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Obama Pushing Israel to Carve up Jerusalem

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Hang on for the ride…Obama is getting ready to anger God again and God will not allow this happen without a very power response.

JERUSALEM – The Obama administration is pushing Israel to hand the Palestinian Authority full control of a major neighborhood in Jerusalem as a so-called confidence-building gesture to jumpstart Israeli-PA negotiations, WND has learned.

According to sources in both the PA and in the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Obama administration has demanded the following from Israel as “confidence-building gestures” toward the Palestinians ahead of any negotiations:

* That Israel scale back roadblocks and checkpoints in the strategic West Bank to near the levels of such measures prior to the Palestinian intifada, which started in September 2000. Israel says roadblocks and checkpoints are crucial security measures in stopping terrorist attacks.

* That Israel release about 2,000 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

* That Israel ease its siege of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The siege applies only to materials that Israel believes will be used by Hamas to enhance its military apparatus. Basic foods, medicine, supplies and even monetary exchange flows into Gaza regularly.

* That Israel turn over to the PA full control of key West Bank cities that are currently under security control of Israel due to threats. The demand includes what are known as areas B and C. B, as defined by the 1993 Oslo Accords, encompasses cities administered by the PA but patrolled by Israel. C comprises cities under full Israeli control.

WND has learned that as part of its demands, the Obama administration is asking Israel to transfer to the PA the town of Abu Dis, a largely Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem that borders key Jerusalem roadways and is home to about 12,000 residents. Some Arab homes in the neighborhood are built illegally on Jewish-owned land.

OK, lets stop a moment. Notice that ALL the demands are on Israel. As usual, the Pali terrorist are required to do absolutely NOTHING to further the “peace” process.

Netanyahu is said to strongly oppose the demand, arguing that only negotiations can determine the future borders of Jerusalem.

The demand, if enacted, would be unprecedented for any previous Israeli-Palestinian talks. The Jewish state has never been asked to withdraw from any Jerusalem territory in exchange for starting negotiations.

Sources in Netanyahu’s office told WND that any change of the status quo in Abu Dis would signal that Israel is willing to forfeit the strategic neighborhood.

The officials said that while former Prime Minister Ehud Barak discussed the neighborhood in talks with late-PLO Leader Yasser Arafat, later negotiations under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert did not come to any conclusion.

“They are asking us to go beyond what Olmert started, and this would only be as a precondition for further talks,” said a source in Netanyahu’s office of the U.S. demand.

Already as a “confidence-building gesture,” Netanyahu, acting under heavy U.S. pressure, in November announced a 10-month halt to all Jewish construction in the West Bank in an attempt to jumpstart talks aimed at creating a PA-led state

The Obama administration is also demanding a total halt to all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem as a precondition to jumpstart talks. Netanyahu has refused an official freeze; however, almost no new Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem has been approved since last month.

Meanwhile, the PA has not been asked to make any major gestures to Israel to jumpstart talks. The U.S. has not demanded the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

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Saudi Girl, 12, Wins Divorce From 80-Year-Old Husband

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The fact this could even happen is disturbing at best. It really was all about the money (dowry); with the father basically “selling” his 12 year old daughter to his elderly cousin for around $23,000.
Notice that the marriage was “consummated”; an 80 year old man having sex with a 12 year old girl. It is also worthy to note that although she has won the divorce, since the marriage was “consummated”, it is my understanding that she is no longer considered marriageable. If anyone knows differently on that point, please let me know, as I am not an expert on the finer points of Islamic law.

A 12-year-old Saudi girl has won a divorce from her 80-year-old husband in a case that may help to introduce a minimum age of marriage in the kingdom for the first time.

The girl’s unusual legal challenge to the arrangement generated international media attention and scrutiny of Saudi Arabia’s record of child marriages. It also prompted the state-run Human Rights Commission to appoint a lawyer to represent her. The commission has capitalized on the case and pushed for a legal minimum age for marriage of at least 16.

“The main aim is to not allow cases like this to happen again,” said Alanoud al-Hejailan, a lawyer for the commission. “There will be some opposition, of course, but we feel that public opinion has changed on this issue.”

Since the girl’s case became public, judges and clerics in Saudi Arabia have waded into the debate about whether child marriages should be banned. The Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to a 9-year-old girl has been used as justification for the practice in some quarters.

