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Creation School Fights Political Correctness

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICRGS) is seeking certification from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to grant Master’s degrees. Spokesman Lawrence Ford says last fall the school had a visit from the state, and in December 2007 they were granted authority to grant degrees.

But he says the board then developed a severe bout of political correctness complicated by another symptom — viewpoint discrimination.

“Most of the pressure [came] from evolutionists, scientists or other politically interested parties who were just aghast that anybody could have a different interpretation of science than them,” Ford remarks. “We feel like we have been treated unfairly because our viewpoint in interpreting scientific data is different from their viewpoint in interpreting scientific data.”

The board then rejected permission for the degrees, although the school’s faculty is highly rated and very qualified. The Institute has filed an appeal and indicates it is willing to go to court if the appeal is rejected.

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Gay Marriage Ban Qualifies for California Ballot

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

It looks like the issue of gay marriage in California will be going to the ballots.

SAN FRANCISCO — California’s Secretary of State says an initiative that would again outlaw gay marriage in the state has qualified for the November ballot.

Debra Bowen says a random check of signatures submitted by the measure’s sponsors showed that they had gathered enough for it to be put to voters.

The measure would amend the state constitution to define marriage as a union “between a man and a woman.”

It would overturn the recent California Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state if it is approved by a majority of voters on Nov. 4.

California public health officials already have amended marriage license applications and told local officials to start issuing them to same-sex couples on June 17.

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Famous ‘Gay’ Activist Claims Constitution Deems Sex with Animals ‘Inalienable Right’

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

This is just sick!!

Frank Kameny, a hero to the homosexual community who was integral in pressuring the American Psychiatric Association to reclassify same-sex activities as “normal,” has written to a pro-family organization that he believes bestiality is fine, “as long as the animal doesn’t mind.”

In a weekend letter to Americans for Truth, an organization dedicated to revealing the truth about homosexuality, Kameny also said there is no such thing as “sexual perversion.”

“Absolutely indisputably a central part of the very definition of Americanism is the guarantee, found in the Declaration of Independence, as not merely a Right, but as an Inalienable Right, of the ‘Pursuit of Happiness,'” he wrote. “If something which someone arbitrarily defines as a ‘sexual perversion’ provides happiness for consenting adult participants, then its enjoyment is enshrined in basic Americanism.

“So: Let us have more and better enjoyment of more and better sexual perversions, by whatever definition, by more and more consenting adults. We will all be the better off thereby. And that will be Americanism in action,” he said.

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“‘Cap and Trade’ Is a Cash Cow” by Cal Thomas

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The global warming cultists in Congress are trying to impose their secular religion on all of us. The vehicle is something called “cap and trade.” A bill sponsored by Senators Joe Lieberman and John Warner would cap carbon emissions, which would be lowered every year.

To ease the pain and allow for economic adjustment, the bill would dole out “allowances” under the cap that would stand for the right to emit greenhouse gasses.

As a Wall Street Journal editorial noted, “When cap and trade has been used in the past, such as to reduce acid rain, the allowances were usually distributed for free. A major difference this time is that the allowances will be auctioned off to covered businesses.”

Senator Barbara Boxer sees this as a cash cow for Congress. She estimates $3.32 trillion by 2050. Giving Congress access to that much money is like providing free liquor to an alcoholic. Most believe this bill will be defeated, but that it also a trial run for what will happen should a Democrat be elected president and Congress expand its liberal Democrat majority.

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Clinton to Leave Presidential Race Today – Maybe

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

As is the norm with the Clintons, a clear cut answer is elusive, but some news services are reporting that Hillary Clinton is posed to announce, this evening, that she sill drop out of the presidential race.

Clinton returned to New York, the state she represents in the Senate, planning an end-of-primary evening rally in Manhattan after a grueling campaign finale as she pushed through South Dakota on Monday.

The former first lady has given no hint of quitting the race, and she has said repeatedly she may continue her candidacy even beyond the end of the primaries.

“I’m just very grateful we kept this campaign going until South Dakota would have the last word,” she said at a restaurant in Rapid City in one of her final campaign stops. Polls suggested Obama would win both South Dakota and Montana.

She still sounded buoyant. Her biggest booster and most tireless campaigner, husband Bill Clinton, didn’t. “This may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind,” the former president said somberly as he stumped for her in South Dakota.

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Senate Dems Push To Raise Energy Costs

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The Senate Democrats aren’t happy with you paying only $4 per gallon. They want to impose further taxes on you in order to fight “global warming”. This will force the price of gasoline up even further.

WASHINGTON — The Senate began what is expected to be a weeklong, contentious debate Monday over legislation to combat global warming by mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Senators voted 74-14 to proceed to the bill, but immediately it became clear Republican opponents were not going to make it easy. A request by Democrats to begin considering substantive changes in the bill was blocked by GOP opponents until Wednesday at the earliest.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada promised a thorough debate that will probably last through the week, if not longer. He said it’s clear that “global warming is real” and Congress must act.

But supporters of the bill acknowledged it will be difficult — perhaps impossible — to overcome a certain GOP filibuster threat against the legislation, meaning congressional action on global warming will probably be decided in the next Congress and by the next president.

Many of the GOP senators who voted to debate the issue have said they are opposed to the bill.

The Senate measure, which has wide Democratic and some Republican support, would cap U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, cutting them by 18 percent by 2020 and by two-thirds by mid-century. It would specifically target refineries, power plants, factories and transportation for 70 percent reductions and make emissions allowances available to be traded in an open market.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., a chief architect of the 500-page bill, said at a news conference the urgency of taking action against climate change cannot be overstated, declaring, “It’s about our children, about their children, and about the planet we’ve inherited.”

Democratic leaders were ready to spend the week, and possibly more, on the legislation. But the tone of the debate emerged in the opening hours.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky called it “a giant tax on virtually every aspect of the economy,” and accused Democrats of being “laughably out of touch” in taking up the bill when the country is reeling from $4 a gallon gasoline and other high energy costs.

President Bush said at a White House event that the measure amounted to “a huge spending bill fueled by tax increases” and that it “would impose roughly $6 trillion in new costs on the American economy.”

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