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Official: Olmert to Seek Palestinian Peace Deal Before Leaving Office

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Further to the previous post, this could accelerate things significantly. As they do with everything, Hamas is declaring it victory, as if they had anything to do with it!!

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will try to reach an agreement in peace talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas before a new government takes office, an official close to the premier told Reuters on Thursday.

Olmert announced on Wednesday that he would not run in his centrist Kadima party’s Sept. 17 leadership contest and would resign to allow his successor to form a new government. Until then, Olmert would remain caretaker prime minister, enabling him to push ahead with the peace talks, possibly for months.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the prime minister intended on “reaching agreement with the Palestinians during the time he has left.”

“Any agreement he reaches with the Palestinians won’t be a personal agreement and he will make sure that the [new] Kadima leadership is briefed and on board,” the official added.

Meanwhile, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators plan to continue talks toward a peace deal despite Olmert’s announcement on Wednesday, a Palestinian official said on Wednesday.

“We decided today that we are going to continue pursuing to reach an agreement before the end of the year,” the negotiator, Saeb Erekat, told reporters after Israeli and Palestinian officials met U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Abbas sees Olmert’s decision to resign as an “internal Israeli matter” and will work with his successor, a spokesman said.

“This is an internal Israeli matter. The Palestinian Authority deals with the prime minister of Israel, regardless if he is Olmert or somebody else,” said Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah. “The concern of the Palestinian authority is to have an Israeli prime minister who is committed to peacemaking.”

Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri called Olmert’s announcement “a victory” for the Islamist group, which controls the Gaza Strip.

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Israel’s Olmert to Resign in September

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I’m not savvy enough in Israeli politics to know how this will effects things completely, but I do know that no one I’ve talked to likes Olmert. Maybe the next person will be better.

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced on Wednesday he would step down in September after a party leadership vote, announcing the end of a premiership dogged by graft investigations.

“After the election of my successor I will step down to allow a government to be formed rapidly,” he said, after declaring he would not run in the centrist Kadima party election due in mid-September.

The surprise announcement marks the apex of a political storm raised after police launched an investigation in May over suspicions he had accepted vast sums of money from a US businessman in order to finance elections campaigns and a lavish lifestyle in the 13 years before he became premier in 2006.

It also casts a long shadow on peacemaking efforts with the Palestinians and with Israel’s longtime foe Syria.

Olmert, 62, who has been premier since 2006, has admitted he had accepted money from Morris Talansky in the latest corruption probe against him, but has denied any wrongdoing.

State Prosecutor Moshe Lador last week said that he would decide whether to indict Olmert over the Talansky affair “very soon.”

Talansky said in his May testimony that he had given Olmert cash-stuffed envelopes on multiple occasions to cover expenses for his stays in the United States and pay for his election campaigns as Jerusalem mayor and Likud MP.

In a fierce cross-examination earlier this month Olmert’s lawyers called Talansky a liar and uncovered several contradictions in his testimony but the 75-year-old Jewish-American financier insisted his overall story was accurate.

The latest investigation led local media and opposition parties to renew their calls for the resignation of Olmert, who is currently facing a total of six corruption probes.

It sparked similar calls from within his fragile governing coalition and his centrist Kadima party.

Last month Labour party chief Ehud Barak, a key coalition partner, pushed Olmert to schedule an unprecedented party primary by threatening to support a bill to dissolve parliament.

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Obama Suggests Reparations to Blacks, Native Americans

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

As we have said repeatedly, reparations are lame attempt at appeasing an ethnic group for cheap political gain. As with most other aspects, Obama is not above trying to ride the coattails of this lame idea.

Sen. Barack Obama told a meeting in Chicago the U.S. should review how it can make amends for “offenses” committed during its history.

And one author is speculating that might even include reparations for al-Qaida soldiers, since, after all, they’ve been held in violation of their “rights.”

Obama’s comments came in a meeting with members of UNITY ’08, an event for journalists who claim membership in various minorities.

