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Tea Partiers Boiling Over NYC Mayor’s Comments

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Even though it has been shown over and over that conservatives are far less likely to engage in violent behavior in protesting government issues, than liberals, the Democrats continue to poke at the Tea Party at every opportunity.

Less than 24 hours after the failed car bomb attack, CBS anchor Katie Couric asked Mayor Bloomberg about possible suspects.

Bloomberg: “If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that. Somebody…”
Couric: “A home grown?”
Bloomberg: “A home grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda [who] doesn’t like the healthcare bill or something — it could be anything.”

Tea Party signAlthough the mayor did not mention the Tea Party by name, Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, believes Bloomberg’s message was clear.

“…The most outspoken movement on the healthcare bill has been the Tea Party movement,” Langer explains. “[Mayor Bloomberg] might have been trying to parse words or have it both ways, but the end result is still the same — he was trying to pin this on the Tea Party movement.”

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“The Jihadists’ Deadly Path to Citizenship” by Michelle Malkin

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

America’s homeland security amnesia never ceases to amaze. In the aftermath of the botched Times Square terror attack over the weekend, Pakistani-born bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad’s U.S. citizenship status caused a bit of shock and awe. The Atlantic magazine writer Jeffrey Goldberg’s response was typical: “I am struck by the fact that he is a naturalized American citizen, not a recent or temporary visitor.” Well, wake up and smell the deadly deception.

Shahzad’s path to American citizenship — he reportedly married an American woman, Huma Mian, in 2008 after spending a decade in the country on foreign student and employment visas — is a tried-and-true terror formula. Jihadists have been gaming the sham marriage racket with impunity for years. And immigration benefit fraud has provided invaluable cover and aid for U.S.-based Islamic plotters, including many other operatives planning attacks on New York City. As I’ve reported previously:

– El Sayyid A. Nosair wed Karen Ann Mills Sweeney to avoid deportation for overstaying his visa. He acquired U.S. citizenship, allowing him to remain in the country, and was later convicted for conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that claimed six lives.

– Ali Mohamed became an American citizen after marrying a woman he met on a plane trip from Egypt to New York. Recently divorced, Linda Lee Sanchez wed Mohamed in Reno, Nev., after a six-week “courtship.” Mohamed became a top aide to Osama bin Laden and was later convicted for his role in the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Africa that killed 12 Americans and more than 200 others.

– Embassy bombing plotter Khalid Abu al Dahab obtained citizenship after marrying three different American women.

– Embassy bombing plotter Wadih el Hage, Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary, married April Ray in 1985 and became a naturalized citizen in 1989. Ray knew of her husband’s employment with bin Laden, but like many of these women in bogus marriages, she pleaded ignorance about the nature of her husband’s work. El Hage, she says, was a sweet man, and bin Laden “was a great boss.”

– Lebanon-born Chawki Youssef Hammoud, convicted in a Hezbollah cigarette-smuggling operation based out of Charlotte, N.C., married American citizen Jessica Fortune for a green card to remain in the country.

– Hammoud’s brother, Mohammed Hammoud, married three different American women. After arriving in the United States on a counterfeit visa, being ordered deported and filing an appeal, he wed Sabina Edwards to gain a green card. Federal immigration officials refused to award him legal status after this first marriage was deemed bogus in 1994. Undaunted, he married Jessica Wedel in May 1997 and, while still wed to her, paid Angela Tsioumas (already married to someone else, too) to marry him in Detroit. The Tsioumas union netted Mohammed Hammoud temporary legal residence to operate the terror cash scam. He was later convicted on 16 counts that included providing material support to Hezbollah.

– A total of eight Middle Eastern men who plotted to bomb New York landmarks in 1993 — Fadil Abdelgani, Amir Abdelgani, Siddig Ibrahim Siddig Ali, Tarig Elhassan, Abdo Mohammed Haggag, Fares Khallafalla, Mohammed Saleh, and Matarawy Mohammed Said Saleh — all obtained legal permanent residence by marrying American citizens.

A year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, homeland security officials cracked a massive illegal alien Middle Eastern marriage fraud ring in a sting dubbed “Operation Broken Vows.” Authorities were stunned by the scope of the operations, which stretched from Boston to South Carolina to California. But marriage fraud remains a treacherous path of least resistance. The waiting period for U.S. citizenship is cut by more than half for marriage visa beneficiaries. Sham marriage monitoring by backlogged homeland security investigators is practically nonexistent.

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Security Slip Let NYC Bomb Suspect on Plane

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It’s very reassuring to know our security methods work so well…NOT!!

WASHINGTON — The no-fly list failed to keep the Times Square suspect off the plane.

Faisal Shahzad had boarded a jetliner bound for the United Arab Emirates Monday night before federal authorities pulled him back. Although under surveillance since midafternoon, he had managed to elude investigators and head to the airport.

The night’s events, gradually coming to light, underscored the flaws in the nation’s aviation security system, which despite its technologies, lists and information sharing, often comes down to someone making a right call.

As federal agents closed in, Faisal Shahzad was aboard Emirates Flight 202. He reserved a ticket on the way to John F. Kennedy International Airport, paid cash on arrival and walked through security without being stopped.

