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Muslim Brides Undergoing Painful Vaginal Surgery to ‘Re-virginize’ for Wedding Nights

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Another example of the dangers of Islam.

On her wedding night, Aisha Salim will hand her blooded sheets to her in-laws as proof of her virginity, according to a story in The Daily Telegraph of Australia.

But there’s one problem. Being a modern English university graduate, she is far from the traditional untouched Muslim bride.

Like most woman her age, Salim has smoked, drank, had sex and even lived with one of her past boyfriends.

However, if the devout Muslim family of her soon-to-be husband – or even her own family – knew this, she could be murdered.

Aisha has opted to have her virginity surgically restored in a delicate but painful surgery called hymenoplasties — where the hymen is re-created from the already torn tissue, or a new membrane is inserted.

“If my husband cannot prove to his family that I am a virgin, I would be hounded, ostracised and sent home in disgrace,” Salim told England’s Daily Mail.

“My father, who is a devout Muslim, would regard it as the ultimate shame. The entire family could be cast out from the friends and society they hold dear, and I honestly believe that one of my fanatically religious cousins or uncles might kill me in revenge, to purge them of my sins. Incredible as it may seem, honour killings are still accepted within our religion.

“Ever since my family arranged this marriage for me, I’ve been terrified that, on my wedding night, my secret would come out. It has only been since my surgery last week that I’ve actually been able to sleep properly. Now, I can look forward to my marriage.”

Salim is far from alone in seeking such drastic — and almost barbaric — surgery.

The rise in Islamic fundamentalism has seen 24 women in the U.K. have the procedure between 2005 and 2006.

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“We Will Not Tolerate Honor Killings in the West…” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Aqsa Parvez, the tragic sixteen year old slain by her father in an honor killing in Canada, was buried secretly and privately. Her teenage friends arrived hours too late at the Islamic Center where they had been told her funeral would take place. The kind of family and culture capable of honor murder (she and her family are all Pakistani immigrants) is also quite capable of denying her Canadian friends the opportunity of paying their last respects.

Perhaps Aqsa’s family did not want a western-style “scene” at her funeral. Perhaps they viewed Aqsa’s westernized friends as enemies who stole their daughter from them. No doubt, as Pakistani immigrants, they are deeply invested in the subordination of women as the very sign and symbol of their religious and cultural identity—the bedrock of which consists of female obedience to male authority. Obviously, from Aqsa’s father’s point of view, he had no choice. A Muslim girl whose hair or face is uncovered is viewed as a prostitute or as an out-of-control female who, for the sake of her family’s honor, must be killed.

Thus, while I understand the wrenching, cultural conflict involved, including the rejection of a shallow secular culture which condemns women in yet another way—I must, on behalf of the martyred Aqsa and on behalf of so many other girls who have suffered her fate, still say: Enough! We will not allow such criminal barbarism to gain a foothold in the West.

Now is the time for all good multi-culturalists to reconsider their views and for everyone who judges Israel and America harshly for its alleged human rights abuses of Palestinians and terrorists, to begin to judge Islam just as harshly for its criminal subordination of Muslim girls and women.

Aqsa Parvez could have been saved. Apparently, she had twice fled her home and had moved into a shelter. However, following a classic pattern, her family wrote to her, claimed that they could not “sleep without her home,” told her that she would not have to wear the hijab, and persuaded her to return home.

In The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom, I recount examples of Muslim families both in the West and in the Islamic East who trick their daughters into returning home so that they can kill them.

In Aqsa’s case, within weeks, she ran away from home a second time.

At this point, she really might have been saved—but only if the western shelter had understood that Aqsa needed the equivalent of a federal witness protection program to protect her from her family for the rest of her life. Nothing less would do since her father and brother would have murderously stalked her for the rest of her life. And, Aqsa would also have needed a warm and understanding alternative family to adopt her. Yes—adopt her. Life without a protective family is not a life most Muslim immigrants would deem worth living.

Is Canada prepared to invest in such programs? Are America or Europe?

While we may or may not be able to abolish honor killings in Muslim lands, we are absolutely responsible for the proliferation of Islamic gender Apartheid—or its abolition—in the West.

Honor murders, daughter- and wife-beating, female genital mutilation, female illiteracy, and polygamy are crimes in the West and must be prosecuted as such.

Yes, I favor cultural “sensitivity.” Therefore, I know that Islam is a political and military movement and not just a religion. Yes, I understand that Islamic religious beliefs may seemingly be at odds with modernity and women’s rights, but I also know that other great religions have managed to find a way to straddle the Great Divide between religious belief and modern, democratic public life. Islam must do no less if its followers wish to live in the West or in the modern world. The “sensitivity” must be in both directions.