Obama, according to the report in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, stopped just short of endorsing an official U.S. apology to various groups. He said instead the nation should acknowledge treating certain groups poorly.

“There’s no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we’ve got some very sad and difficult things to account for,” Obama told the convention.

He has told Hawaii reporters he supports a federal plan to recognize native Hawaiians. He was asked for his thoughts about a formal U.S. apology to American Indians.

“I personally would want to see our tragic history, or the tragic elements of our history, acknowledged,” he told conventioneers.

“I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it’s Native Americans or African-American issues or reparations, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds,” he said.

The issue of reparations to African-Americans for the historic slave trade or Native Americans for the “invasion” by Europeans periodically has been raised. Several years ago a lawsuit was filed claiming damages for labor at a current value of $1.4 trillion.

At Renew America, Michael Gaynor also publicly wondered about Obama’s statements to a recent “Meet the Press.”

Obama said, “The biggest problem that we have in terms of race relations, I think, is dealing with the legacy of past discrimination which has resulted in extreme disparities in terms of poverty, in terms of wealth and in terms of income. Our inner cities are a legacy of what happened in the past. And the question is less assigning blame or rooting out active racism, because that’s not the reason that those inner cities are in such bad shape, but rather figuring out are we willing to make the investments to deal with that past history so we can move forward to a brighter future? And that involves investing in early childhood education, fixing the schools in those communities, being willing to work in terms of job retraining. And those are serious investments.”

Asked Gaynor, “Is ‘serious investments’ code for ‘reparations’? And how expensive and devastating would Obama’s income redistribution policy be?”

The comments were being discussed just as the U.S. House of Representatives issued an apology to black Americans for the “fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow” segregation.”

The resolution sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., a white Jew who earlier this year tried unsuccessfully to join the Congressional Black Caucus, was passed on a voice vote.

In February, the Senate apologized to Native Americans, and in 2005 it apologized for standing by during the lynching of blacks last century.

But at the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord, CEO of QubeTV and former Reagan White House political director, said the logical extension of such thought obviously could include reparations for al-Qaida.

“Does Barack Obama believe it’s time for America to apologize to al-Qaida?” he asked. “You think I’m joking, right? Wrong.”

“The push has begun among Obama’s fellow-liberals for reparations to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida warriors. Look no further than the Los Angeles Times review of the new book by liberal journalist Jane Mayer, ‘The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals.’ Mayer’s indictment of the Bush administration’s fight against terrorism has predictably received glowing reviews from the gatekeepers of liberalism, including a July 15th review from Times staff writer Tim Rutten.

“In wonderfully liberal style that is beyond parody, Rutten uses a book review to endorse the idea of paying money to Osama’s fighters who, in the eyes of liberals, have been denied their ‘right’ of habeas corpus at Guantanamo. The denial of habeas to non-Americans captured on foreign battlefields is, of course, also a major campaign point for Senator Obama. Obama, restating his long-held position about captured al-Qaida fighters having the right of habeas corpus, was prompted by the recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Boumediene v. Bush.

“The liberals on the Court, with the mind-boggling addition of Reagan appointee Anthony Kennedy, held that contrary to Bush administration and congressional policy, not to mention all of American history, the prisoners of war or ‘detainees’ picked up off the battlefields (in this case Afghanistan and Iraq) are in fact entitled to the same constitutional rights as American citizens.”

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U.S. Official: Iraqis Told Me WMDs Sent to Syria

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

A former American overseer of Iraqi prisons says several dozen inmates who were members of Saddam Hussein’s military and intelligence forces boasted of helping transport weapons of mass destruction to Syria and Lebanon in the three months prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Don Bordenkircher – who served two years as national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq– told WND that about 40 prisoners he spoke with “boasted of being involved in the transport of WMD warheads to Syria.

A smaller number of prisoners, he said, claimed “they knew the locations of the missile hulls buried in Iraq.”

