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Reality Show: Lesbian, Atheist, Muslim Attempt Christianity

Monday, August 11th, 2008

There are so many things wrong with this story, I cant even begin to list them. Being a Christian is NOT something that we do, it is who we ARE. It has little to do with actions, and everything to do with our relationship with Jesus. These people can live by the teachings of the Bible, but without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their efforts are pretty pointless. While I see this as a total slap in the face of Christianity, I DO honestly hope these people will somehow undergo a life change while they are “living by the teachings of the Bible”.

A new television program broadcast this month follows a group of 13 non-Christian volunteers, who, on camera, attempt to “live by the teachings of the Bible for three weeks.”

“Make Me a Christian,” broadcast in a three-part series, asks the participants to be mentored by four pastors from a variety of backgrounds – Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal – as they attempt to live like Christians, an effort that runs in stark contrast to many of the participants’ backgrounds.

The 13 volunteers who will make the effort include a tattooed militant atheist biker, a man who converted from Christianity to Islam, a lesbian schoolteacher, a lap-dancing witch with a lust for expensive shoes, a middle-class yuppie couple that can’t find time to spend with their children and a party animal who claims he’s slept with over 150 women.

Whether people can be made into Christians by a three-week crash course in discipleship, however, remains a matter of debate.

The Rev. George Hargreaves, one of the four mentor pastors featured on the show, was quoted by the Christian Post saying, “Viewers will be deeply moved by the participants’ personal journeys. I believe that a major nationwide evangelism initiative could be launched on the back of the series.”

A review by Charlie Brooker of England’s Guardian newspaper, however, expressed severe criticism of the show’s depiction of Christianity.

Brooker wrote sarcastically, “The broadcast will doubtless be accompanied by the percussive sound of thousands of Christians enthusiastically smashing their foreheads against the wall with delight at the way they’re represented.”

Christian Broadcasters Nervous about Fairness Doctrine

Monday, August 11th, 2008

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making Christian broadcasters nervous.

Pelosi, D-Calif., recently said she supports resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine, a 1949 Federal Communications Commission policy that required broadcasters who sent out specific messages to set aside time for opposing views.

Such a move would “really make it impossible to preach the whole counsel of God,” said Rich Bott, the owner of Kansas-based Bott Radio Network, which broadcasts Christian programming across 10 states.

It would also, he said, likely put him out of business.

Put in place nearly 50 years ago, the doctrine was an FCC regulation that policed the airwaves at a time when there were few other sources of information. It never carried the full weight of the law.

By the 1980s, with the advent of cable television and multiple opportunities to air differing opinions, the policy fell out of favor and was finally ditched by the FCC in 1987.

While Pelosi hasn’t offered legislation to reinstate the policy, she has signaled that she supports its revival, and said a bill introduced by Rep. Mike Spence, R-Ind., to permanently kill it will not be considered by the Democratic-controlled House.

If the Fairness Doctrine were to be reinstated by Congress, broadcasters would be legally forced to follow the old protocol: one-third of the airtime given to one opinion must be offered free-of-charge to opponents.

“We’ve been in broadcasting for over 45 years so we remember what it was like under the previous regime of the so-called Fairness Doctrine,”
Bott said. “What we had to do then would be impossible today.”

A half-century ago, Christians were a distinct cultural and political majority and there were fewer dissenting views to accommodate.
Numerically, they still hold sway, but compete against large numbers of other faiths and points of view.

“If someone were to assert that God has ordained marriage as only between a man and woman that would be a controversial statement today,”
he said. “Someone will ask for time.”

Such requests would place a unique strain on broadcasters, said William Van Alstyne, a constitutional law expert at the William and Mary School of Law in Williamsburg, Va.

“A newspaper can print a reply or an op-ed piece, but with broadcasting it’s fixed. It’s 24 hours that are divisible into so many minutes, and if you’re devoting them to X you can’t devote them to Y,”
he said. “If a broadcaster has to subsidize its opponents, and the station is listener-funded, they’re going to lose a lot of money.”

Silencing Christian radio is not the goal of lawmakers who are pushing the “fairness” bill. Their target? Rush Limbaugh and friends.

When last year’s immigration bill failed in the Senate, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders blamed its demise on talk show hosts like Limbaugh, who they said galvanized the public against it. Former Republican Sen. Trent Lott’s complaint that “talk radio is running America” made the rounds on the blogosphere while conservative radio pundits declared victory.

