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A Last Word

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Well, on the eve of this presidential election, I hope that all of you have truly researched the candidates. I hope that those of you who believe in God and believe in what He told us in the Bible will vote your Christian values. I hope that those of you who don’t believe in God will take a moment to understand what each candidate means to the future of this country. I hope you will vote wisely.
Continue to pray for the United States of American.

Obama’s Plans to Bankrupt Coal Industry

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Have y’all figured out yet just how bad Obama will be for this country? You better hurry.

Sen. John McCain’s Republican campaign is looking to capitalize on an interview in which Sen. Barack Obama proposed placing such heavy government fees on coal plants that the industry would either have to clean its emissions or go “bankrupt.”

“If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can,” Obama said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Publicity over the plan to use “carbon credits” to force the coal industry to either clean up its emissions or get out of business comes on the heels of news that Obama plans to use “price signals” to control America’s energy use, and Republicans have pounced on Obama’s words with an aggressive campaign in the coal-rich battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

ABC News reports a robocall being made to voters that focuses on Obama’s “bankrupt” comment.

“I’m calling on behalf of John McCain and the RNC to tell you that coal jobs, which are so important to our community are in jeopardy,” says the call. “Listen to Barack Obama’s plans to bankrupt the coal industry.” The call then plays audio of Obama’s words, quoted above.

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Teen Pregnancy Linked to Watching Sexy TV Shows

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I’ve been saying this for years. We are society addicted to sex.

CHICAGO — Groundbreaking research suggests that pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior than among those who have tamer viewing tastes.

“Sex and the City,” anyone? That was one of the shows used in the research.

The new study is the first to link those viewing habits with teen pregnancy, said lead author Anita Chandra, a Rand Corp. behavioral scientist. Teens who watched the raciest shows were twice as likely to become pregnant over the next three years as those who watched few such programs.

Previous research by some of the same scientists had already found that watching lots of sex on TV can influence teens to have sex at earlier ages.

Shows that highlight only the positive aspects of sexual behavior without the risks can lead teens to have unprotected sex “before they’re ready to make responsible and informed decisions,” Chandra said.

The study was released Monday in the November issue of Pediatrics. It involved 2,003 12- to 17-year-old girls and boys nationwide questioned by telephone about their TV viewing habits in 2001. Teens were re-interviewed twice, the last time in 2004, and asked about pregnancy. Among girls, 58 became pregnant during the follow-up, and among boys, 33 said they had gotten a girl pregnant.

Participants were asked how often they watched any of more than 20 TV shows popular among teens at the time or which were found to have lots of sexual content. The programs included “Sex and the City,” “That ’70s Show” and “Friends.”

Pregnancies were twice as common among those who said they watched such shows regularly, compared with teens who said they hardly ever saw them. There were more pregnancies among the oldest teens interviewed, but the rate of pregnancy remained consistent across all age groups among those who watched the racy programs.

Chandra said TV-watching was strongly connected with teen pregnancy even when other factors were considered, including grades, family structure and parents’ education level.

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A Swedish Perspective on California’s Gay Marriage Debate

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

One look at campaign finance records in California shows the importance of Proposition 8 to both sides of the gay-marriage debate. Total contributions for and against the measure have soared above $60 million, drawing support from Hollywood on one side and conservative Christian organizations on the other.

If passed, the measure would ban same-sex marriage in California, effectively overturning the court ruling that legalized it.

Pastor Ake Green, who flew from Sweden to California to support Proposition 8, has already glimpsed the potential consequences if the measure fails.

In 2002, Sweden’s acceptance of the gay lifestyle led to a new speech law protecting homosexuals from expressions of “disrespect” and “offense,” with a penalty of up to two years in prison.

“When I noticed how sodomy started to invade our country,” Green said, “I was deeply grieved and I prayed to God during a long period of time that some of the Christian leaders in Sweden would react and proclaim what the Bible had to say about this sin. Finally, when nobody else spoke up about the teaching of the Bible on the subject, it was like the Lord spoke to me: ‘But why don’t you yourself proclaim what the Lord has to say about this particular sin.’”

In July 2003, Green preached a sermon detailing the Bible’s stance against homosexuality – along with its message of grace and redemption. He was convicted of “disrespect” and sentenced to one month in prison.

Ironically, the law under which Green was convicted violated existing laws on freedom of religion and speech. He maintains that the law succeeded because Christians did not voice a strong opinion against it.

“This unwillingness to speak up made it possible for the homosexual forces and organizations to force their will on our people. Whether this situation is a parallel or a contrast to the present situation in California remains to be seen.”

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“Abandon us not Oh God of Creation” A Poem by Gail Gartrell

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

We’ve lost our way, we’re losing our nation!
A country whose founders placed faith in Thee,
Now stands divided, threatening liberty!

Father, take the blinders from our eyes.
Let us see truths through agendas and lies!
Our soldiers stand brave on two battlegrounds,
Still, there are echoes of war which abounds.

“We the People,” stood united as one.
Now we’re a People coming undone!
Distrust in the system and in mankind,
Have hardened hearts and closed our minds!

Precious Father, with Thee I plea.
Gloriously guide us, set our minds free!
Open hearts to feel again,
The joy of freedom, from within!

Gail Gartrell 2008