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Rifqa Fights to Stay in the U.S.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Rifqa Bary, the teen who ran away from home, in fear of her life, after she converted from Islam to Christianity, is still in danger of being deported. We need to continue to pray for her.

Fathima Bary

COLUMBUS, OH – A teenage girl who converted to Christianity and ran away from home is being blocked by her Muslim parents from fighting the possibility of deportation.

The teen’s lawyer has asked a judge in Columbus, Ohio, to sign an order stating that reunification with her parents is not possible by her 18th birthday in August. The order would allow Rifqa Bary, who is in foster care, to apply for special immigration status without her parents’ consent.

An attorney for her parents objected saying the parents previously filed an immigration application for the whole family.

Bary, who is 17, fled home last year and stayed with a Florida minister whom she met on Facebook. She is an illegal immigrant and does not want to be returned to her native Sri Lanka because she fears being harmed or killed by Muslim extremists.

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In Remembrance of Sarah and Amina Said. Stop Muslim “Honor” KillingsIn Remembrance of Noor Faleh Almaleki. Stop Muslim “Honor” Killings
In Remembrance of Sarah & Amina Said and Noor Faleh Almalek.
Don’t let this become a memorial to Rifqa Bary as well. Stop Muslim “Honor” Killings Before They Happen!!

The Face in the Shroud – True or Not, Still Fascinating

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Face in the Shroud

I had a chance to sit down and watch the History Channel’s “The Real Face of Jesus?” and I must admit, I’m impressed with how they presented this controversial subject. It presented both views of “real” and “fake”, but spent most of the time showing the technology and methods used by the graphic artist, Ray Downing, and his group at Studio MacBeth, to develop the images.
As an engineer, I could appreciate the amount of work it took to “pull” the image data out of the shroud. The sheer number of man hours speaks for the complexity of this project.
If you haven’t seen the show yet, I do recommend it.

Body Under the Shroud

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Analysis: ‘Obamacare’ Tab $2.5 Trillion, NOT $940 Billion in CBO Guess

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Anyone who believed that Obamacare was going to cost $940 billion, as espoused by the CBO, was fooling themselves. There is no way we can insure the number of people this law proposes we do at the cost their claim to be able to do it. It was fuzzy accounting all the way. Fake, designed to fool you.
I think they have made fools of all of us.

A new analysis of “Obamacare,” as President Obama’s plan effectively nationalizing health care has been dubbed, concludes the law will hit American households for more than $17 billion a year with just one of its “disasters,” and the real overall cost likely will be $2.5 trillion, nearly triple the $940 billion estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute, a single $17 billion-plus hit on American’s wallets will come from a tax increase on anyone with investment income, the result of dollars being invested in creating new products, services and jobs.

Heritage Foundation analysts Karen Campbell and Guinevere Nell found the tax, at Obama’s proposed rate of 2.9 percent, would reduce household disposable income by $17.3 billion a year, the analysis said.

The rate included in the new law is 3.8 percent, so “the actual effects are likely to be even more dramatic,” the report warned.

The analysis examined the “Patients Protection and Affordability Act,” passed by the House March 21, the sidecar reconciliation bill that originated in the House.

The two, the analysis said, “will have major ramifications for every man, woman and child in the United States.”

“Between these two bills are countless provisions that grow federal spending, increase burdensome taxes, and put federal rules and regulations between Americans and control over their health care,” the report said.

Many such analyses are just now being published, since much of the law wasn’t available for review until shortly before the votes, and lawmakers themselves admitted they didn’t know all of its contents.

The foundation said there are 10 “major ways” it will injure Americans.

The analysis concluded the estimate from the Congressional Budget Office that the plan will cost $940 billion from 2010 to 2019 is just plain wrong.

“The authors of this legislation took advantage … in crafting the language of the bill, employing several budgetary gimmicks to make it appear cheaper,” the report said.

“These include omitting cuts to Medicare provider payment rates, known as the ‘doc fix,’ double-counting savings from Medicare and the CLASS Act, indexing benefits to general inflation rather than medical inflation, and delaying the expensive provisions of the bill.

“When these costs are accounted for, the new law is more likely to cost closer to $2.5 trillion,” the report said. “Such levels of spending will not only negate any projected deficit reduction but increase the federal deficit further than would prior law.”

The report also warned that efforts to address the cost of health care only address the symptoms of price hikes, and growth will be stymied by government fines for employees not covered by “adequate” policies.

Further, the government now not only will “define a required benefits package
” but will “dictate the prices that insurers set.”

“The bill also opens the door for a de facto public option by creating government-sponsored national health plans to compete against private health plans in the health insurance exchanges the states are required to establish,” the report said.

It also extends Medicaid, a financially unsuccessful government plan, to “all Americans who fall below 133 percent of the federal poverty level.”