By the time Customs and Border Protection officials, using a no-fly list updated earlier Tuesday, spotted Shahzad’s name on the passenger list and recognized him as the bombing suspect they were looking for, he was in his seat and the plane was preparing to leave the gate.

It didn’t. At the last minute, the pilot was notified, the jetliner’s door was opened and Shahzad was taken into custody.

After authorities pulled Shahzad off the plane, he admitted he was behind the crude Times Square car bomb, officials said. He also claimed to have been trained at a terror camp in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region of Waziristan, according to court documents. That raised increased concern that the bombing was an international terror plot.

Shahzad, a Pakistani-born U.S. citizen, was charged Tuesday with terrorism and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in Saturday evening’s failed Times Square bombing. According to a federal complaint, he confessed to buying an SUV, rigging it with a homemade bomb and driving it into the busy area where he tried to detonate it.

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School Sued After Teachers Forced to Hide in Closets to Pray

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The ACLU constantly threatens schools into violating the First Amendment rights of the students and teachers.

A Florida school district is being accused in a lawsuit of making a deal with the ACLU to criminalize “protected religious expression,” banning students from saying “God bless” and forcing teachers to “hide in closets to pray.”

The claims against Santa Rosa County School District come in a complaint filed today by Liberty Counsel, which has been involved in the dispute just about from the beginning.

The original issue was that two students – whose names were withheld – complained that staff or faculty members were expressing their religious views at places such as off-campus dinners to honor school workers.

Liberty Counsel lawyers said they volunteered to work for free for the school to protect the First Amendment rights at issue.

“But the school district decided instead to shake hands with the ACLU, pay the ACLU $200,000 in legal fees, and voluntarily enter into the Consent Decree that obliterates religious freedom and makes a mockery of the First Amendment,” Liberty Counsel said in its description of the conflict.

Since then, three school officials have faced civil and criminal contempt charges demanded by the ACLU and the school district but have been cleared.

The decree, however, still is having impacts.

“Students can no longer say ‘God Bless,’ teachers must hide in closets to pray, parents cannot communicate frankly with teachers, volunteers cannot answer any questions regarding religion, Christian groups cannot rent school facilities for private religious functions benefiting students, and pastors are dictated how they can and cannot seat their audiences at private, religious baccalaureate services held inside their own houses of worship,” Liberty Counsel said.

The dispute remains volatile. WND reported only days ago that Liberty Counsel confirmed it was “game over” because the ACLU admitted in court documents that the two anonymous plaintiffs graduated from the district’s Pace High School in May 2009, effectively ending the court’s jurisdiction in the case.

The problem is that the consent decree and a long series of court orders had been continued after that technical stopping point was reached.

At the time, Liberty Counsel Chairman Mathew D. Staver said, “Even a first-year law student knows that federal courts cannot enforce a consent degree absent jurisdiction over the parties. Now that the plaintiffs’ graduation has been confirmed, Liberty Counsel will ask the court to vacate the consent decree and every other decision it has rendered since the graduation of these two plaintiffs.”

Other penalties also are a possibility, the law firm said.

School officials, contacted by WND, refused to comment directly on the case.

Instead, the school issued a statement accusing Liberty Counsel of making errors in its press release, and claimed “staff is only prohibited from promoting their own religious beliefs to students in their capacity as teachers.”

The statement, released to WND by Marilyne Pugh, secretary to Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick, continued, “Further, parents may certainly communicate with teachers as they wish and nothing in the consent decree outlaws such communications. Religious groups may and do have access to district facilities on the same basis as other community groups. The district does not have any say as to how a minister chooses to seat the congregation. The court’s order, however, would not permit group seating of teachers in a manner that would give the clear appearance of the school endorsing the baccalaureate, which is a religious event.”

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Crews Prepare to Deploy Dome Over Blown Out Gulf Oil Well

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It’s necessary to remember that this “dome” (which is shaped more like a chimney than a dome in actuality) is not sealing the well. It is merely being positioned to “capture” the oil from the largest of three leaks in the “riser” (the pipe that connects the well head to the drilling platform).
Until the well is sealed at the well head, it will continue to leak crude oil into the gulf.

NEW ORLEANS — The best short-term solution to bottling up a disastrous oil spill threatening sea life and livelihoods along the Gulf Coast should be arriving on Wednesday in the form of a specially built giant concrete-and-steel box designed to siphon the oil away.

Crews for contractor Wild Well Control were putting the finishing touches Tuesday on the 100-ton containment dome. A barge at about midday would haul the contraption to the spot 50 miles offshore where a mile-deep gusher from a blown-out undersea well has been spewing at least 210,000 gallons of crude a day into the Gulf for two weeks. BP spokesman John Curry said it would be deployed on the seabed by Thursday.

It’s the latest idea that engineers from oil giant BP PLC were trying since an oil rig the company was operating exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers. It sank two days later, when the oil started pouring into the Gulf. BP is in charge of the cleanup and President Obama and many others say the company also is responsible for the costs.

Such domes have never been tried at this depth — about 5,000 feet — because of the extreme water pressure. The dome, if all goes well, could be fired up early next week to start funneling the oil into a tanker.

“We don’t know for sure” whether the equipment will work, said BP spokesman Bill Salvin. “What we do know is that we have done extensive engineering and modeling and we believe this gives us the best chance to contain the oil, and that’s very important to us.”

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