Some of the inmates, Bordenkircher said, “wanted to trade their information for a release from prison and were amenable to showing the locations.”

The prisoners were members of the Iraqi military or civilians assigned to the Iraqi military, often stationed at munitions facilities, according to Bordenkircher. He said he was told the WMDs were shipped by truck into Syria, and some ended up in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Other Iraqi military personnel, including former top Saddam associates, have made the same claim.

In early 2006, Saddam’s No. 2 Air Force officer, Georges Sada, told the New York Sun Iraq’s WMDs were moved into Syria six weeks before the war started.

WND also reported in 2006 a former general and friend of Saddam who defected alleged WMDs were hidden in Syria and said the regime supported al-Qaida with intelligence, finances and munitions. Ali Ibrahim Al-Tikriti, the southern regional commander for Saddam’s militia in the late 1980s, said the regime had contingency plans established as far back as the 1980s in the event either Baghdad or Damascus was taken over.

Saddam knew the U.S. eventually would come for the weapons, Al-Tikriti said at the time, and had “wanted since he took power to embarrass the West, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.” So he denied they existed and made sure they were moved into hiding, the former general said.

Among other claims, WND also reported a former U.S. federal agent and counter-terrorism specialist deployed to Iraq before the war said he waged a three-year, unsuccessful battle to get officials to search four sites where he believed the former Saddam regime buried weapons of mass destruction.

Bordenkircher said four of the Iraqi prisoners who separately offered to speak to the “right” people about Saddam’s alleged transport of WMD later became involved with U.S. and Iraqi intelligence agencies.

Some prisoners said the drivers, upon return from transporting the WMDs out of Iraq, discussed the movement. They said, according to Bordenkircher, the materials shipped out would return once Iraq got “a clean bill of health from the U.N., and then the program could be kick-started easily.”

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“The Floodgates of Chaos” by Michael G. Mickey

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I’ve had homosexuals write to me upon occasion to tell me that there is no homosexual agenda. While I know there is one and evidence to that effect has been posted here in the past, Satan definitely has an agenda he’s pursuing in the arena of elevating the rights of those who practice what God calls abomination (Leviticus 18:22) to such a level that it will soon be near impossible for the Church to close the floodgates of chaos he’s stirring in an attempt to defile God’s institution of marriage and the biblically-defined family.

On July 14th, revealed that, on the heels of California beginning to allow same-sex marriages to occur there whether those getting married are residents of California or not, Massachusetts was brewing a ‘recipe for chaos.’ Below are some excerpts from that report for your consideration:

Massachusetts legislators are considering a change to state law that would allow homosexuals who are not residents of the commonwealth to come there to “marry.” The potential consequences of the proposal could be chaotic, says one family advocate.


Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, explains what will happen if the prohibition is eliminated. “By attempting to turn Massachusetts into the Las Vegas of so-called ‘gay marriage,’ homosexual activists are going to create legal chaos in that state and across the nation,” he argues. “When you’re allowing homosexual couples to come into Massachusetts, get…’married,’ and then go to other states and demand that their [relationships] get recognized, that’s a recipe for chaos.”

This is definitely what the powers of darkness want, I thought as I read LaBarbera’s words. The more gays that become married, the harder it’s going to be, particularly in a politically correct world like ours, for a brainwashed public to ever consider TAKING AWAY someone’s rights.

Lo and behold, look what is in today’s news! Two short weeks and some change later, Massachusetts legislators are moving to get the legislation speculated to be in the works above signed into law, opening the floodgates of chaos across our nation.

I believe it’s safe to say that what we see described in a report posted today which brings us up to speed on what is taking place is a done deal, bringing us one step closer to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and, simultaneously, one step closer to seeing born-again Bible-believing Christians persecuted in this nation on a level never seen before! As you’re about to read for yourself, the governor of Massachusetts is prepared to sign the legislation into law. Like I said, I think it’s a done deal.