“According to CBO, of the 32 million newly insured in 2019, half will receive their coverage from Medicaid,” the report said.

“As it stands, Medicaid is a low-quality, poorly functioning program that fails to meet the needs of the Americans it serves. In most states, Medicaid beneficiaries have great difficulty finding a doctor who will treat them at the program’s low reimbursement rates and are more likely than the uninsured to rely on emergency rooms for care,” it said.

Other problems “Obamacare” presents include dumping huge new financial obligations on states that cannot balance their budgets – with costs estimated at almost $10 billion; failing to address the expected 2016 insolvency of Medicare; and creating an inequity among Americans for insurance programs actually available.

The Heritage analysis also concludes a major element of the law is unconstitutional.

“The new law requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. This represents an unprecedented extension of congressional power – never before has the federal government required Americans to purchase a good or service as stipulation of being a lawful citizen,” the analysis said.

The structure of fines also creates an incentive for employers to avoid hiring workers from low-income families, “hurting those who need jobs the most.”

“These disasters are only the beginning of the vast effects the president’s health-care overhaul will have on the U.S.,” the report warned in its conclusion.

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House Plans to Resurrect Law Requiring ‘Gay’ Hires

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Now that the health-care fight has proven House Democrats can muscle through legislation without a drop of bipartisan support, plans are underway to resurrect a bill that would make employers susceptible to lawsuits for refusing to hire “gay” or transsexual employees.

H.R. 3017, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009, or ENDA, makes it unlawful for government agencies or businesses
with more than 15 employees to refuse hire or promotion of anyone based on “gender-related identity, appearance or mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, with or without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth.”

The bill does make exceptions for the U.S. military, religious organizations and some businesses with non-profit 501(c) designations, but makes no provisions for business owners’ consciences. A small construction company that wanted to maintain a Christian reputation, for example, could be sued if it refused to hire transvestites.

Openly homosexual members of the House, enthused by the health-care victory, are now looking to return from the congressional recess to begin work on ENDA.

”I am now confident that we will be getting a vote on ENDA,” bill sponsor Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., told Boston’s Edge, ”The fact is, there was no chance of getting [Pelosi] to focus on this until health care was done. Health care is now done.”

He continued, “What people in our community need to do now is focus on lobbying members of the House so that we have the votes for it.”

The bill already has 198 cosponsors, not far from the number of votes needed to pass or the 219 that enabled the health-care legislation to squeak through.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., in fact, is confident the measure is primed to pass.

Baldwin told the Edge, ”I’ve heard encouragement that as soon as we return from this recess we will promptly take up ENDA. I suspect that’s the result of feeling some real confidence that the votes are in.”

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“The Return of the King” by Peter Heck

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

The night ObamaCare passed, Nancy Pelosi bragged about how the Democrats in Washington were fulfilling the words of the founders as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. I wholeheartedly agree with her, though undoubtedly for different reasons.

After reading a thought-provoking column from Human Events author Connie Hair (one in which she highlighted a few of my forthcoming examples), I was inspired to read back through the commonly ignored portion of that pivotal document – the list of grievances against the King of England. We typically regard this section as a recitation of complaints germane to the late 1700s, not something that’s pertinent today. But as Hair points out, tyranny is timeless. Look at the words and see for yourself:

“He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.”

ObamaCare creates 100 new bureaucracies through which all of your personal health decisions, costs, payments, and approval will be facilitated and managed. Wish to complain? Take a number and have a seat.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices…”

The Obama administration has named at least 32 unelected czars…and counting.

“…and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

Currently, the Justice and Education Departments are sending out hordes of new attorneys to begin an aggressive crackdown on what they deem “civil rights violations.” Meanwhile, with the passage of ObamaCare, the IRS is in the process of hiring at least 17,000 new stooges to find ways to fine and penalize people and businesses for their lack of compliance.

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Critics of ‘Extreme’ Tea Partiers Showed Little Interest in Bush-Bashers

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

During the election cycle, we pointed out the duplicitous nature of the press. How they would take McCain’s campaign to task for the slightest mis-step, all the while giving Obama a free ride, free from hard probing questions that many of us wish now that they had asked.
All through his first year in office, many of you might remember me calling the main stream media Obama’s Department of Propaganda because of their refusal to challenge him on any of his decisions; a trait they never seemed to have under the Bush administration.
Now we are continuing to see the same mindset, from the press, in their coverage of the “Tea Party” events. Once again, they are scrutinizing these events in a way that was sorely laking in their coverage of protest that occurred when Bush was in office.
Duplicity, Duplicity, Duplicity!!

Racists. Nutbags. Radicals. Extremists. The Tea Party movement has been slammed as all these and more in the mainstream media, particularly since fringe elements of the group went screaming after members of Congress in the run-up to the health care vote.