In January, however, Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie, a senior Saudi cleric, spoke out in defense of the girl, declaring that the Prophet’s marriage 14 centuries ago could not be used to justify child brides today.

The 12-year-old has been fighting her case through the courts in the conservative town of Buraidah, near Riyadh, the capital. She was married against her wishes to her father’s elderly cousin last year. A dowry of 85,000 riyals (about $23,000) was paid and the marriage consummated.

She has now reached agreement with her family that a divorce will be settled privately, and has dropped her legal challenge to the marriage.

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Groundswell of Support Growing for Anti-Obama Rally

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
Genesis 12:3

Our friend, Fern Sidman, will be covering this event. We will bring you her comments on Monday (4-26).

American Jews are taking Obama to task for this dismal treatment of Israel, out only ally in the Middle East. They have organized an anti-Obama protest rally this weekend in New York City.

A groundswell of support is building in anticipation of the upcoming anti-Obama demonstration set for this coming Sunday, April 25, in New York City, outside the Israel Consulate. According to organizer Beth Gilinsky, head of the Jewish Action Alliance, groups are still calling to express their support and register for the event.

The protest is intended to convey to the Obama administration the intense dissatisfaction of American Jews and others with the increasingly hostile attitude of the White House towards the State of Israel. “The people are shocked by President [Barack] Obama’s reckless and radical policies that they believe are endangering America, Israel and world freedom,” Gilinsky explained in an interview with Israel National News.

“Protesters will be calling on the president to stop disarming America, stop undermining America’s best friend and ally in the Middle East – Israel – and to stand with Israel and America’s friends, rather than appeasing Iran, dictators and Jihadists,” Gilinsky added.

More than 21 Jewish and other organizations have already signed on to the event.

Thousands are expected to attend the rally, which Gilinsky said will give voice to the increasing disillusionment with the president that Jews and others have expressed, including many who voted Obama into office.

That disappointment has gradually coalesced in response to the double standard displayed by the Obama administration in the wake of an ill-timed announcement during a visit to Israel by Vice President Joe Biden that ongoing housing project plans had been approved in Jerusalem. The numerous condemnations and recriminations showered upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the heels of the announcement — beginning with a twice-issued harsh condemnation by Biden himself while still in Israel — and the subsequent manner in which he was treated during a visit to the White House several weeks later, said Gilinsky, confirmed fears that the Obama administration was hostile to the State of Israel, giving the Arab world license to renew and escalate attacks.

The White House did not condemn – nor did it even mention – an official Palestinian Authority ceremony held during Biden’s visit, honoring one of the most brutal terrorists in Israel’s history by naming a public square in her memory.

“Many Israelis, and we, feel that the treatment of Israel during the last several weeks by President Obama, [Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton, and spokemen for the administration has been an unprecedented attempt to humiliate the Jewish State and a willful isolation of it among the community of nations,” Gilinsky said. “Those attending the protest believe Obama is encouraging other Western countries, as well as Arab countries, to treat Israel as a diplomatic pariah and even question Israel’s legitimacy as a state itself.”

“The large crowd expected to attend on Sunday is coming to speak Truth to Power,” she added. “We will not be silent.”

For more information about Sunday’s rally, contact Ronn Torossian in New York at 212-995-5585.

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Obama ‘Amused’ by Tea Parties

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The Egomaniac-in-chief, Obama, still refuses to take you seriously about your anger over his policies and power grabbing. He is “amused” that you got out on April 15th and showed your displeasure by protesting. His arrogance is beyond description.

President Obama said during a Democratic fundraiser in Miami that he was “amused” by anti-tax Tea Party rallies that took place prior to and on Tax Day (April 15). The president told the gathering that he has cut taxes, contrary to the claims of the protestors, and he commented, “You would think they’d be saying ‘thank you.'”

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) attended two Tea Party rallies in Washington, DC, on April 15, and he contends the president’s comments are amusing.

“The president has to be completely out of touch with America if he’s amused by what’s going on here,” King argues. “We are not amused by what he is doing. [For] the President of the United States to be amused and to say that we all ought to say ‘thank you’ for what he’s done to our economy in this country, the best way to respond to that, I guess, is to laugh.”

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