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“The McBoycott” by Michael G. Mickey

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

In case you haven’t heard yet, much as was done to demonstrate to the Ford Motor Company that Christians can – and will – hit them where it hurts when they support the homosexual agenda in defiance of the Word of God, the American Family Association (AFA) is sponsoring a boycott of McDonald’s – a McBoycott if you will.

Although I have enjoyed my share of McDonald’s products through the years and, having three children, have bought more than my share of Happy Meals, I won’t be doing so anymore, not as long as the AFA boycott continues.

Normally, I wouldn’t dedicate an entire commentary to a topic like this but I received an e-mail today from the American Family Association on this issue that has gotten under my skin terribly.

What led to the AFA’s call for a boycott?

What sparked the action was this: “McDonald’s donated $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in exchange for membership and a seat on the group’s board of directors”, according to the American Family Association e-mail. The NGLCC, for those unfamiliar with it, lobbies Congress in support of same-sex marriage. Thus, the American Family Association’s concern – and probably most of my readers’ as well.

AFA contacted McDonald’s – and then?

Asked to remain neutral in this arena by the American Family Association, McDonald’s response was anything but supportive of the view held by the vast majority of its customers.

Particularly insulting to those of us who believe God’s institution of marriage is absolutely sacred and homosexuality a sin as defined in the Bible, McDonald’s has elected to categorize all of us who hold these views as purveyors of hate!

According to the AFA, “McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman suggested to the Washington Post that those who oppose same-sex marriage are motivated by hate, saying “…hatred has no place in our culture.””

It isn’t much of a stretch whatsoever for us to draw the following conclusion: McDonald’s believes those who oppose same-sex marriage are haters and we have no place in American culture! You know what that tells me? It tells me that there is no reason whatsoever that a Bible-believing Christian should darken the doorway (or drive-thru) of a McDonald’s until McDonald’s gets down on its McKnees and begs for our forgiveness for even implying such a thing!

If every Christian in America signs the American Family Association’s online petition and, subsequently, stays away from McDonald’s, ‘Ronald McDonald’ may soon realize that McDonald’s no longer has a place in Christian culture – and THAT may well be some very bad McNews for the company.

The AFA took on Ford – and won

Christians all over America responded to the American Family Association’s call for a boycott of the Ford Motor Company on similar grounds some time ago. Although it took some time for the impact of that to be felt enough by Ford to result in them having a change of heart, mostly because we don’t buy a car or truck every week, the impact of Christians boycotting McDonald’s will sting much more quickly in light of the fact that most Christian families dine out or visit a drive-thru at least once per week.

The McBoycott is on!

What is left to be said? Count me and my house in!

While I’ve never met a homosexual I hated, I am no longer a friend of McDonald’s. If you’re a Christian, I don’t think you should be one either.

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Westboro Baptists At It Again, This Time Against Tony Snow

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

This statement sums up what I believe about the so-called “Baptists” at the so-call Westboro “Church”:
“These people are not now nor have they ever been Christians. They are charlatans, frauds, cultists and dirt worshippers. They worship hate, vengeance, retribution, clay idols, all. They are no better than Hamas or any other Muslim terrorist cult except maybe they don’t blow themselves up.”

A Kansas church well-known for its protests at the funerals of fallen American soldiers plans to picket at this week’s funeral of former Press Secretary Tony Snow, declaring that Snow is “a very bad monkey” who is “now burning in hell.”

“He had a platform, he was given some small talent by his Creator. He was an unfaithful steward, and is now residing in hell,” says a schedule on the website of the Westboro Baptist Church.

“Each opportunity he had to faithfully report what the servants at WBC had to tell this country/world, Tony Snow besmirched and vilified the words of God and the people of God. Thereby being a party to the crime of passing laws to make the preaching of the gospel to this adulterous and sinful generation [equals] criminal activity. That is a very bad monkey!”

The announcement goes on to quote a variety of biblical verses concerning “scribes,” and closes by stating: “You see there is nothing worse than a scribe who has gone away from their primary duty to faithfully report the facts as they ARE! And how appropriate that this brute, vain beast of a brat was raised Catholic, but then determined like his forefathers that oops! he’d rather be a filthy Episcopalian instead. God hates Tony Snow, and that is why he is now burning in hell.”

Snow, who took on duties as President Bush’s spokesman in September 2006, died of colon cancer early Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. He was 53.

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NC ‘Anti-Bullying’ Bill Masks Homosexual Agenda

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The North Carolina House recently passed the School Violence Prevention Act (HB 1366), a bill that would require public schools in the state to adopt policies to address the problems of bullying. However, the bill creates special protections for students based on their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

The State Senate stripped all of the pro-homosexuality language from the bill and sent it back to the House for concurrence, but the House narrowly voted not to concur with the Senate version. Now the original House measure is likely to come up for a vote on the Senate floor before the General Assembly adjourns on Friday.

“The evil of the legislation,” says [Mark Creech, executive director the Christian Action League of North Carolina], “is that it elevates sexual orientation and gender identity or expression on the same levels with the enumerations of race, color, ancestry, national origin, gender, physical appearance, mental, physical or sensory disability — which are all immutable or unchangeable characteristics.

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Silence Over ‘Honor Killing’ Stuns Islam Critic

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

We blogged about this “honor killing” last week.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, recently wrote an article in Frontpage Magazine about the honor killing in Clayton County, Georgia. Police said Chaudhry Rashid, a Pakistani immigrant, claimed he strangled his daughter, Sandeela Kanwal, in order to restore his family’s honor. Rashid believed his daughter had sullied the family name by planning to divorce her husband to whom she had been given in an arranged marriage.

Spencer contends Americans must understand that this crime is the direct result of political correctness and a failure to confront the ugly realities of Islam. “We’ve let people into the country who believe it is justified for them to kill their daughters if they’ve sullied the honor of their family,” he asserts. “And nobody is even facing the problem. Everybody is making excuses for it and saying it’s not an Islamic problem, so the Islamic roots of it are unchallenged,” argues Spencer.

He believes American liberals are more concerned about fundamentalist Christians. “Feminists seem to be more concerned about preserving their right to an abortion than about people who are doing things that are much more threatening to the equality of rights of women than anything the Christian fundamentalists are doing,” Spencer adds.

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Teen Vaccine Houses Unhealthy Side Effects

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

A drug several states considered mandating for sixth-grade girls to help prevent cervical cancer is the subject of thousands of consumer complaints.

The manufacturer is standing by Gardasil, which has been named in 78,000 complaints to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of side effects. Wendy Wright heads Concerned Women for America (CWFA). “We all know any drug, any vaccine can cause complications — and before you require that an entire general population receive it, people should at least be aware of what kinds of complications could come from it,” Wright contends.

“There needs to be research to see if there is a connection, but with that number of complaints and with so many of them being serious complaints, this ought to give pause to any legislator before he even considers mandating that every little girl get a shot of this vaccine,” Wright adds. In one case, a youngster’s health was good until 15 months ago when she received the final dose in a three-shot series. Soon thereafter she began experiencing a degenerative muscle disease, and now she is almost completely paralyzed.

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