But even as Tea Party “fury” has become all the rage in popular accounts of their protests, some observers say the rallies are nothing compared to the anti-Bush frenzy at Iraq War protests in years past — outbursts that the press generally ignored.

“What’s interesting about the media’s latest freak-out is that there were radicals aplenty under President Bush [who] protested in the streets [and] talked openly about revolution and killing,” said Evan Coyne Maloney, a documentary filmmaker who has followed anti-war protests since 2003.

“But oddly, the violent imagery used by people claiming to be advocates for peace never registered with the media,” he wrote online. “If there is such a thing as dangerous rhetoric, then the media is at least one president too late in reporting the story.”

As the Huffington Post has pointed out, a few posters have popped up at Tea Party rallies calling President Obama the “new face of Hitler,” a baby killer and even a slavedriver.

But those appear to pale in comparison to attacks on President George W. Bush, who was hanged in effigy, burned in effigy, compared to Hitler, called the Antichrist, a human abortion, and made the subject of numerous sustained death threats for about seven years. Those attacks, while highly visible, went mostly unreported outside of scattered conservative blogs.

The Tea Party movement, meanwhile, has seen no shortage of critics in the press. The New York Times has faulted it for setting off a powder keg of “mostly white” nativists, separatists, militia members and wild conspiracy theorists. Columnist Frank Rich compared Tea Partiers’ “tsunami of anger” to that of Nazis and segregationists. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said they are guilty of echoing the “paranoid ravings of the most extreme right-wing nutcases.”

And the beat goes on: CNN worried that the “dangerous rhetoric” of Tea Party activists may be “inciting violence” against lawmakers. And Salon columnist Joan Walsh did one better, painting the group as “disturbingly racist and reactionary, from its roots to its highest branches.”

That criticism has been fueled by recent outbursts at the Tea Party’s “Kill the Bill” rallies on Capitol Hill. As members of Congress were heading in for key votes on health care overhaul, protesters reportedly screamed the N-word at several black congressmenm and Missouri. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said a protester spat on him.

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank said the opposition has devolved into “mass hysteria,” and he compared the protests to the Salem witch trials. Frank, who is gay, was called a “faggot” by someone in a crowd of Tea Party protesters outside the Capitol.

But even attacks of that level are nothing new to American protest. Former Bush adviser Karl Rove was targeted last week by handcuff-toting Code Pink members who tried to carry out a citizen’s arrest during a book signing in Beverly Hills. As the attempt failed, one protester shouted to Rove that “the only comfort I take is that … you’re going to rot in hell.”

Thousands of extreme critics weren’t content to wait until Bush administration figures reached perdition — many made open death threats, though they got little press coverage.

Though special attention has been paid to the Tea Party’s “rage” and “fury,” some media watchdogs say it’s unsurprising that the worst excesses of a protest movement are what get picked up most.

“I think there are always going to be people at the fringes of any movement that express themselves like this. The question is how much attention is paid to those people,” said Peter Hart, activism director for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

He said threatening signs and outbursts offer “low-hanging fruit” for press attention and crowd out the humdrum activity at most rallies. The Tea Parties have been well covered, “warts and all,” he added.

The lack of attention to the “Bush=Hitler” signs at anti-war protests were part of a larger lack of coverage, Hart said. Entire rallies comprised of more than 200,000 people were shrugged off by the media, while smaller Tea Party demonstrations have been given full treatment, he said.

“It’s very difficult to compare a movement that was under-covered” — the anti-war movement — “with one that I think was overexposed,” he said, referring to the Tea Parties, which have been under media surveillance for the past year.

Tea Party organizers say the negative depiction of their movement is false and that some coverage, particularly on television, has been unfair.

“They had almost a feeding frenzy,” said Tea Party strategist Sal Russo. “They went out and found almost every crackpot that attended the rally and used them as a symbol for the entire Tea Party movement.”

Russo argues that Tea Party rallies “are not angry, they’re patriotic. We salute veterans and active military that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have a lot of patriotic singing. It’s upbeat — people believing in America.”

Maloney, the filmmaker, said that what is considered constructive dissent has shifted in the months since Obama took office.

“Not too long ago, taking to the streets to protest your government was considered a patriotic act,” he wrote in an online post with video that highlights the sometimes violent rhetoric of Iraq War protesters.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused opponents of health care legislation of being “un-American” in an August 2009 op-ed she wrote with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, blasting citizens for heated exchanges with members of Congress during town hall meetings.

“These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American,” they wrote.

But back in 2006, Pelosi thought that verbal outbursts were all for the public good, telling a San Francisco crowd laced with shouting protesters that she was a “fan of disruptions.”

“So I thank all of you who have spoken out for your courage, your point of view. All of it. Your advocacy is very American and very important,” she said.

Maloney said that timing and ideology had more to do with it than anything else. “[P]ublicly airing your grievances stopped being patriotic right around noon on January 20th, 2009,” he wrote.

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