“Crushing the (immigration) bill had the feeling of a sort of crusade,” said Mark Jurkowitz, associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. In the week before the bill died, nearly 20 percent of time on radio and cable TV talk shows went toward discussing it, according to a study by Jurkowitz’s office.

Liberal groups, however, don’t necessarily support reinstating the Fairness Doctrine either, and say the political right’s hold on the airwaves can be countered with healthy competition.

“It’s not free speech. We don’t support it, and most people on the left don’t support it,” said John Neurohr, press secretary at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington. “The bottom line is that we need to get better at talk radio.”

Each week day, conservative radio tops progressive content by 100-to-1, logging in 2,570 hours a day last year compared to 254 hours of liberal radio, according to a study by the Center for American Progress.

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Obama Promises “Change” for America One Homosexual Adoption at a Time

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Barack Obama has once again reaffirmed his support for homosexual adoptions and his intentions to repeal federal regulations protecting the traditional family built on marriage.

The Illinois Senator sent a letter outlining his position to Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council, after the homosexual lobby group demanded his response to Republican presidential contender John McCain’s statement to the New York Times three weeks ago: “I don’t believe in gay adoption.” (

“We also have to do more to support and strengthen LGBT families,” wrote Obama. “Because equality in relationship, family, and adoption rights is not some abstract principle; it’s about whether millions of LGBT Americans can finally live lives marked by dignity and freedom.”

He continued, “That’s why we have to repeal laws like the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s why we have to eliminate discrimination against LGBT families. And that’s why we have to extend equal treatment in our family and adoption laws.”

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California School Nixes Bible Club

Monday, August 11th, 2008

An Anaheim, California, public high school is facing a day in federal court after refusing to allow a Christian Bible club to meet after school.

The Esperanza High School official responsible for after-school groups told the students that their group was being denied permission to meet because their topic was not related to the school curriculum. Attorney Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) in Sacramento, is not buying that excuse.

“The school district refused to allow a Christian Bible club from being able to meet on campus [in] the same [way] as other non-curriculum related clubs,” he contends. “No student and no club should be treated like second-class citizens simply because they aspire to study the Bible and believe in Christianity.”

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Gaza Terrorists Warn Truce May End in Three Weeks

Monday, August 11th, 2008

( The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in Gaza warned Thursday that the temporary ceasefire may end in three weeks, when the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins. The month is frequently marked by an increase in terrorism.

PRC official Abu Mujahed charged that Israel is violating the agreement by not making progress in freeing terrorists and prisoners or opening up the border at Rafiah. He also said Israel must allow free movement at Gaza crossings. Israeli security sources said they have relaxed examinations of goods and merchandise passing through Gaza crossings as the temporary ceasefire enters its eighth week, although one rocket was fired on Israel this week.

PRC terrorists allowed several journalists to film a training exercise in which bombs were exploded and live fire was used in a raid on a mock Israeli army base built on the grounds of former Jewish communities that Israel destroyed three years ago.

Abu Mujahed told Reuters that “politicians will stop talking and military men will act” if Israel does not show progress in freeing hundreds of Arab terrorists and prisoners and allowing free movement of good at Gaza crossings.

“The Zionist occupation has not yet agreed to the demand to release our prisoners, so our fighters are preparing for the next round in which we will try to abduct more Israeli soldiers to swap them for our hero prisoners,” a PRC spokesman told Reuters.

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Television Not Marriage Friendly, Says Latest Study

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Parents Television council (PTC) reviewed 200 hours of network television programming and they discovered that extra-marital sex is depicted more often than marital sex by a 4-to-1 ratio.

PTC spokesman Dan Isett says the study concludes “…that prime time TV is actively seeking to undermine marriage by consistently painting it in a negative light.”

“I think clearly in this case, it’s one where the agenda is very clear, that they don’t want to depict happily married couples in a normal, healthy, loving, monogamous way,” he clarifies.

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Christians Nationwide Warned of California Gay Vote Consequences

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Dr. Bridget Melson, a Christian family and marriage therapist, says there’s already plenty of proof that sides have been drawn in the cultural battle for traditional marriage and family in her state, and Christians need to pick one.

She’s incensed at Attorney General Jerry Brown’s admitted role in changing the controversial ballot description to a negative one. But she was already burning with anger and reeling from surprise, at recent news of a 250-thousand dollar contribution to the opposition’s “No on 8” campaign from public utility powerhouse Pacific Gas and Electric.

Melson says residents don’t have any choice about using gas & electricity service from the utility, but they do have a choice to express disagreement with the cooperative’s joining a myriad of in and out of state sources and businesses, to fund the support of homosexual marriage advocates with public money.

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