the Rebbetzin’s collective wisdom will be available and is considered a must have study guide for learning the basics of Jewish thought and tradition.

The live broadcast will take place live when Rebbetzin Jungreis speaks in front of an overflow crowd at the world headquarters of Hineni, 232 West End Avenue, between West 70th and 71st Streets in Manhattan, every Thursday evening at 8:30 pm. Commenting on this important technological advancement in spreading the word of Torah, Rebbetzin Jungreis said, “First and foremost, I must thank Hashem for giving me the ability to spread His word, to continue to teach the weekly parsha class and now for the technology required to disseminate our classes to our people around the globe. Up until this point, we have made tapes and CDs of our classes and will continue to do so, but now for the first time ever, people in the far reaches of the globe can be with us live for Torah study through the power of the internet. I marvel at this most incredible phenomenon, and I wish to thank Mark Pearlman of Sinai Live, www.sinailive.com for producing the webcast and all of his efforts in helping Hineni use multi-media to reach the global Jewish community.”

Rebbetzin Jungreis said further, “Each day I receive literally thousands of e-mails from Jews around the world, in countries and places that you would not expect Jews to live, and they express a hunger and thirst for Torah knowledge, yet none is readily available to them. After careful consideration, we decided to reach out to our brethren through a live web cast. In this way, they can feel as if they are actually present with us each week as we study Torah together. It is our hope that our weekly classes will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of Jews around the globe and that the word of G-d will help to inspire them to a fully committed Torah life.”

“The webcast is only the beginning of what we plan to offer our viewers when it comes to Rebbetzin Jungreis’ Torah wisdom. Our web site, (www.sinailive.com) has powerful teachings from the Rebbetzin in short video form which focuses on the Personal Journey as well as audio parshiot for the whole year”, explains Mark Pearlman, founder of Sinai Live. “The Rebbetzin is an important part of our non-profit efforts to offer relevant wisdom that can offer new meaning to everyday life.”

For more information please contact Hineni at 212-496-1660 or visit Hineni online at www.hineni.org.