The Massachusetts House voted Tuesday to repeal a 1913 law that had been used to block same-sex “marriages” involving out-of-state couples, all but assuring that the state will allow those couples to wed regardless of where they live. The 119-36 vote came after the state Senate approved the repeal earlier this month, and Gov. Deval Patrick has said he will sign the bill. The measure requires one more procedural vote in each chamber before it is sent to the governor.

“Sometimes what you hope and pray for actually happens, which is kind of overwhelming,” Michael Thorne, 55, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, said after telling his 6-year-old son his parents could soon get married. Thorne and his partner of 25 years, James Theberge, have an Aug. 18 wedding planned in Provincetown, although the repeal will not take effect until 90 days after Patrick’s signature.

Opponents recoiled at the outcome. “With that protective barrier removed, out-of-state same-sex couples who marry here will sue to seek recognition in their home states, creating a flood of costly lawsuits and further eroding the people’s right to define marriage democratically,” the Massachusetts Family Institute said in a statement.

As disturbing as this mockery of God’s Word is in itself, rest assured that this is but the beginning of sorrows on this front. The floodgates that are being opened are being opened with far greater goals in mind, both by those of flesh attempting to further the homosexual agenda and among the powers and principalities, spiritual wickedness in high places seeking to dislodge God’s will from playing a role in our world whatosever!

Looking into the future, what we can be sure of is there are going to be many, many homosexuals ‘marrying’ in both California and Massachusetts. After that, homosexuals who have ‘wed’ in Massachusetts and California but are residents of states that don’t allow same-sex marriage to take place or even recognize its legality are going to begin filing hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits trying to get their marriages legalized in their home states. It won’t end there either as there is a higher goal still.

The ultimate goal of the homosexual agenda? To have so many court cases to carry before the United States Supreme Court that it will create an environment capable of leading to what we just saw take place in California take place on a national level, the end result being black-robed activist judges overruling the will of the American people and, subsequently, making same-sex marriage the law of the land by judicial order!

There is only one way – ONE WAY – to prevent the United States Supreme Court from forcing the homosexual agenda on us all should they elect to and that is to get a Defense of Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed and implemented before it’s too late. Even that, it seems highly likely, is going to be very difficult to achieve as we have allowed way too many of the most liberal minds in America to become the leaders we have to depend on to close the floodgates of chaos presently beginning to be opened! Worse yet, potential exists that the most liberal of all our liberal leaders may soon take residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Senator Barack Obama. God help us!

Whether same-sex marriage becomes the law of our land or not, another front we need to stay at the ready to battle our legislators against forwarding is the homosexual agenda’s desire to see more and more laws passed that will give homosexuals an avenue to claim they’ve suffered injury caused by the hate-filled Word of God and Christians simply because they label homosexuality a sin. With every victory those pushing the homosexual agenda claim, a natural byproduct is a weakening of the Word of God’s impact on our society. Bearing this in mind, we need to stay at the ready to do whatever we can to preserve some vestige of godly morality for our children to grow up in!

How far we’ve fallen!

Back when God’s Word was honored in this nation, homosexuals had no PRIDE to share with us. They weren’t parading through San Francisco (or anyplace else) with the police standing by doing nothing as they engaged in public indecency, nudity and sex acts on public streets. Their lifestyle was something to be ashamed of – a sin! Now, however? What is fast becoming hideously shameful is for Christians to refuse to embrace all forms of sexual expression, especially if they justify their stance with scripture. Not only that, as I’ve documented on any number of times, Christians are being arrested and prosecuted as criminals these days for peacefully protesting gay pride events. Up is down, right is wrong! You get the idea.

Bible prophecy tells us that the last days will find our world as it was in the days of Lot when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness, their cry (or clamor) being very great before the Lord. (Luke 17:28, Genesis 18:20)

Billy Graham once said, by my memory, “If God doesn’t judge America, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” That was years ago and, as I’ve just demonstrated, our sexual depravity is growing by leaps and bounds.

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