According to the Toronto Star, Aqsa Parvez’s friends attended an anti-violence vigil at the Mississauga Civic Centre which was organized by the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations. (In my experience, in the United States, and as one commentator has pointed out, CAIR essentially fights for civil rights for shar’ia law.) At the CAIR event, “One speaker explained they would say a prayer to comfort those who weren’t able to attend the funeral.’Take mercy on Aqsa,’ the prayer went, ‘and on us who are left behind.’ “

Canadians might consider creating an Aqsa Parvez Shelter for Muslim women who are being battered or threatened with honor killing.

I would go further. It is time for Western democracies to start screening potential immigrants in their home countries as to their views about women. If we did so, at the very least, we might have an opportunity to educate would-be immigrants in the ways of the West long before they actually take up residence amongst us.


Dr. Phyllis Chesler is the well known author of classic works, including the bestseller Women and Madness (1972) and The New Anti-Semitism (2003). She has just published The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan), as well as an updated and revised edition of Women and Madness. She is an Emerita Professor of psychology and women’s studies, the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology (1969) and the National Women’s Health Network (1974). She is currently on the Board of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and lives in New York City. Her website is
We are delighted to have Dr. Chesler as a contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

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Girl, 10, Arrested for Using Knife to Cut Food at School

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

More stupidity from our school administrators, who use the so-called “zero tolerance” to punish students who haven’t done anything wrong. I would like to advise you to inundate this school with emails telling them to start judging students for who they are and what they have done, and throw away the farce of “zero-tolerance”.

A 10-year-old Florida girl faces felony weapons charges after bringing a small steak knife to school to cut up her lunch, according to a report on

School officials say the Ocala 5th grader had brought a piece of steak for her lunch, and had brought a steak knife. According to the report, a couple of teachers took the utensil and called authorities, who arrested the girl and took her to the county’s juvenile assessment center.

“She did not use it inappropriately. She did not threaten anyone with it. She didn’t pull it out and brandish it. Nothing of that nature,” explained Marion County School Spokesman Kevin Christian, who added that it made no difference what the knife was being used for, they had no choice but to call police.

“Anytime there’s a weapon on campus, yes, we have to report it and we aggressively report it because we don’t want to take any chances, regardless,” Christian said.

The girl now faces a felony charge for possessing a weapon on school property and has been suspended from school for 10 days. The parents of the girl could not be reached for comment, reported.

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Minnesota College’s All Faith “Meditation Room” Taken Over by Muslims

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune points out how an all faith “meditation room” at a Minnesota community college has been converted into a mosque by it’s Islamic students. We can only expect more of the same from this so-called “tolerant” and “respectful” religion.

Last week, I visited a Muslim place of worship. A schedule for Islam’s five daily prayers was posted at the entrance, near a sign requesting that shoes be removed. Inside, a barrier divided men’s and women’s prayer space, an arrow informed worshippers of the direction of Mecca, and literature urged women to cover their faces.

Sound like a mosque?

The place I’m describing is the “meditation room” at Normandale Community College, a 9,200-student public institution in Bloomington.

Until recently, the room was the school’s only usable racquetball court. College administrators converted the court into a meditation room when construction forced closure of the previous meditation room.

A row of chest-high barriers splits the room into sex-segregated sections. In the smaller, enclosed area for women sits a pile of shawls and head-coverings. Literature titled “Hijaab [covering] and Modesty” was prominently placed there, instructing women on proper Islamic behavior.

They should cover their faces and stay at home, it said, and their speech should not “be such that it is heard.”

“Enter into Islaam completely and accept all the rulings of Islaam,” the tract read in part. “It should not be that you accept what entertains your desires and leave what opposes your desires; this is from the manners of the Jews.”

“[T]he Jews and the Christians” are described as “the enemies of Allaah’s religion.” The document adds: “Remember that you will never succeed while you follow these people.”

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Homosexual Agenda to Target California 2-Year-Olds

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

California continues to push the homosexual agenda on their school kids. Well, apparently not even two-year-olds are exempt from being exposed their immoral agenda.

Children as young as two years of age are in the bull’s-eye of coming changes in California’s school curriculum, which “gay rights” advocates now admit will alter the very foundation of information presented to public school classrooms.

A list of school resources, sponsored by a homosexual-advocacy group called Safe Schools Coalition, suggests that for those who are only two years old, there’s “Felicia’s Favorite Story,” which tells how she was “adopted by her two mothers.”

The list also promotes a book called “Are You a Girl or a Boy?” by Karleen Jiminez, a resource for children ages 4-8 when advocating homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and other alternative lifestyle choices.

It’s described as “A sweet book about a gender-different kid.”

Other resources being promoted in light of California’s adoption of SB 777 as state law include books authored by officials for Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

One book, called “Tackling Gay Issues in School,” is for kindergarten through grade 12, and offers a “rationale (for the inclusion of les/bi/gay/trans issues in school).” It features recommended “extracurricular” activities for classes.

The promotion of such materials has coincided with the recent admission by Equality California, a homosexual advocacy group that worked to have SB 777 passed by lawmakers and signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, that the bill really does edit all school curricula in California.

For months while California lawmakers discussed Senate Bill 777, opponents worried about its usefulness in censoring public school curricula to include a pro-homosexual bias. Supporters, however, steadfastly maintained that it only clarified anti-discrimination laws already on the books. They still hold that stance, with statements this week from both Schwarzenegger’s office and Equality California.

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Huck Finned by USA Today

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

The liberal media wants everyone to be afraid of a presidential candidate who has deep religious convictions. They want everyone to believe that he will try to convert America to some kind of religious theocracy, kind of like the Islamic countries. Take a moment to read this article.

In his newfound role as “front-runner”, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is the subject of increased scrutiny by the media. For many in the secular media, Huckabee’s prior role as a minister is of far greater concern than his prior role as governor of the State of Arkansas. (A preacher as President? Heaven help us!) Consequently, Huckabee has been the candidate among the Republican wannabes who has had to field most of the tough “God questions” during their debates.

Without a doubt, the intersection of faith and politics is one that requires careful navigation. This is particularly true in America, where our founding fathers worked hard to ensure that religious freedom was preserved for their descendants. For many, religious liberty is the “first right” and liberty of conscience has always been highly prized in these United States. The Framers of the Constitution refused to establish a national church. Conscience was deemed to be a private domain where government had no right to intrude.

The secularists among today’s media elites seem to think that candidates for office who profess fervent religious faith are incapable of playing by the rules set by the Constitution. Their index of suspicion for candidates like Huckabee—a man who has vigorously and publicly professed his faith—is much higher than for those candidates whose faith has been a “private matter” or non-existent. A recent editorial by USA Today entitled “Huckabee’s Challenge” is a case in point. In their analysis of Huckabee’s candidacy, the paper’s editors raise “concerns in several areas”, including his failure to declare whether Mormons are Christians, his disavowal of evolution, and the particulars of his intention to take the nation back for Christ. In their registration of these concerns, the editors demonstrate a poor understanding of the tenets of the Christian religion and of the Constitution.

The editors express concern that Huckabee’s “equivocation about whether Mormons are Christians” creates questions about his “acceptance” of others’ beliefs. They imply that Huckabee’s failure to declare Mormons to be “Christians” also creates doubt about his understanding about the separation of church and state. Such criticisms are nothing short of muddleheaded. If the First Amendment means anything, it means that neither Mike Huckabee, nor anyone else, is required to “accept” anyone else’s religious beliefs. That’s part of the beauty of our Constitution. We are not required to accept any religious belief and we are free to reject them all.

Nonetheless, presidential candidates are running for Commander in Chief, not chief theologian. Whether a particular denomination falls within the orbit of the Christian faith is not within the ambit of a president’s authority and, if he were to make such an official proclamation, religious and irreligious alike should be indignant.

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Help Sink Old Navy’s Blockade

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I received this letter from AFA this morning. If you can help out by not buying at these stores, maybe they will change their minds and bring Christmas back into their stores.

You would think a company that gets the vast majority of its business from Christians would be respectful of its customers. Such is true of companies that don’t have an anti-Christian bias. But not at Old Navy. Old Navy has put a blockade around Christmas.

Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are owned by the same company. And all three boycott Christmas. At these stores, Christmas isn’t allowed because a handful of non-Christians are offended. Old Navy doesn’t want to offend non-Christians. But they sure don’t worry about offending Christians.

They will take your money, but they will not recognize Christmas.

Old Navy doesn’t sell Christmas gifts. They sell “holiday” gifts. They don’t close their stores on Christmas. They close on “holiday.” They don’t observe “Christmas morning,” they observe “holiday morning.” They don’t wish customers a “Merry Christmas.” They wish them a “happy holiday.” Old Navy boycotts Christmas.

Old Navy has been boycotting Christmas for years. And despite thousands and thousands of requests to recognize Christmas, they refuse to do so. In fact, Old Navy is so adamant about boycotting Christmas that they have blocked incoming e-mails requesting they recognize Christmas.

When an Old Navy store manager was asked if the word “Christmas” was used in his store, he answered: “We have a lot of Christmas gifts in our stores, but the word ‘Christmas’ is not used here. Everything is ‘holiday.'”

Old Navy even makes a joke of Christmas by offering video greetings called “Happy Chrismukkah.”

Take Action!

* After you have signed the petition, call Old Navy and tell them in a kind and polite way that as long as they boycott Christmas, you will boycott Old Navy. The toll free number is 1-800-427-7895. The company number is 650-952-4400. When requested, push the order number when prompted so you will be able to speak with a live person.
* Forward this to your friends and family! Help us promote the boycott of Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic.